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  1. A discussion list for users of John Cardinal's program GedSite which produces web pages from GEDCOM files and from TMG data. Click here to subscribe or unsubscribe to GS-L or to search the archives.
  2. Locked out serial number not working

    Your registration information must be correct. It consists of your first name, last name, email address and registration code exactly as received in the registration email that you received from Wholly Genes. If you need your registration information, please write support@whollygenes.com. You need to enter your registration information two ways. 1) Enter the data when running normally as a Standard User. 2) Enter the data running as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Enter your registration information and then exit TMG after unlocking.
  3. deleting multiple sources

    The reason that sources can only be deleted one at a time is to prevent a source from being deleted that is linked to one or more citations. If that's the case, you get a warning when trying to delete the source. There is a way to get rid of unlinked sources. Use the List of People, select all people in the project, and set the Options / Secondary Output to create a new project. Only sources linked to people in the current project who are being copied will be copied to the new project. It won't take long to go through each of your new separate projects to do this.
  4. Report Screen Preview not working

    The screen preview does generate a .RTF file in the temp folder. That's what you are looking at when you see the preview. Run the installer again and select [Repair] and see if that resolves the issue.
  5. Opening old .sqz files

    Alison, You should try the steps that Sandy used in the third post above yours (except for Support since that's not an option). I don't recall FTM using a backup with a .SQZ extension and .SQZ is not listed as an import option in the current FTM17. I can try UFT if you send me the file. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  6. Password Reset

    Dale, Moved the topic to the Site Issues forum where it belongs. And sent an email to Bob with a link to your topic. Jim
  7. Picklist Sorting

    Randy, If you are not using the 'custom' name style, simply delete it and those names will revert to using the default name style. That gets them all done in one step. Also make sure that the correct name style is set for the data set in the Data Set Manager. After that, I would run Validate File Integrity and use the name sorting option once again. im
  8. Picklist Sorting

    Send me a backup with your project files only so that I can examine the name table and style table. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  9. Picklist Sorting

    Like John, I think that this is almost surely an issue with the name style. THat's consistent with the pattern that has been described. If it's the name style, it might be fixed by fixing the name style.
  10. Picklist Sorting

    How to add the name resort feature to VFI... Edit the app.ini with Notepad. Add a new section as follows... [VFI] ResortAllNames=Yes I normally add this section after the [Advanced] section and before the [Timelines] section. The app.ini is located in this folder... C:\Users\(your user account name)\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9
  11. Picklist Sorting

    Try rebuilding all indexes... File / Maintenance / Reindex If that doesn't work, run VFI and at the end, select yes to resort all names. This rebuilds the name sort in the name data table. If you don't have this option as the last step in VFI, I'll tell you how to add it.
  12. Did you check the _restore.log? That might help to identify the exhibits involved. Did you try renaming the exhibits folder and creating a new exhibits folder and restoring to the empty folder?
  13. Backup Error

    No ideas offhand. VFI checks the exhibit paths, not the exhibit files per se. I'm not sure that TMG Utility would check the files either. The Exhibit Log won't help since the preview is using thumbnails. You could turn thumbnails off in Preferences and then filter the Exhibit Log for all and run through all of the images. That would take some time. If some of the exhibits are something other than images, then those will need to be checked with an appropriate utility or application. The problem with using some external image utility to check the image files is that the file might be fine in the utility but fail in TMG. With the huge number of exhibits that you have, this problem is non-trivial. Maybe someone else will have some ideas.
  14. Backup Error

    A clean install should make no difference. If backing up exhibits specifically results in the error, then the problem is one of the exhibits.
  15. Backup Error

    Run the TMG installer and select [Repair]. The control that the error refers to will need to be updated by repair. And, after doing the repair, try the backup to the default TMG backups folder. And backup the project files, accents and filters only since the project is the critical data to backup.