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  1. Missing Exhibits

    File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity If the exhibit record is erroneous, it can only be removed by editing the exhibit table like I did for you earlier.
  2. Missing Exhibits

    Art, I can delete the exhibit records. Follow my directions above. A copy of the Last VFI.log with the missing exhibits might also help. Jim
  3. Missing Exhibits

    Ralph, TMG (for Windows) v6 and earlier stored the exhibits in c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics when installed on 32-bit Windows. The TMG program folder name varies depending on the TMG version. Your exhibit record would appear to be a remnant of such an earlier TMG version. Validate File Integrity (VFI) has the tools to deal with multiple image folders and exhibit trees and can relink all exhibits when relocating exhibit folders. The only requirement is that each image file has a unique name. VFI can't relink image files in an exhibit tree if images of the same name are identified by different folder names. For example... one image tree. The path of the base folder must be entered into the location table and then you need to click the [Search in subfolders] button. Jim
  4. Mother/wife duplication

    The only issues are whether the children have the correct parents and whether the correct spouses share a Marriage tag. If those issues are taken care of, you should be fine. TMG doesn't require entries for missing name parts. I always enter (--?--) as a place marker for missing given names or surnames.
  5. Other Info Box missing Reference

    WordPad is fine to edit a text file as long as it's saved as a text file. Using Notepad would be better since you can't save the file as anything other than a text file. Glad that you got things fixed.
  6. Mother/wife duplication

    You need to understand that in TMG, relationships only exist between children and parents. Marriage is not a relationship but is an event shared by two individuals. Deleting the relationship tags will have no effect on the Marriage tag. You should go to the child and delete the child-mother relationship tag(s) and then click on the mother slot and add the mother's ID#. (You already said that you weren't able to do this.) Like I said above, if you can't fix this, I might need to do it. These types of errors can be very persistent. You would need to send me a backup with projects files, accents and filters only or a link to download the backup. I'll need to know the ID#s of the child and the mother. If I have the project, I'll check it for other errors at the same time. (There are always other errors. <g>) You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  7. Mother/wife duplication

    Fouled up relationships can be difficult to fix and I might need to see your project to repair it. The problem is that child-parent relationships are stored in two different tables in the database and the data in those two tables need to agree. The issue can't always be repaired from the user interface. I've seen this in two different projects that I've repaired in the last month. I suspect that there are two primary child-mother relationships recorded and they might differ between the two tables. As Terry recommended... Try selecting the mother in the child's person view and hitting clicking the primary (*) button to make the mother you see non-primary. If you can separate the two mother tags, then you can delete the wrong one.
  8. Other Info Box missing Reference

    OK. When I drag and drop to the desktop, what I get is a shortcut. Clicking on the shortcut gets the .PJC file downloaded to my downloads folder. I dragged the downloaded .PJC file to my desktop. Assuming that you follow those steps, from that point, you could drag the .PJC file from your desktop to your projects folder and overwrite the existing file. I compared your fixed .PJC file to one of my .PJC files. Your fixed .PJC file is complete and undamaged. btw... I gave you the information in my first post that provides what you need to know to repair your own .PJC file.
  9. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Why are you clicking on the repaired PJC file that I posted for you? You can drag the file from the post to your desktop. You copy the file into your project folder overwriting the existing damaged PJC file. Then you run TMG and check out the Other Info box.
  10. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Try this. I fixed the Reference entry and turned all back on. Maybee Society__.PJC
  11. Other Info Box missing Reference

    Sometimes, the .PJC file becomes corrupted and mucks up the Other Info display. Check the .project's PJC file in your project folder with a text editor. It should have a section like this... [Otherinfobox] Selected1=Age/Y Selected2=Children/Y Selected3=Soundex/Y Selected4=Last edited/Y Selected5=Tag count/Y Selected6=Reference/Y The /Y means that the field is enabled. /N if the field is disabled. The order is the order of the items in the Other Info box. If the PJC file is corrupted, I can rebuild it for you.
  12. Karen, It's possible that some records were cross-linked between data sets. I can check your project if you send me a backup (data files, accents and filters only). You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  13. Delete all of a tag

    Use TMG Utility and use Functions / Tags / Delete Tags by Type http://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/
  14. how to reset lost color to a flag

    My answer still stands although your first post is confusing. You appear to have a Cleaned flag with a W setting for those people. So you need an accent for the flag Cleaned=W.
  15. Missing Exhibits

    Ralph, I can remove those four records from your exhibits table if you wish. I need the name of the linked persons and the path of the four exhibits in order to locate them. You would need to send me the __I.dbf and the __I.fpt files (letter eye). You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram