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  1. To run TMG as administrator, you right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Then click [Yes] on the prompt.
  2. Under Windows 10, to print a PDF report using the Wholly Genes PDF printer driver, you need to temporarily run TMG as administrator and print the PDF report. The AmyUni PDF printer driver used by TMG is long out of date for Windows 10; however, running as administrator to print a PDF report gets around that. Alternatively, as Terry suggested, you can use an external PDF printer driver. (I currently get an error trying to use the Microsoft Print to PDF driver from TMG and that's been the case for some time.)
  3. Backup error

    This is not an rare issue. One (or more) of the exhibit files has a problem. It's best to manage your exhibit files outside of TMG. Making sure that both your project backup and your exhibits folder are stored remotely is an excellent practice. The restored path is not a concern since TMG includes a tool to update the exhibit paths in the exhibits table when they have changed. You should be doing a system backup to an external drive at a regular frequency... for example once a week. That will cover your TMG data. When I'm doing serious data entry, I copy a TMG project backup to a USB flash drive at the end of each days work.
  4. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Grady, Just to note. Sometimes, when you close TMG, the process persists (when it shouldn't). In those cases, you will find the 'The Master Genealogist' process in the Background processes list in Task Manager. It doesn't hurt to end the persistent process. One symptom of this is that you try to start TMG and get a message that it's already running. Jim
  5. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Open the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) end all TMG processes... not only at the top under Apps but also in the list under Background processes. Alternatively, restart Windows .
  6. How to export PJC file

    You import a data set from the TMG project files in their folder, not from a TMG backup .SQZ file. One of the 48 project files is the .PJC file and the .PJC file is used to determine which TMG data set to import.
  7. Upgrading PCs and TMG

    You seem to be saying that you are running TMG v9. You need to back up your project(s) on the current computer and copy the backup(s) to a USB flash drive. Install TMG v9.05 on the new computer. If you don't have the TMG v9.05 installer, you can download it using the appropriate link in this topic... You then copy the backup(s) to the new computer and restore the project(s). You can include external exhibits in the backup(s) or copy the external exhibits folder to the USB flash drive and copy the folder to an appropriate location on the new computer. On the new computer, make sure that the paths in the Preferences current project settings are correct. The only one likely to be incorrect might be the backup path assuming that the other paths should be the default paths. If the exhibits are in a different location on the new computer, run Validate File Integrity and use the external exhibits feature to update the paths.
  8. Source Search by Repository

    List of Sources using the filter... Repository... Number Equals (some repository number) END
  9. back up problem

    You mean not a valid .PJC file. The .PJC file can be damaged. I can examine it if you send it to me. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  10. Space needed for Gedcom files.

    You mean 15,000 people? Make a GEDCOM, then you can determine its size. Also, after you make the GEDCOM, examine it with a text editor such as Notepad. Compare a person in the GEDCOM to that person in TMG. You can see what exported. TMG v9.05 has an option that will export witness links and sort dates. A new installation of TMG9 gives you 30-days with all features. When you are ready, you can install it and make your GEDCOM exports. Copy or restore your projects to the TMG9 user folders. DO NOT update your TMG8 projects (in the TMG8 folders) to TMG9 if you want to continue to use them in TMG8. btw... I'll do the GEDCOM exports with v9.05 for you if you wish. I have the optimal settings for GEDCOM export set up. That way, you'll not need to try and figure out the settings that you'll have trouble understanding.
  11. creating a gedcom file

    From TMG8... While the base data would be exported to the GEDCOM... Only shared events with two spouses or the parents of a child would be exported. You would lose event witness links. You would lose sort dates. You would lose History tags. All names will be exported and most programs consider the first name to be primary. Source data would be exported but you would lose the structure. If you have source of source links, those would be lost. There are probably other things lost.
  12. Reinstalling TMG v. 9.5 on a New Laptop

    There was no point to the multi-step install. You should have simply installed v9.05. Any project will be updated as necessary when first opened. There is no TMG9 program 'upgrade'. When you install a newer version, the current installation is removed and the newer version is installed. The registration information for TMG9 applies to any version of TMG9. You should unlock running TMG as standard user (the normal way you run TMG) and also by right-clicking on the TMG shortcut, selecting 'Run as administrator' and unlocking that way.
  13. Reinstalling TMG v. 9.5 on a New Laptop

    Working ideas... Only backup what you change. For example... the language files. If you haven't customized a language, there is no point to backing up the language files since you are using those from the TMG installation. Be selective about what you back up. If the new computer and the old computer have the same (or similar) operating system version and use the same TMG paths, backing up and restoring the program settings shouldn't cause problems (Preferences > Program options). Make sure the backup path is correct on the new computer.
  14. Backup Problem ....

    Sure. If you make a system backup on a regular basis (and I really hope that you are doing this), exhibits can always be restored from that. And your system backup utility should be able to backup the exhibits folder (or tree) separately from anything else. Most system backup utilities have the ability to backup selected files.
  15. Backup Problem ....

    Michael... Good idea. We've also seen a backup issue where one of the exhibit files was the issue and not including exhibits resulted in a successful backup. Jim
  16. Backup Problem ....

    The exhibit file (_I.dbf and _I.fpt) (letter 'eye') contains the links to external exhibits and any internal exhibits. It's best to manage your external exhibits outside of TMG. It really complicates things if you want to create a manual backup like I've described and want to include the external exhibits. btw... I'd think that the problem with making backups originated outside of TMG and had nothing to do with anything that you did or didn't do. The issue can be as simple as a corrupted file or as complicated as an action by an external application.
  17. Backup Problem ....

    John, A TMG project is comprised of 48 files. Only these 48 files absolutely need to be in a backup. .PJC file x1 (a text file with essential project version and configuration data) .DBF files x29 (FoxPro database files) .FPT files x18 (FoxPro database memo files) Total = 48 .CDX - index files (don't add to the backup) .ACC - accent files (include in backup) .FL* - filter files (include in backup) Other files (.txt, .log, .doc, .bak, etc.) (don't need to include in backup) You can include all files, if you wish, but omit the index files. This is what the TMG backup procedure does. When a project is restored, it is indexed and new index files are created. I was really hoping that the fresh install would fix things. Jim
  18. Backup Problem ....

    Just for the heck of it... Try running TMG as administrator and making a backup.
  19. Backup Problem ....

    I'm out of ideas. Another user had this situation where he couldn't backup and it was never resolved. You can manually make a backup. 1) Make a .ZIP archive of the 48 project files, the accents and the filters. 2) Edit the .ZIP file and add a comment based on the following pattern... Backup of Test 2007-10-24 18-30-00.sqz was created at 2007.10.24 by The Master Genealogist v 9.05.000 with EXHIBITS a) filename doesn't appear to matter b) Creation data probably doesn't matter c) Version should be full and correct d) omit 'with EXHIBITS' if none Easiest route is to make the comment as above with all parts correct. The key to success is a correctly structured comment! 3) Rename to SQZ The name can be simple (Test.sqz) or mimic a real backup (Test 2007-10-24 18-30-00.sqz). TMG should be able to restore the .SQZ file.
  20. Problem with installation

    Don, Funny. Updating six years after the release of v9.05. Uninstalling and installing the new version is a good idea. There or may not be a problem uninstalling v9.04. From my last post... Uninstall v9.04 (this won't affect your data) and run the v9.05 installer as administrator and reinstall and see if that fixes it. (Note that the TMG installer is always run as administrator but, sometimes, it is necessary to explicitly select to run it as administrator. You do this by right-clicking on the installer and selecting 'Run as administrator'.) Jim
  21. Backup Problem ....

    I'm guessing that some object having to do with the .ZIP file component is missing. Try running the installer as administrator and select [Repair] and see if that fixes it. If that didn't work, uninstall (this won't affect your data) and run the installer as administrator and reinstall and see if that fixes it. (Note that the TMG installer is always run as administrator but, sometimes, it is necessary to explicitly select to run it as administrator. You do this by right-clicking on the installer and selecting 'Run as administrator'.)
  22. New Exhibits folder files hidden

    First, check the Exhibits path in Preferences and make sure that it is correct. Before the next step, rename the old exhibits folder (or delete it if all files are in the new exhibits folder). Validate File Integrity will not update an exhibit path if the current path is valid. Run Validate File Integrity and use the external exhibit feature. Make sure that the exhibit path in the feature is correct. If that didn't work... It doesn't look like .JPEG is a supported file type. Try changing the file type of one of the files from .JPEG to .JPG and see if you now can see it from TMG. I tested this by changing the file type of a .JPG to .JPEG. TMG did not recognize or show the .JPEG file. I changed the file type back to .JPG and that resolved the issue. If your files have the file type .JPG, rather than .JPEG... Not every .JPG is alike. The .JPG files saved by different programs can differ. Copy one of the files as a backup. Then open the file in your Exhibits folder with Paint or Paint3D and save it. Then check to see if the file is visible in TMG. Remember that .JPG files are lossy. If you resave then, only do it once. Every time that you save a .JPG file, it loses a bit of detail. It's best to keep your master files in a non-lossy format such as .PNG.
  23. Sure. Enter "[?]" (no quotes) into the value field to make a report definition that prompts you. Checking [Help] for any selected list report would have given you this answer.
  24. Residence Tag Sentence Structure

    You don't use the principal sentence for witnesses. You need an appropriate witness sentence. Something like... [W] resided in the household of [P1] <and [P2]> at <[L]> < with [WO]> <[D]> Terry or Michael might have a better sentence suggestion.
  25. Surnames in the DIC are Arial, 8, bold by default and output correctly for me..