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  1. Missing Exhibits

    Ralph, I can remove those four records from your exhibits table if you wish. I need the name of the linked persons and the path of the four exhibits in order to locate them. You would need to send me the __I.dbf and the __I.fpt files (letter eye). You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  2. Missing Exhibits

    You see how the paths differ? C:\Documents and Settings\ralphyost.RALPH\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\ c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Yost\ Exhibits should never be located in the program folder. Move any exhibits in the program folder to the TMG exhibits folder. Then use the external exhibits feature of Validate File Integrity to update the exhibit paths.
  3. ahnentafel reports freeze

    After disabling OneDrive, you should move your data out of the OneDrive folder.
  4. If the Census tag has one principal, it will be imported as an individual fact. If the Census tag has two principals and they are married or the parents of one or more children, it will be imported as a family fact. That's correct. Since the US Census only has one head of household, all of my TMG census events have only one principal and they were all imported to RootsMagic as individual facts with the other individuals linked to the events as witnesses.
  5. ahnentafel reports freeze

    That suggests that one or more people have some data issue that is blocking report output.
  6. Validate File Integrity has a feature to update the exhibit paths if the exhibit folder has been relocated.
  7. Backup problem

    Open the OneDrive settings and disable it. Unselect the option to run OneDrive at startup. On a different tab, remove any files/folders that it's set to sync. Any cloud sync/backup utility can corrupt your TMG database and should not be allowed to act on any of your TMG user folders. Your TMG database should never be located in a cloud utility folder such as the OneDrive or Dropbox folders. And as you found, you weren't backing up to the TMG user backup folder.
  8. ahnentafel reports freeze

    That can come from some data issue with one of the individuals being output in the report. You can check this by running reports varying the focus person to pin down the individual. Have you run Optimize / Validate File Integrity / Optimize?
  9. Backup problem

    You can get that message when backing up to an external drive. The solution is to back up to the default backup folder in your TMG user tree.
  10. how to reset lost color to a flag

    Colors are controlled by Accents. File / Accent Maybe the accent that you created for the flag W isn't loaded (assuming that it was saved).
  11. Increase text size on "main" screen?

    See the second post in this topic. The Tag Box is a list. TMG was developed long before high resolution displays were available so has limited settings to deal with such issues.
  12. TMG font resolution

    Preferences / Program Options / Lists Preferences / Program Options / Project Explorer
  13. Hospital Birth Certificate as source

    The Mills templates are examples pointing you in the right direction to create your own source types. It's basically a Birth Registration (Local Level) with the hospital as the repository rather than the county. If necessary, you can make a custom source with modifications following that model
  14. You can avoid any recalculation by using the Focus Group. Filter the PE to get the names, then add those names to an empty Focus Group. Save the Focus Group. Work down the list in the Focus Group and delete each name when that person is done. Save the Focus Group when you finish the work session. Open the Focus Group next work session and continue to work on the list. Keep this up until all names are cleared from the Focus Group.
  15. The sentence structures determine the output. The default U.S. sentences don't output the parents in either sentence. Report definitions do not modify the sentence structure output. Terry or Michael might suggest alternatives for your issue.
  16. List of People Report - Format

    Output to a spreadsheet and then adjust the column alignments before printing. Even in a spreadsheet, the default alignments are determined by the data types.
  17. You need to unlock both as a standard user and as an administrator. Unlock as a standard user running TMG normally. Unlock as an administrator by right-clicking on the TMG shortcut and selecting 'Run as administrator'. Respond affirmatively to the security prompt. Unlock and then exit TMG.
  18. That explains clearly what you were trying to do. Thanks.
  19. Missing tag abbreviations

    I can check your T-table but I now don't think that is the issue. However, a damaged tag type record can cause edits not sticking. However something appears to be damaging the table on the fly. You would need to send the _t.dbf and _t.fpt files. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  20. Missing tag abbreviations

    Let's see if there is an issue with the installation. Run the TMG v9.05 installer and select [Repair].
  21. Missing tag abbreviations

    You are not using any sort of cloud sync or real-time backup on your project folder, are you?
  22. Missing tag abbreviations

    I'd suggest that you need to revert to the default language files and see if that corrects the problem. The default v9.05 files are attached. Open the C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 folder. Copy your three modified strings.* files somewhere to preserve then. Then unzip the attached .ZIP file into the C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 folder overwriting the modified files. See if this corrects the missing abbreviations. If this doesn't work, then I would suspect some damage to the tag types data table. language_files.zip
  23. If autosomal DNA were passed by splitting in half from each ancestor, you could make such a calculation. But, because of DNA recombination, it isn't so an attempt at such calculations is meaningless. You can't say, having a 12th generation Mi'kmaq g-grandmother who is related through a single line, that you are 1/2048 Indian. Autosomal DNA isn't passed down over the generations like that. What can be determined is whether or not you have "markers" indicative of Native American ancestry and an estimate can be made for approximately how many generations back the person from whom you inherited the DNA lived (and that is assuming that there is only one such ancestor). How much DNA you have is not precisely related to the number of generations. And if there is more than one ancestor (including unknown ancestors), things get much more complicated.
  24. Missing Exhibits

    Bob, You have two options to check for missing exhibits... 1) Run Validate File Integrity using the external exhibits feature and check the Last VFI.log in the folder with the project. 2) Use TMG Utility. Exhibits / Verify Exhibit Paths http://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/ Jim
  25. Cannot add new tag or person

    Mike, I'm stuck on ideas about the ADD menu issue. Your installation is unlocked, right? You didn't say. I wrote Bob about the security issue regarding his server. Jim Update... I tested the TMG9 installer download and found no issues. Michael suggested that the security issue could be on your system. Have you carefully scanned your system for viruses and malware?