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  1. report printing

    Are you saying that when you have Report Destination: Screen Preview selected and click [Create Report], the report is not previewed? Running the installer and selecting [Repair] or uninstalling TMG to do a reinstall has absolutely no effect on your data. The installer scripts include nothing about where TMG saves its data and can't remove any data. Are you running Optimize / Validate File Integrity / Optimize on a regular basis (as you should be doing)?
  2. Add or Copy Language

    Lee, I can add German2 with no error. I'd guess that the maintenance routines do not work on the strings table. I suspect that TMG reindexes it when it changes and an external .DBF tool is required for real maintenance. If you want me to pack the .dbf and .fpt, send me the three strings files. Jim
  3. Accents - Confusion

    Edit the flag in the Flags window. Window menu / select Flags to open the window You should use a custom layout that includes the Flags window if you're going to do this often. You only need one flag ("cleaned") with ?, N, Y values.
  4. The entries come from the Master Place List. You need to Optimize, clean up the Master Place List and then Optimize again. After that, the Master Place List will contain only places linked to events and have no duplicates. If any remaining place appears to be a duplicate, edit the duplicates in the Master Place List and make sure that they are really identical (and have the same place style). Note - Cleaning up places in events does not remove the old places from the Master Place List. Optimize combines identical places and removes unlinked places.
  5. Changed Computer User Name

    The default project path is under... File / Preferences / Program Options / General The default paths for the current project are under... File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced The exhibit paths are stored in the Exhibits table of the project. The external exhibits feature of File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity can be used to update the exhibit paths to a new path (or paths if you have an exhibit tree).
  6. TMG9.05 keeps locking up

    This sort of issue is typically caused by a third-party application (real-time syncing or backup, anti-virus or anti-malware). If that's the case, reinstalling TMG probably won't help. No real-time syncing or backup application should be allowed to mess with the TMG project files. You might need to exclude TMG if an anti-virus or anti-malware application is responsible. Was any of these application types updated at the time when the problems started?
  7. GNIS location lookup in Win10/Parallels

    In TMG, to open the folder... Help menu / Access Folders / select 'User program data folder' / click [Open] The placeinfo.ini file is a text file and can be opened with Notepad. I've never used Parallels and had a dual boot system on the iMac using the BootCamp loader. Glenn Gilbert was the expert on Parallels but he isn't with us any longer.
  8. Any particular browser?
  9. Passed this on to Bob.
  10. GNIS location lookup in Win10/Parallels

    The URL for the GNIS search site had changed. All Lee posted was an edit to fix the URL. Nothing else was changed. Since I have no way to check the place search function when running TMG under Parallels, I can't be of any help. btw... I fixed the URL in the placeinfo.ini a bit differently than Lee but the end result is the same and it works fine under Windows 10. My placeinfo.ini is attached. Copy it to the correct folder replacing the existing file. "C:\Users\(your user account name)\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v9" placeinfo.ini
  11. Nothing has changed. Contact John directly or post on the appropriate mail list. https://www.johncardinal.com/ https://www.familyhistoryhosting.com/
  12. I was able to create an Ahnentafel with 'all images' with no error. I tried outputting to screen, to RTF, and to PDF. The error might have to do with a particular image file.
  13. The first step is to reset the report to the default configuration and see if that works. On the report definition screen, click [Reset Defaults]. If that doesn't work, run the TMG installer and select [Repair]. (The error message suggests that a program component is missing.)
  14. Exporting Data to Excel

    If I recall, TMG exports one Excel file for each TMG data table; however, I hit an Open dialog error when I try it. Is doing that useful? Not that I can see.
  15. Why not just clear the view history?
  16. This is the "navigation" issue that was supposedly fixed many years ago. I don't have any ideas other than trying a clean install.
  17. Undesirable Reminder

    File / Preferences / Program Options / Data Entry / unselect 'Open Reminder window automatically'
  18. Backup Recovery

    It sounds like your backup has the same data that you want to undo. Make sure that you overwrote the existing project when you did the restore and that you didn't restore to a different location.
  19. Backup Recovery

    As a first step, reboot your computer and try the restore again.
  20. Exclusive access

    Does any real-time backup or syncing application (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) have access to the project? You should not allow that to occur. Sometimes, after closing, TMG continues to run in the background. Check the Task Manager and close any running TMG process or reboot your computer. Then try to open TMG and the project again.
  21. TMG to the Bitter End

    RootsMagic has been able to do a direct import of TMG data sets since the fall of 2014 (RootsMagic v6.3.2.0). Many fixes and improvements have been made since the initial release. Family Historian has also been able to do a direct import of TMG data sets since the fall of 2014. Again, many fixes and improvements have been made since the initial release. Family Tree Maker and Legacy had direct TMG imports but both had many issues that were never resolved as far as I know. The current version of FTM no longer does a direct TMG import.
  22. You need to be using a custom layout to do this. Try saving the layout after correcting the filtering.
  23. Judy, Journal report / Options / Tags tab / Tag Types / select 'Selected' Then omit the custom tag type from those marked selected. Jim
  24. I excluded both spouse ID#s and both sentences. Based on the exclusions, there is no reason that the spouse should show up in the subject's Journal report. I get the same result and can't find any workaround other than editing the Journal report.
  25. TMG V9 on a New Laptop

    Go to the old laptop and run Help / Technical Support / Trouble Report and that will create a document with the correct email address and registration number. Use those to unlock TMG on the new machine. Copy and paste the registration number rather than trying to type it.