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  1. Exhibit Issue

    In that case, I'd try to fix the paths using TMG Utility. https://www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/
  2. Exhibit Issue

    Did you use Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature to update the exhibit paths? Your description sounds like the exhibit paths are still pointing to drive E.
  3. Avarinah Lloyd (88) and Evan Parry (408) are shown as the parents of Marianna Parry (1458). That makes a family. One of the parents of Marianna Parry (1458) is incorrect?
  4. Check the Person view of all three people involved.
  5. Missing DLL

    Save the registration emails as text files and print them. Store the files and printouts in various locations so that you can always recover your registration information no matter what unforeseen disaster might occur.
  6. Missing DLL

    The TMG operation shut down almost seven years ago and the inability to recover your registration information has always been a possibility. If the email address failure is not temporary and you can't recover your registration information, it's time to move your data to another genealogy database program.
  7. Missing DLL

    Did you try the installer repair option to fix the missing DLL? Sorry. Send your email to support@whollygenes.com to request your registration information. The ID (above) is not your TMG registration number.
  8. Missing DLL

    Run the TMG installer and select [Repair] and see if that fixes the issue. When you move to a new computer with a new operating system, you should do a clean install of all applications. If you can't locate your email with the TMG registration information, you should write to whollygenes.com and request your registration information. If you get the current TMG installation running, you should open TMG, open the Help menu / About screen and make a screenshot of your registration information.
  9. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    In regard to what Michael wrote, exhibits can also be linked to places and repositories.
  10. Will Windows11 and TMG9 Work Together?

    The Automatic "Relation" tag works just fine for me under Windows 11. You need to go to Preferences and refresh the tag when you add new people but that's always been the case.
  11. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    Here's one example of a missing exhibit that can't be found. If you ever edit an exhibit in TMG with the image editor, a 'last version' backup file is created. If that backup file is ever deleted, then a permanent missing exhibit is the result. This is a good reason never to edit image exhibits in TMG. The record can be located and removed from the exhibit table if necessary.
  12. collaborating when entering data

    Since I don't have the current version, I can't really comment. Shared events have been added (not in Basics version). I don't know how events are sorted. AQ is a perfectly competent program with the unique collaboration feature. Try the free Basics version that acts as a trial. There is a page comparing the Basics version with the paid version.
  13. collaborating when entering data

    The only client genealogy database manager that I know of that has a collaboration module is Ancestral Quest. AQ has both Windows and macOS versions. https://www.ancquest.com/index.htm The collaboration module has the tools to maintain and manage the database for multiple collaborators on a server. I would think that HRE might allow such collaboration based on the original concepts assuming that it reaches a release stage.
  14. Damaged PJC File

    You can probably use the .pjc file from the backup to replace the damaged one.
  15. Will Windows11 and TMG9 Work Together?

    TMG v9,05 runs just fine under Win11 as do other 32-bit programs.
  16. Tracy, The genealogy software clients that you might want to check out are RootsMagic, Family Historian, Legacy and Heredis. RootsMagic 7 is the current version and RootsMagic 8 is in development and in in public preview. Family Historian 7 is current. Legacy 9 is current. Heredis 2021 is current. Former TMG users have moved to all of those programs. And of course, there are other programs. I moved to RootsMagic in late 2014 and moved from RootsMagic 7 to Family Historian 7 in February. FH7 added sort dates and that makes it work with GedSite much better. Jim
  17. You need to enter the registration information exactly as received in the email from Wholly Genes. 1) Enter the information running TMG normally as a standard user. 2) Enter the information a second time running TMG as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Respond affirmatively to the security prompt and then enter the registration information. Exit TMG once that is done. Now you can run TMG normally.
  18. Age at marriage

    If I modify the second sentence to... [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[DD]> <[L]><, when they were [A] and [AO] old><. The ceremony was witnessed by [WO]><. [M]> It works fine for me. You want the age variables in the same order as the principals irrespective of who the output is for and the above accomplishes that. All of the dates are complete, right? Read help about the date requirements.
  19. Assuming that all names of interest are in a focus group and that focus group is current... 1) Use the List of People to create a new project with the secondary output under Options. The subject of the report should be 'Focus Group'. 2) Import the data set in that new project into your main project. You now have your main project with the original data set and the new data set. I would clean up the new data set before merging it into your main data set. 3) Merge the new data set into your main data set. At this point, I'd delete the new data set to keep things simple. Now you can merge any people in your main project that need merging and do whatever additional cleanup required.
  20. Multiple Exhibit Folders

    You want _NO_ TMG data that you are working with on a cloud location. None. No exceptions unless you are really hoping for a disaster to occur. TMG is not designed to work with cloud services and, eventually, something will go wrong. You can _copy_ your backups to cloud services so that the backups are available from multiple systems. The default TMG exhibits folder is... C:\Users\(your user account name)\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits (unless you have relocated the Documents folder). (I use a different folder in Documents (Gen_Media with subfolders) since the files are linked by multiple applications.) TMG can link to exhibits located anywhere; however, they are much easier to manage if they are located in one folder or one folder tree. You kill OneDrive by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar tray (on the right) and selecting the options and turning everything off (unselecting items). If there is no OneDrive icon in the taskbar tray, then run OneDrive. After changing the OneDrive options, you can then exit OneDrive.
  21. Works fine for me (and has always worked fine). Windows 10 21H1 19043.1023
  22. backup error message

    Great. That suggests that some component was missing or not working correctly and the clean install fixed it.
  23. Children in Tag Box

    'Show children' is a display option for the Tag Box as opposed to being a filter selection. That's why the 'filtered' indicator didn't show.
  24. backup error message

    Try backing up to the default TMG backup folder and do not include anything in the backup except the project files, accents and filters.
  25. backup error message

    Those are all permissions issues. You don't have permission to access your own Documents folder. <g> From File Explorer, right-click on the 'The Master Genealogist v9' folder in the Documents folder. Unselect the Read-only attribute. That alone might work. Also try this... Run TMG as administrator and try a backup. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator.' Respond to the UAC prompt affirmatively. Open your project and try a backup.