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  1. Surnames in the DIC are Arial, 8, bold by default and output correctly for me..
  2. The first thing to do is to click [Reset Defaults] for the report and try it. If that works, rebuild the options for the report. You can make a note of the options that you used for the report before resetting to default so that it's easier to get back to where you started.
  3. DIC report [Options] / Miscellaneous tab / select 'Suppress details for living people'
  4. TMG v9 problems

    Folders are always marked read-only. When you open a folder properties and unselect read-only, the files contained will be marked read-write. I'll make a GEDCOM for you if you send me your project or a project backup. If the backup is too large to email, you'll need to upload the project so that I can download it. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  5. TMG v9 problems

    You never need to close Windows to end a TMG process that won't close. You open the Task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select the TMG process, and click [End task]. These kinds of issues are not uncommon. Maybe it's time to consider moving on from TMG.
  6. TMG v9 problems

    (I'm assuming that you are using the default TMG user folder. Try this. Use File Explorer to browse to your documents folder. Select the "The Master Genealogist v9" folder, right-click on it and select Properties. Unselect Attributes: Read-only (the mark will clear) and click [OK]. Now try TMG.
  7. TMG v9 problems

    Run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize, and then reindex. See if that makes a difference.
  8. Journal Report printing problem

    How many other apps do you run as administrator? Other than needing to deal with the security prompt every time that you start TMG, there is really no downside.
  9. Journal Report printing problem

    Normally, there should be no reason to run TMG as administrator. You don't need to use the Microsoft Print to PDF printer driver if you are using the Adobe Reader (PDF) output option since it uses the Wholly Genes PDF printer driver. You do need to have a default printer driver assigned in Windows in order to generate any kind of report from TMG. The Microsoft Print to PDF driver can fulfill that role even if you never actually use it.
  10. Journal Report printing problem

    The Wholly Genes PDF printer driver works when you run TMG as administrator. (in other words, when you select the report destination as Adobe Reader (PDF)) It usually gives an error when you run TMG normally.
  11. Lost key to v9

    I can make a GEDCOM of a data set from the project and using Dropbox is OK. You can also open the .SQZ and copy the project to a folder for direct FH import. Change the file type from .SQZ to .ZIP and browse the archive with File Explorer.
  12. Lost key to v9

    A project backup (.SQZ file) will not contain your registration information. The registration information is program data entered by the user on the unlock screen, not project data, and has nothing to do with a project.
  13. Source Report

    List of Citations Filtered group Linked name... / Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / END
  14. report printing

    Could you tell us how you worked around the screen preview problem?
  15. report printing

    Here is one fix from an earlier topic. Since Screen Preview uses an .RTF file for the view, there must be an installed application associated with the .RTF file type. For example, if Word or LibreOffice is not installed, you can associate the .RTF file type with WordPad.
  16. Lost key to v9

    Family Historian 6 will do a direct import of a TMG9 data set. Just point FH to the folder containing the TMG project. From the Project Window, click [New Project...] and select 'Import from other family tree file'. Alternatively, if you send me your project, I'll make a GEDCOM for you. I'd advise taking advantage of the direct import. Another option is to get John Cardinal's 'TMG to GEDCOM' and make a GEDCOM optimized for FH6 import.
  17. Lost key to v9

    If the TMG installation is locked, you can still open a project; however, you're limited in what you can do with it. If you sent a request to support@whollygenes.com for your registration information, it will be answered when it's answered. I can't tell you anything more than that. If you don't get an answer by a couple of weeks after you wrote, contact me by email and we'll look for another solution. You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below... Jim Byram
  18. report printing

    I have the latest update of both versions of Edge and have no problem with the preview window. With the latest Chrome version of Edge open and running, a screen preview of a individual narrative report is output with no problem. If you have Word installed, it is always the default application for .RTF unless you have changed the default. Applications that typically interfere with TMG are file sync or backup applications and security, anti-virus, and anti-malware applications.
  19. report printing

    TMG always creates a temporary .RTF file in the temp folder when you print to screen preview. The .RTF file is what you view in screen preview and is not an issue. The issue seems to be that the screen preview window is not being opened. Is that correct? The most likely reason for the screen preview failing to display is some third-party application blocking the function.
  20. report printing

    Are you saying that when you have Report Destination: Screen Preview selected and click [Create Report], the report is not previewed? Running the installer and selecting [Repair] or uninstalling TMG to do a reinstall has absolutely no effect on your data. The installer scripts include nothing about where TMG saves its data and can't remove any data. Are you running Optimize / Validate File Integrity / Optimize on a regular basis (as you should be doing)?
  21. Add or Copy Language

    Lee, I can add German2 with no error. I'd guess that the maintenance routines do not work on the strings table. I suspect that TMG reindexes it when it changes and an external .DBF tool is required for real maintenance. If you want me to pack the .dbf and .fpt, send me the three strings files. Jim
  22. Accents - Confusion

    Edit the flag in the Flags window. Window menu / select Flags to open the window You should use a custom layout that includes the Flags window if you're going to do this often. You only need one flag ("cleaned") with ?, N, Y values.
  23. The entries come from the Master Place List. You need to Optimize, clean up the Master Place List and then Optimize again. After that, the Master Place List will contain only places linked to events and have no duplicates. If any remaining place appears to be a duplicate, edit the duplicates in the Master Place List and make sure that they are really identical (and have the same place style). Note - Cleaning up places in events does not remove the old places from the Master Place List. Optimize combines identical places and removes unlinked places.
  24. Changed Computer User Name

    The default project path is under... File / Preferences / Program Options / General The default paths for the current project are under... File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced The exhibit paths are stored in the Exhibits table of the project. The external exhibits feature of File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity can be used to update the exhibit paths to a new path (or paths if you have an exhibit tree).
  25. TMG9.05 keeps locking up

    This sort of issue is typically caused by a third-party application (real-time syncing or backup, anti-virus or anti-malware). If that's the case, reinstalling TMG probably won't help. No real-time syncing or backup application should be allowed to mess with the TMG project files. You might need to exclude TMG if an anti-virus or anti-malware application is responsible. Was any of these application types updated at the time when the problems started?