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  1. back up problem

    Hello Michael Yes I tried to open sqz . However Jim has done a couple of gedcom files for me Many thanks
  2. Hi Jim Yea about that many people. I have notepad storage as I just saw it while doing some trouble shooting. No Idea what it is about. I have hundreds of Dropbox files but cant remeber when iIlast used them. I will have a loook. First i have a major problem I just posted. I seem to have a problem with my back ups that hs to be fixed. I lost my previous post to this post. You will find this horrific but I have never used TMGW as intended. I found it very boring and nothing I would be intersted in doing. Also the information is so stilted it is not me., I am a history major and just used TMGW for for BDM's and used memos for anything else. I did use sources. My research is in an organised system in Word. I only have one family to complete and the rest is being typeset. But I still want to keep my data.. I have another project that just has data and I may do some charts one day. Yes I am happy to purchase version 9 andhave you do two projects on a consultancy basis. How can we proceed? I have another day I can't work. All my programmes i use had some problems all of asudden and I have been trouble shooting for days. I also have a bibliography package and that had a problem. I have windws 7 64 bit. I should have completed my book 3 years ago. I changed my Word template to accomodate my typesetters Design pakage as spoused were not lining up etc. So I have to get the charts done so i can change back to my normal template. I found my word docs lost their settings. I am usng arial 8 in TMGW and I have to do his margins. King regards Kaye
  3. Hello Using Version 8 British I will attend to my Gedcom issue (below) later. However I had a driver problem and thought it may be related to TMGW problem. It has been removed. While preparing for transferring data I looked in one of my recent and a later date backup files. When I open it I get the message that ..."does not appear to be a valid JCP file." I cannot see how this has happened. Can anyone give me any ideas please?
  4. Many thanks Jim I will have a look. Finishing by Dec 24. I hope. I didnt think I could still get version 9. Ilost myu post but reg
  5. creating a gedcom file

    Thanks Michael so much, luckilly soemthing came up and I was unable to do it yesterday. Cheers
  6. I have two project with 15,00 people. How many Gb or Tg will I ned if I put on USB please? Cheers
  7. Hello I really need to create a gedcom of my projects. I can see how to do it via wizard. I wond loose my data will I? I dotn really think so.
  8. Hello Jim Ignore this post thank you Thank you. It was definitely showing bold in the surname and couldn't fix it. I did another default setting and got bold surname text back. However, I am now getting "Jasmine (--?--)" when I don't have a surname. In names, I have spouses checked. In names, I have surname caps which I use, but it is showing "empty name text (--?---)." Now I cannot see what I have done to cause this. My memory, as you can guess, is not what it was. I won't have many people who don't have a surname. I looked into report output and I found the same family and no I don't have (--?--).showing. i went into another project and it is the same setting in names.. Sorry about this.I appreciate your assistance. Edit. Hold off on this as I deletedd it and did another chart but cannt find the family. Checking it out
  9. Hello Jim Yes this worked thanks. I now have another problem. I reset the fonts and colours. I wanted surname in Bold and I set that in the fonts and clours. All the rest of document I checked and they were "regular.". I saved the settings but I cannot get surname bold back in reports Have you any ideas, please?. I checked this four times.I notice there are several options for bold. I use Arial. One is narrow etc kind regards
  10. Sorry, have version 7. My typesetter is having trouble with my charts fitting.I give him a Word copies for each family. He won't give me a margin suggestion. I looked at "options" again to see what I could do. Messed around with index (didn't need it) Now when I create a chart it doest collect data for that family but in the right-hand corner, it starts counting " Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000 (haven't got this number of people) and knew I had done something wrong. How do I enable indexes, please? I unticked everything in but it is still happening. Can't stop it and have to close the programme. Your assistance appreciated. Going to print asap and I am completing charts. Just checked another project and although index filled in as per default (I think) it still counts" Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000+ . Must be something else. Thank you. I hope someone can help. I am in a lather. Regards
  11. When I started this research back in version 2 privacy was not an issue and I was provided with full personal details such as DOB. Things have changed. I haven't been asked to hide these details by anyone, but I want to and the book is in the process of being printed. It is for family only but talking about 10,000 people. I have regular newsletters I send out but still, no one has asked me. Is it too late now? I do not want to change my whole database unless it is reversible. Cheers
  12. See my original post in this thread. <TMG v8.8 will run fine on the latest version of Windows 10> So yours will too as it is earlier. But I will let Jim answer.. This thread is about changing from Win 7. Kaye
  13. Thanks Jim Just one confirmation. Does this mean that I will not have any descendants vertical lines? I ran RTF reports but they still opened in Word 2010. They are in my output reports as RTF. I don't believe it is possible to get vertical lines in charts in RTF. Is this correct. The fact that they are opening in Word 2010 is the only reason I am getting lines. I just need to be sure on this point. Otherwise I will try and keep Word 2010 when I update. My tech will have to do this. regards