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  1. See my original post in this thread. <TMG v8.8 will run fine on the latest version of Windows 10> So yours will too as it is earlier. But I will let Jim answer.. This thread is about changing from Win 7. Kaye
  2. Thanks Jim Just one confirmation. Does this mean that I will not have any descendants vertical lines? I ran RTF reports but they still opened in Word 2010. They are in my output reports as RTF. I don't believe it is possible to get vertical lines in charts in RTF. Is this correct. The fact that they are opening in Word 2010 is the only reason I am getting lines. I just need to be sure on this point. Otherwise I will try and keep Word 2010 when I update. My tech will have to do this. regards
  3. Hi again Jim Thank you. I have been online and so many providers!. I will have to get back to you later just to check if you don't mind. I have spoken to my tech and will need another computer so cleaning up all my old files albeit I have an external hard drive, but also want another back up. I want the Microsoft Office Professional pack 2019. It works on windows 10. Now this is a different cup of tea because I do all descendant charts, and they download into Word 2019? It is so cheap at the moment. If I don't have to download I will try and get it now. Is this ok? I have another question on these charts and now my typesetter has come up with putting into pdf and he can make it smaller. Too small I think. So I need help on this. I will put in another thread later and attach a sample as I don't think many people use this and a bit of a misunderstanding last time. You need a sample. Thanks for you help. I didn't see myself still writing in 2010 and still using TMG.
  4. Hello Jim Just looked at the latest reviews of Windows 10. It sounds like they got rid of the problems and it will be the last one on this type platform. They are releasing one new update next month and other updates includes Windows 10 Lite, Has this been used for TMGW do you know? Many thanks.
  5. Thank you Jim. Bit worried about Win 10. When it first came out it had a lot of problems.. I have no choice now. How do I mark this as answered?. After all these years I still don't now albeit I have asked a few people.
  6. I have been hanging on to Windows 7 64 bit. Microsoft support coming to an end. What is the latest Windows version that will support (British) TMG version 8.8 please? I am racing to complete my work before Jan 2020 when Win 7 comes to an end. I can print out descendant indented charts before then I hope. I need these to work in any compatible Win version. Thank you
  7. Hello Jim No I am asking about descendant indented chart , not box. I can see more options when I put in indented cart but can't see anything about lines. I thought I could alter them. Perhaps it is something in Word I can do. But I am going to leave it to the typesetter. He has since told me to change margins and he will do the rest.. Yes Virginia answered about lines. But that was a long time ago. regards Kaye
  8. Hello I looked through the forum and found my post on descendants chart. this is different If I take my first ancestor and do a chart for my family for example it is too wide to fit into a book. It is not really important because my typesetter will change this. I am leaving it in Word. . I want to know how to change the space between the lines. Now Virginia did an example but this chart is nothing like mine which has a line directly from each descendant. For example mine has 6 lines in the first page on and seven on page two and then it reduces. The next family member has one less. She mentioned changing the pixels but I cant see how I can do this in word. I don't want and image.I want to reduce them just a bit. .If it is too hard I will leave it to my typesetter. Many thanks. I don't want to send the charts.
  9. Hello Jim Before I go any further. Yes, I have the welcome screen and can get into my programme. But my sample project and my projects are both empty. In order to even restore my back up I get a lot of messages as I have described. It is impossible for me to go any further. No my projects are in different folders. I will email you personally as cannot do what you have requested. When I click on projects the sample is empty and my two projects show as Project Family_PJC.. But I get a message that says "an error happened when opening the data tables". It gives my location as not found. However it is in that location in my documents under Master Genealogist then under projects my Samples is in a folder and one for UK as well and the rest are all files from one of my projects but no folder. I must see why this is happening first. There are too many things happening and each time it is something different. I will get back to you. cheers PS I just want to explain that projects is the only function that works in my programme.. Yet in my documents I have all my logs, output files back ups etc.
  10. Terry I lost my message to you. Sorry. I will have to do it again later.
  11. Margaret, this may have something to do with my problems too. I lost data and sample. Can't help you but it may help to provide a solution to my problem. I didn't have a black out just then but I turned off when lights became dim. The black-out did occur not long after. Cheers
  12. Hello Terry I looked at your article "The future for TMG users" and I have my exc file in a safe place and I used that (is this what you mean by install) and I still don't have any data or sample file. I did find some when I ran windows recover. Some files may be Microsoft but the main problem seems to be the repair I did, albeit why I had to do it meant there was a problem. There was no difference when I ran the exc file. I may have put the wrong files I found in recover into sample but they were sentences that I recognised Should I delete all my docs file from C drive and run again. There was a windows critical update on the same day I cleaned the computer. regards
  13. Lost data out of TMGW 8 after cleaning with windows ccleaner. I am in real strife, I have a back up, but the last TMGW disc I have is Version 7. I also did a "repair" in programmes and this has caused a problem 1. Open tmgw and it shows box message "Repair mode activated". Close it and programme opens.. 2. No data showing in last or sample. 3, Try and restore sqz. from c drive. Message Variable LATEMP not found. 44 FRMWIZRESTORE.WIZFRAMEI.PAGE1.CONT.INIT ( COULDNT GET ANY OF THE PASTE OPTIONS TO WORK. GRR) Abort that and another message.. 4. Get another message in repair mode stating that the sample not found sample\sample_ND.dbf 4. Press ok and shuts TMGW. I ALSO WENT INTO PROJECTS AND CLICKED ON THE ONE I WANTED AND GOT ANOTHER REPAIR MESSAGE Alias not found 592 copydict. I gave up after this. Of course I cannot download from wholly genes. Can anyone help please?
  14. Hello Jim It must have worked when I changed hidden files. No that I have closed down overnight, and everything is ok thanks. It must have needed a reboot Cheers Kaye Also how do I show that my problems were solved please?