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  1. Sample project missing

    Thank you Jim. I knew it had to be something very simple to do
  2. TMG crashed for reasons unknown. I have checked and it's working fine, no issues, or corrupt files, no error messages. The only thing I have noticed is that the sample file box is greyed out, and when I checked the folder the project files are in, the folder is empty. I have downloaded and run the installation repair, but nothing happened I don't use or refer to the sample project very often, but I do every so often to check something or find out how to do something. Is anyone able to send me a copy I can put in there (I'm running the UK version, 9.05). Roz
  3. I keep getting the error message - screenshot attached. It keeps reappearing and then TMG closes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it made no difference. Roz
  4. Royal Families

    I have found it here: http://www.tmgtips.com/name styles.htm But when I add the templates (I am copy and paste them to avoid error) - the message appears "The template contains one or more references to field labels that are not used in this style"
  5. I am looking for a way to be able to record in the names of members of a Royal Family with their full titles, such as HRH, and House name/surname, and where they are Kings/Queens/Princes/Princesses etc. I have seen it somewhere before, but I can't remember where
  6. My great-great grandmother (dad's side) were, um, puzzling to say the least. She lied about her father (she was illegitimate) on both of her marriages. She married twice, first in 1921, to my great-great-grandfather and again in 1930. On both occasions she used her maiden name and is recorded as a spinster, even though she clearly wasn't in the second. I have found no evidence of divorce, and both of my great-great grandparents were alive and kicking at time of the 1939 register Anyway, my query is this: Under the brides married name i record her maiden name in the suffix as -[insert maiden name here]. How can i record her previous married name as well? Roz
  7. TMG9 onto Mac

    I've read it and tried following it, but have had no success. The PDF file attached to the post is not longer available
  8. TMG9 onto Mac

    Hi, I'm trying to install TMG 9 onto Mac High Sierra using a windows 10 VM, using Parallels. I've successfully installed TMG onto the VM and tried following the instructions of adding the data_text, but it keeps saying I don't have authorisation to save files in the folder it says. Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, and send me a step-by-step guide as to what to do. Roz
  9. Sample file missing

    Gold UK 9.05
  10. Sample file missing

    It's the UK version i use. I only really use the sample project to double check how to use TMG
  11. Where can I download a copy of the sample file. The file is missing and the option is blanked out in the loading screen Roz
  12. error loading file

    I thought I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling TMG for one last time, to see if that would sort the problem. which it did! I just need to try and work out why the project explorer won't sort the Given Name Soundex or the Surname Soundex into alphabetical order. (I did try and upload a screenshot, but I can't work out how)
  13. error loading file

    Nope. Still getting the same error as I started with
  14. error loading file

    It was the only print to pdf driver There's no other print to pdf showing on my computer
  15. error loading file

    Still getting the same error message. The only other pdf driver on my computer was the windows print to pdf, which i have removed - but still the same