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  1. Edit function

    I have no idea what you are trying to do or the context. To add a .PDF file as an exhibit... Make sure that the PDF file is in the folder selected by the Exhibits path in Preferences. Open the Exhibit Log from any of the appropriate contexts (person, event, source, reporitory). Right-click into the exhibit log and select 'Add new exhibit (other)'. Select the .PDF file from the 'Insert new exhibit' dialog and click [Open]. That's it. Keep in mind that PDF exhibits will not output in reports.
  2. Master Style List for U. K.

    First, a warning... The list reports in TMG use the US default style labels for the place levels. The UK default style labels can be on a different style level for a comparable place entity. This means that list reports will be broken when using the US and UK styles in the same data set. For example, the list reports use the city entity on level 3. The UK style uses the city entity on level 4. So searching for a city, you won't get the city for any place using a UK style. The levels for the default UK style are: Addressee, Detail, Village/Area, Town/City, County/Region, Country, Postal, Phone, Coordinates, Temple. Bottom line... If most of the places in your data set use the US place style, it's best to adopt a consistent scheme to use the UK place entities with the US place style. You could make a new style for UK places to have appropriate level labels while keeping the place entities at the same levels as the US place style. This means having two UK entities at the same level separated by a comma. Example level 3 would be "Village/Area, Town/City". There is a limit for how long a place level label can be and display properly in the label field on a tag entry screen.
  3. Inability to edit/add data

    Is the program unlocked?
  4. Report comparing projects

    There is no such report. I'd use the List of People report and build a spreadsheet with columns the for names and ID# for both projects. Sort by the names for each pair of columns.Then work down the columns and insert blank cells where there is a difference to align the names. Once you get to the end, you'll have gaps showing where there are differences.
  5. Copy and Paste issue

    Yes. That's correct. The point of the exercise was to make sure that the files in the folders are not read-only. The folder always displays as read-only. We've seen circumstances where the files are marked read-only for no obvious reason.
  6. Journal Report printing problem

    You mean that you are using 'Printer' as the report destination and the Microsoft Print to PDF driver as the printer, right? I've experienced that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and have no idea why.
  7. Second Site 7 Released

    John Cardinal wrote: Second Site Version 7.00 is now available. It includes a couple new Formats and some other important changes. This is the first paid upgrade for Second Site since February 2016, more than two years and a dozen releases ago. It's been about four years since TMG was discontinued, and as expected the TMG user base has shrunk. That means the Second Site user base has also shrunk. I am still using TMG, and so I am willing and able to keep supporting Second Site. However, I need your support. If you want Second Site to remain available, you should purchase this upgrade. The newsletter link is here: https://www.secondsite7.com/ssn082.htm You can download the installer here: https://www.secondsite7.com/downloads.htm?v=7.00 The upgrade price for Second Site 6 customers is $15.00 USD. New customers and customers whose most-recent license is for Second Site 5 or previous must purchase the full-price license for Second Site 7 for $35.00 USD. There is no difference between the installer programs for the full version license and the upgrade license. The only difference is the cost of the license. Customers who purchased the full version of Second Site 6 on or after April 1, 2018 qualify for a free license for Second Site 7. That license has already been sent via email. Contact me if you think you qualify but you have not received your Second Site 7 license information. To purchase a license for Second Site 7, start on the Second Site home page: https://www.secondsite7.com Click one of the links in the "How to Buy Second Site" box in the upper-right of that page. Installation You do not have to use the right-click, "Run as Administrator" method to start the installer for v7.00. You may be warned that the installer is not from a trusted source. You can ignore that warning. If you have any trouble installing, please contact me. Publishing Your Work If you'd like to publish your site online, please choose Family History Hosting. We'll help you understand and navigate the process of acquiring a domain name and publishing your site. The Publish command in Second Site makes publishing easy! Family History Hosting is now offering long-term hosting plans: check it out! https://www.FamilyHistoryHosting.com
  8. Journal Report printing problem

    You might try resetting the report configuration. This looks more like a printer issue. You are not trying to use the Wholly Genes PDF printer driver, right?
  9. Copy and Paste issue

    File / Maintenance / Initialize Repeat Files If that doesn't work, go to the Repeat_files folder and delete all of the files in the folder. The files will be recreated the next time that TMG is run. You might also need to select your TMG data folder in File Explorer, right-click, select Properties, unselect the Read-only check box, click [OK], click [OK]. That will make sure that the files in the TMG data tree are not marked read-only.
  10. TMG Downloads

    RUG has download links for the older TMG installers... http://www.rootsusers.org/install.html
  11. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    So you did have a damaged layout file. You should know which layout file you had been using. Delete that file and you can move any others back to the TMG data folder they came from.
  12. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    Nothing that you did would change the damaged layout file or select a different layout file if that's the issue. Create an empty folder on your Desktop. Open this TMG data folder... "C:\Users\(your user account name)\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9" Drag all of the layout files (.lo) from the data folder to the empty folder on your Desktop. Now try to run TMG.
  13. errors despite validation being done

    Great. Based on the error message, it looks like the T-table (tag type table) index needed rebuilding.
  14. errors despite validation being done

    You appear to be able to run TMG and open the project. If that's the case, under the Maintenance menu, run reindex. Then run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize. Then try to do what gave you the errors and report back on the results.
  15. Support to UK Versions of TMG

    Regarding the UK edition... There is only one TMG program. The only difference with the UK edition is that some UK customizations are added the first time that the program is run after installation. Regarding Windows 10... Basically, TMG 8.08 and 9.05 run just fine under Windows 10. Something around the edge is lost or a bit different with each new operating system version but the TMG program itself continues to work. Examples of issues as the operating system evolves have been the unlock issue and the version of the PDF driver used by TMG doesn't work under Windows 10. We're also seeing more frequent cases of external applications interfering with TMG. Regarding the UK forum... The subtitle for this forum is: "Questions that are specific to UK Edition customisations." Questions that are not about UK customizations should go under the appropriate TMG version forum.