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  1. Paula, The person and name tables had damaged headers. I fixed those and ran the maintenance routines to clean up the project. Jim
  2. If the backup is too large to email, you'll need to upload the project so that I can download it. A 5Mb .ZIP file shouldn't be an issue. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  3. You normally exit repair mode by exiting TMG and restarting. If you start TMG showing the Welcome screen (as you should be doing), you can exit without opening any project. You understand that your project actually might be damaged? I can examine your project if you wish.
  4. Source Listing Printed

    Use the List of Sources. General tab / List Type / select Columnar Sort By tab / select Source ID# Output Columns / select the columns and sort in your preferred orders It could be that the Sort By tab choice has no effect when columnar output is selected. You'll need to experiment.
  5. Date format problem

    You can filter the Project Explorer for the 'Last Edited Date' to get a list of people's names who have been edited since a specified date. How a date displays has nothing to do with how it's stored in the database. Dates are stored in a standard format and can be displayed in many formats. Check Michael's bug list under 'Data Entry' to see if any of the date issues might apply to your problem. https://www.mjh-nm.net/BUGS.HTML#TOCDataEntry
  6. Relation remark

    Sorry. I misunderstood that you wanted person #1 as the focus person. Do as Michael says.
  7. Relation remark

    With the new project open... File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Other Select Automatic "Relation" tag Enter "1" in the Focus person field Make sure the 'or the spouse' option is not selected if you don't want this Click [Refresh relationships] That's it. (edited to make the focus person #1)
  8. TMG v9 problems

    No. You have three tools to build a group of people. 1) the Focus Group You can add a person or people to a focus group individually and then use the Focus Group to add ancestors, descendants, and spouses. This is the easiest way. Just keep in mind that the additions occur for the selected person/people. Be sure to make the selection correctly before making additions. 2) the Project Explorer You use the Project Explorer and its filters and add the selections to a focus group. This can be done in multiple steps to add people. 3) the List of People report and its filters to set a flag. Again, this can be done in steps. The end results of all of the above is a group of people in the Focus Group or with a given flag and you can export the group based on either. The best way to proceed depends on exactly how you want to group to be specified.
  9. Most reports are grayed out

    The best charting software available probably would be Charting Companion. https://progenygenealogy.com/products/family-tree-charts/
  10. Finding sources in records

    You essentially answered your own question. List of Citations Filter - Source Number = (some source number) END
  11. I do an image backup of all drives on the computer to an external hard drive once a week. All is done as specified in one Backup Definition File and one backup file of everything is created. It is simple to mount a drive from a backup file to recover any folder or file that is in the backup image. The Macrium Reflect UI Watcher runs in the background all of the time. That is used to prevent deleting backups except from within Macrium Reflect. There is no real time backup process going on so the program has no effect on running TMG or on TMG data (other than backing up). I used Acronis but got irritated at how it backed up the Windows partition on my iMac. Acronis took about 3.5 hours. Reflect took about 30 minutes. The backup was the same data in both cases. I still use Acronis on my wife's two computers. btw... I never had any issue with TMG using Acronis.
  12. Karen, I'd suggest using the free version of Macrium Reflect to backup. https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree Download with the blue [Home Use] button down the page on the left. Jim
  13. Audit results

    Ghost person. This still happens after optimize and VFI... and reindex? No REF_ID after the name? I'm guessing there is a link to a person that doesn't exist.
  14. Karen, I have no idea whether this is the installation or the project or some external application causing a problem. Run the TMG installer and select [Repair] and see if that makes a difference. I can do an in-depth check of your project if you wish. Jim
  15. Have no idea. Have you run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize in that order?
  16. Karen, The project index files are the .CDX files. With TMG closed, those 29 .CDX files can be deleted. When TMG is run and the project opened, TMG will create new index files. There are also index files in the Repeat_files and Slideshow folders. Very rarely, an error can come from one of those index files. Jim
  17. Reinstall on new Laptop

    I don't understand what you are asking. TMG must unlocked by adding the registration information in order to run with all features after the 30-day trial period.
  18. You need to enter your registration twice... once running as a Standard user and once running TMG as administrator. Run TMG normally and enter your registration information. Exit. Run TMG by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting 'Run as administrator'. Respond affirmatively to the security prompt. Enter your registration information and exit afterwards. Then use TMG by running normally.
  19. Hard Disk Crash

    A TMG project database consists of 48 files. 1 .PJC file 29 .DBF files 18 .FPT files The project can be recovered only if you can retrieve all 48 files. A single file is of little value although some useful things could be done. You could recover the _$.DBF file (the person table) and open it and sort by the user ID (the 6th column). When those user IDs are compared to the person table from a backup, you could determine how many people have been added since the backup. You could then use the person ID (the 1st column) for those missing people to recover the names of the missing people from the _N.DBF file (the name table) assuming that it was recovered. This is considerable work and not something undertaken without proper tools although these steps could be accomplished using Excel. Ultimately, you would still need to add all of the missing data to the project backup that you restored going person-by-person from the sources as was originally done.
  20. Using PDFs in Exhibits

    A PDF is a document file and like all document files (.PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, etc.) can be added to the exhibit log and can be viewed with an associated external application by clicking [View/Edit] or by right-clicking on the exhibit and selecting View/Edit. TMG has no internal support to view/edit such documents. If you are trying to use a PDF as an image file in TMG, that won't work since a PDF is not an image file but rather a document containing an image and can't be viewed by the image library in TMG. For this reason, a PDF file can't be used as the primary image for a person.
  21. To run TMG as administrator, you right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Then click [Yes] on the prompt.
  22. Under Windows 10, to print a PDF report using the Wholly Genes PDF printer driver, you need to temporarily run TMG as administrator and print the PDF report. The AmyUni PDF printer driver used by TMG is long out of date for Windows 10; however, running as administrator to print a PDF report gets around that. Alternatively, as Terry suggested, you can use an external PDF printer driver. (I currently get an error trying to use the Microsoft Print to PDF driver from TMG and that's been the case for some time.)
  23. Backup error

    This is not an rare issue. One (or more) of the exhibit files has a problem. It's best to manage your exhibit files outside of TMG. Making sure that both your project backup and your exhibits folder are stored remotely is an excellent practice. The restored path is not a concern since TMG includes a tool to update the exhibit paths in the exhibits table when they have changed. You should be doing a system backup to an external drive at a regular frequency... for example once a week. That will cover your TMG data. When I'm doing serious data entry, I copy a TMG project backup to a USB flash drive at the end of each days work.
  24. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Grady, Just to note. Sometimes, when you close TMG, the process persists (when it shouldn't). In those cases, you will find the 'The Master Genealogist' process in the Background processes list in Task Manager. It doesn't hurt to end the persistent process. One symptom of this is that you try to start TMG and get a message that it's already running. Jim
  25. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Open the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) end all TMG processes... not only at the top under Apps but also in the list under Background processes. Alternatively, restart Windows .