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  1. DNA, SS & TMG

    There are two user items in Second Site that apply to using the data in the DNA Log. I believe that both use Y-DNA results. Check the SS help to see a description of these user items. Progeny Genealogy has an add-on for Charting Companion used to create a DNA Matrix chart. Perhaps the output from that to be added to a SS site as a user item..
  2. Missing image during backup

    If you run Validate File Integrity, the 'Last VFI.log' file will have information about any missing exhibits. You can also use TMG Utility and the exhibits feature to identify missing exhibits. (Exhibits / Verify Exhibit Paths)
  3. Unexplained Program Changes

    There is some issue with the Configuration_files folder. Right-click on the folder and select Properties and unselect Read-only. This should make sure that the folder contents are not read-only. (Note that the folder will always show Read-only selected when you check Properties. That's normal.) Now check your report. You might also need to reset the report to defaults to refresh the settings file and re-select your settings.
  4. Run the TMG9 installer and select [Repair]. You might also need to open Control Panel / Programs and Features , click 'Turn Windows features on or off' and make sure that 'Media features' is selected.
  5. Visual chartform charts

    You'll want to save the chart as a PDF. http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?/topic/14684-printing-large-charts-to-pdf/&tab=comments#comment-59391
  6. Lauren, I may or may not be able to recover your projects. You need to contact me directly. I'll need to know how your projects are stored. Are all projects in one folder or is each project stored in its own folder? You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  7. F2 Key no longer working

    Using Boot Camp? If so, open the Boot Camp Control Panel. Select the Keyboard tab. Make sure that the 'Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys' box is selected.
  8. Report Screen Preview not working

    I'm up to date on Win10 on several computers and have no issue with screen preview. Do you have a default printer assigned on the notebook?
  9. Report Screen Preview not working

    I'd check to make sure that .RTF also has a file association. I can see how the report output function requires a file association for any file type being output. I don't understand how the .DOC and .DOCX file associations would affect preview but a missing .RTF file association would most likely break preview. Also make sure that there is a default printer.
  10. Edit function

    I have no idea what you are trying to do or the context. To add a .PDF file as an exhibit... Make sure that the PDF file is in the folder selected by the Exhibits path in Preferences. Open the Exhibit Log from any of the appropriate contexts (person, event, source, reporitory). Right-click into the exhibit log and select 'Add new exhibit (other)'. Select the .PDF file from the 'Insert new exhibit' dialog and click [Open]. That's it. Keep in mind that PDF exhibits will not output in reports.
  11. Master Style List for U. K.

    First, a warning... The list reports in TMG use the US default style labels for the place levels. The UK default style labels can be on a different style level for a comparable place entity. This means that list reports will be broken when using the US and UK styles in the same data set. For example, the list reports use the city entity on level 3. The UK style uses the city entity on level 4. So searching for a city, you won't get the city for any place using a UK style. The levels for the default UK style are: Addressee, Detail, Village/Area, Town/City, County/Region, Country, Postal, Phone, Coordinates, Temple. Bottom line... If most of the places in your data set use the US place style, it's best to adopt a consistent scheme to use the UK place entities with the US place style. You could make a new style for UK places to have appropriate level labels while keeping the place entities at the same levels as the US place style. This means having two UK entities at the same level separated by a comma. Example level 3 would be "Village/Area, Town/City". There is a limit for how long a place level label can be and display properly in the label field on a tag entry screen.
  12. Inability to edit/add data

    Is the program unlocked?
  13. Report comparing projects

    There is no such report. I'd use the List of People report and build a spreadsheet with columns the for names and ID# for both projects. Sort by the names for each pair of columns.Then work down the columns and insert blank cells where there is a difference to align the names. Once you get to the end, you'll have gaps showing where there are differences.
  14. Copy and Paste issue

    Yes. That's correct. The point of the exercise was to make sure that the files in the folders are not read-only. The folder always displays as read-only. We've seen circumstances where the files are marked read-only for no obvious reason.
  15. Journal Report printing problem

    You mean that you are using 'Printer' as the report destination and the Microsoft Print to PDF driver as the printer, right? I've experienced that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and have no idea why.