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  1. gedcom export error

    John, Nice detective work. Jim
  2. gedcom export error

    If you have no program running that is affecting files (security, syncing, real-time backup), I have no idea what is blocking the GEDCOM export. I'm currently running Win10 (17763.379) with Windows Defender and have never had a problem exporting a GEDCOM (in the past or now).
  3. gedcom export error

    You have tried disabling the BitDefender real-time scanning temporarily and then trying the export?
  4. Another solution would be to use a custom History group tag so that all individuals linked to the tag are witnesses. The sentence could then be: [W] <[D]> <[L]><Others included are: [WO]><[M]> Everyone would have an appropriate sentence without getting involved with the {P] issue.
  5. note in Ahnentafel

    Memos that are included in sentences will be output depending on the tags selected on the Options/Tags tab. Memos that are not included in sentences can be output according to your selections on the Options/Memos tab.
  6. merged data sets

    No. You can only restore the backup that you made before doing the merge.
  7. Backup problem

    I have no idea of the answer since I don't run Parallels. You don't need a TMG backup to protect your data. You can always cover yourself by creating a ZIP file of the project folder and archiving the ZIP file off your computer. You also can do this for any other TMG data that you need to protect such as your exhibits. You could also simply copy your TMG user tree to an external drive.
  8. Kerry's project was missing the relationship table (...F.DBF) and could not be repaired.
  9. Kerry, I'll check the project if you send it to me. The details of how to do that are in the messages above. Jim
  10. I'm assuming that a backup without exhibits proceeds with no error. If that's the case, there is a problem with one of the exhibit files.
  11. Filter for flag

    To find all people with a given flag value, the filter would simply be flag name = some value. SEX = F END You have not said what you are trying to do. Give an example. You seem to want to be able to find a flag = some value and then some other property to find people with an incorrect flag setting.
  12. HRE or other replacement

    Looked. The HRE newsletter came directly from HRE. Then there was a discussion on the TMG-REFUGEES mail list. I just checked the TMG-REFUGEES archives and see the January HRE discussions.
  13. Increase text size on "main" screen?

    All TMG program settings are in the app.ini and there is not a setting to control the color of the location field names/labels. You're correct that the data field text on the Tag Entry screen is controlled by the system font size and that's not something that you want to mess with.
  14. HRE or other replacement

    An message on the status of HRE was posted on the TMG-REFUGEES list a few weeks ago. Basically, it's still a long way off if it ever actually happens. In a response to that message, John Cardinal said that he would develop a replacement for TMG if someone would provide a million dollars to finance the development.
  15. Backup file suddenly smaller

    If you send me the two backups, I'll take a look at them. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram