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  1. Microsoft Installation Missing File

    You'll notice that is not a TMG installer error. "Microsoft Office Single Image 2010" Try explicitly running the TMG installer as administrator. Right-click on the TMG installer file and select 'Run as administrator'.
  2. Windows 10 S, which is the lightweight version of Windows 10, will not run TMG. Windows 10 Lite is not from Microsoft and is not something you want to use for a number of reasons. It would run TMG but by design is inherently insecure.
  3. TMG v8.8 will run fine on the latest version of Windows 10. There is only one build of TMG. The UK version of TMG is exactly the same as the US version. The UK version has some UK personalization added after TMG has been installed when the installed program is run for the first time.
  4. Opened in repair mode

    Your description suggests that the .PJC file (the project file) is corrupted. What I don't understand is why this happens again when you restored a backup. I can repair (or recreate) the .PJC file if you send it to me. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  5. The answer to this has been posted many times previously. 1) Unlock TMG as a standard user. You normally run TMG as a standard user. 2) Register TMG as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Respond affirmatively to the security prompt. Unlock TMG. Exit TMG once done. Now you can run TMG as a standard user and should not get prompts that the program is locked.
  6. Create a GEDCOM from a backup file (.SQZ file)?

    Send me the .SQZ and I'll make you a GEDCOM. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  7. Printing reports to .pdf file

    Just to note... That was my advice for outputting .PDF files. Subsequently, I realized that temporarily running as administrator could be used as a workaround for the PDF issue.
  8. Printing reports to .pdf file

    When I use Microsoft Print to PDF, it gives a dialog to enter the filename and you can also navigate to the destination folder from that dialog. At the moment, I get an error trying to print to an external PDF driver. TMG uses .RTF as intermediate files in the print output process. And an .RTF file is what is used in Print Preview. Why wouldn't you want to use the TMG PDF printer driver? It works fine if used as I described.
  9. Printing reports to .pdf file

    You are choosing the output as Printer and have Microsoft Print to PDF selected as the printer? You do not select Save to: Adobe Reader (PDF) if you are printing to a PDF printer driver. You can install the TMG PDF printer driver and select Save to : Adobe Reader (PDF) if you temporarily run TMG as administrator.
  10. Death Certificate Information

    Custom what? Custom source type? That's more fields than you can add to a custom source type.
  11. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    I can remove the exhibits from the project as I described above. I need a backup with project files, accents and filters only. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  12. Can not edit tag

    That's fine. I need to know which tag type.
  13. Missing Exhibits

    TMG v9 runs fine for me under Win10. It always helps when moving to a new operating system to do a clean install of the operating system (after backing up your data). Reinstall all programs from scratch.
  14. Are the paths correct in Preferences? File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced Have you tried restarting your computer?
  15. Bulk Deleting of Missing Exhibits

    I would try the Validate File Integrity solution first. There is no reason to lose the links to external exhibits. If that doesn't work... 1) Create a new empty project. 2) Copy the _I.dbf and _I.fpt (that's eye) files from the new project to your desktop. 3) Rename the two files to match exactly the two equivalent files in the project containing the exhibit links that you want to remove. 4) Drag the two renamed files from your desktop to the folder with your project overwriting the existing files. 5) When you start TMG, run reindex. File / Maintenance / Reindex (You can now delete the new project that you created.)