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  1. TMG 9.0

    Just to note... This error occurs during the process of transferring the TMG data into the raw format used by the report engine to build the output file. I have no way to debug this process. You can output to a .DOC file for the Descendancy Narrative Report since this report is not form based. I wouldn't be surprised if you got the same error. You could also try a Journal report to either a .DOC or .RTF file. Be sure to run the maintenance routines (optimize, Validate File Integrity, optimize in that order) and, if necessary, run the installer and select [Repair].
  2. TMG 9.0

    Is this the issue? From TMG 9 help... Note: If you are using Microsoft Word 2013, you should choose the Rich Text Format (RTF) file type to save the report rather than the Microsoft Word (DOC) file type. This tabular report is not compatible with the table structure used in Microsoft Word 2013. This applies to Word 2013 and later and .DOC files produced by TMG 7 and later. You may need to save your TMG reports as .RTF files rather than as .DOC files. Also note that you have a 30-day trial period after first running TMG9 that should be enough time to do the move to Legacy. btw... I see that Legacy 10 is finally in beta testing.
  3. Missing Exhibits on reports

    Different reports have different exhibit options. You've checked the report options on the Exhibits tab and selected the exhibit options that you want? I'm also assuming that you are not using images embedded in PDF files since these are not image files and can't be used as person and event images.
  4. That's not a screenshot. It's the link to the previous topic on this issue. This is how the message board handles a link to another topic.
  5. Source Reminders

    Many thanks to Michael for the solution.
  6. There's a discussion of this issue. The error basically has to do with the paths used by TMG for the various data folders and typically occurs when running TMG in a virtual environment or on a Mac under Parallels. There are solutions in that topic. The question... Is the restored project using the default TMG data paths? The restored project might have been using an incompatible path for one of the settings. Check Preferences for the project path settings and make sure all are set to the defaults. %%%%%%%%%% The *.lo files are here... C:\Users\(user account name)\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9 The folder can be accessed from TMG. Help menu / Access Folders / select User Program Data Folder / [Open]
  7. Repetitive Request For Serial Number

    This question has been answered multiple times on this forum. You need to unlock TMG twice. 1) Unlock TMG running as a Standard User. In other words, just run TMG normally and unlock by entering your registration information. 2) Unlock TMG running as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Reply affirmatively to the system prompt and then unlock by entering your registration information. Exit TMG after unlocking. After this use TMG by running from the shortcut.
  8. Source Reminders

    Reminders are stored in the memo files associated with the appropriate data tables. So it is entirely possible that the memo file associated with the source table has corrupted memos. However, there should have been an error when TMG tried to open a source with a damaged reminder memo. This would be for specific reminders and not for all source reminders. You need to send me the source table (.dbf) and the memo file (.fpt) so that I can take a look and do maintenance on both the database table and the memo file. The source table is the 'M' table. Make a .ZIP archive of the two files. If the .ZIP file is too large to email, you'll need to upload the .ZIP so that I can download it. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  9. Changing Exhibit Name

    I'm not sure of any efficient way to do this. Open the Exhibit Log and select the image. Click [Properties] and you can see the image file path. Open File Explorer and navigate to the image file. Select it and rename it. Back in the Exhibit Log properties, click [Load], select the renamed image file, and click [OK]. Now you have a renamed image file linked without any searching about.
  10. Source Reminders

    I would guess that the reminder window is hidden behind the other windows. After clicking the green reminder button, click Window menu / Center the current window and see what happen. You can also hide the reminder window if the Citation window covers it.
  11. Add image to custom tag

    You haven't said anything that points to the exact nature of the problem. The normal procedure would be... 1) Open the Photos tag for editing. 2) Click the [Exhibit log] button in the upper right of the Tag Entry window. 3) Either right-click in the Exhibit Log window and select Insert new image, then Insert existing file, then select the correct image and click [Open]. or click the [Add] button and select the correct image and click [Open]. This assumes that the Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced / Exhibit folder is pointing to the folder containing the image file (usually, the default exhibits folder). These steps might differ a bit in TMG6 but follow the same process. %%%%%%%%%% I'll also note that which version of Windows you are running is important. TMG6 needs to be installed out of the Program Files folder when installed under Windows 7 or later.
  12. Zip File Back Up Error

    My only other suggestion is to try making the backup in TMG locally rather than to OneDrive or to the OneDrive local folder. Try the default TMG Backups folder. If the backup is successful, you can always copy the backup file to OneDrive. You can always 'back up' your project by making an archive of the Projects folder (or the specific folder containing your project). I'd use 7-Zip and making a .7z archive since the compression will be better (as opposed to making .ZIP files). btw... It's great that you realize the need to make frequent backups. Keep it up.
  13. Zip File Back Up Error

    This happens. First thing I'd try is to reboot the operating system (Win10).
  14. Un-install v6

    You should never install TMG6 under Program Files when running Windows 10. You could install it directly to the C: drive or to a custom folder on the C: drive. C:\The Master Genealogist v6 (whatever the default program folder is named) C:\Temp\The Master Genealogist v6
  15. Un-install v6

    Lee, I'd try installing v6 again followed by an immediate uninstall. Jim
  16. Exhibit Issue

    In that case, I'd try to fix the paths using TMG Utility. https://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/
  17. Exhibit Issue

    Did you use Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature to update the exhibit paths? Your description sounds like the exhibit paths are still pointing to drive E.
  18. Avarinah Lloyd (88) and Evan Parry (408) are shown as the parents of Marianna Parry (1458). That makes a family. One of the parents of Marianna Parry (1458) is incorrect?
  19. Check the Person view of all three people involved.
  20. Missing DLL

    Save the registration emails as text files and print them. Store the files and printouts in various locations so that you can always recover your registration information no matter what unforeseen disaster might occur.
  21. Missing DLL

    The TMG operation shut down almost seven years ago and the inability to recover your registration information has always been a possibility. If the email address failure is not temporary and you can't recover your registration information, it's time to move your data to another genealogy database program.
  22. Missing DLL

    Did you try the installer repair option to fix the missing DLL? Sorry. Send your email to support@whollygenes.com to request your registration information. The ID (above) is not your TMG registration number.
  23. Missing DLL

    Run the TMG installer and select [Repair] and see if that fixes the issue. When you move to a new computer with a new operating system, you should do a clean install of all applications. If you can't locate your email with the TMG registration information, you should write to whollygenes.com and request your registration information. If you get the current TMG installation running, you should open TMG, open the Help menu / About screen and make a screenshot of your registration information.
  24. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    In regard to what Michael wrote, exhibits can also be linked to places and repositories.
  25. Will Windows11 and TMG9 Work Together?

    The Automatic "Relation" tag works just fine for me under Windows 11. You need to go to Preferences and refresh the tag when you add new people but that's always been the case.