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Found 21 results

  1. Here's a new one - every time I go to print a report to my new-ish Brother printer, the printer wants me to load A4 paper. The printer is set to default to Letter, the tray is loaded with Letter, and the TMG File/Printer setup is set to Letter, so where is the A4 demand coming from? No other app asks for A4 when I print (Word, Excel, or eve a screen print). It did work fine for a while, this is a recent development. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, have version 7. My typesetter is having trouble with my charts fitting.I give him a Word copies for each family. He won't give me a margin suggestion. I looked at "options" again to see what I could do. Messed around with index (didn't need it) Now when I create a chart it doest collect data for that family but in the right-hand corner, it starts counting " Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000 (haven't got this number of people) and knew I had done something wrong. How do I enable indexes, please? I unticked everything in but it is still happening. Can't stop it and have to close the programme. Your assistance appreciated. Going to print asap and I am completing charts. Just checked another project and although index filled in as per default (I think) it still counts" Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000+ . Must be something else. Thank you. I hope someone can help. I am in a lather. Regards
  3. New computer, TMG installed, and most everything seems to be okay...so far. I've chosen Microsoft Print to PDF, but my reports are being saved to a temp file. I'm not finding an option as to where I would like to report to go. On my old computer, it would show up in my task bar, but not on my new one/ I don't ever remember having to choose a place for the report to be sent, and it was so simple to just open the file from the task bar. I tried this with CutePDF also. In addition, the file is being saved as an .RTF file, not a .PDF. Where did I go wrong?
  4. History Tags

    As I start to use TMG to generate reports for research papers, I find I am using history tags much more often. This, in order to maintain an historical perspective to those reports. For example, a History Tag noting the creation of West Virginia during the civil war, in order to sort out people actually born in West Virginia from those born in a part of Virginia that is now (post civil war) part of West Virginia (usually such people born before June 1853 are reported as having been born in West Virginia, even though it didn't yet exist). I haven't been using Timelines, but I have found History Tags noting such things as when a state became a state, changes to county boundaries, and other historic events useful. I am wondering how others are using History Tags, and was hoping for some additional ideas.
  5. While trying to create an Ahnentafel file with sources I get errors like “Variable ‘NAME’ is not found. 699 R-AHNENTAFEL” With and option to Abort/Retry/Ignore. If I use Ignore it goes to the next error and eventual if I ignore all of them a report is made. If I chose Abort TMG freezes.
  6. After installing TMG 9.05 on a new computer, whenever I try to do a report and have the Report Destination set to Screen Preview, I don't get the report on the screen at all, but instead get a popup to tell me it exported it to an rtf file, in a folder under my AppData\Local\Temp folder. Has anyone else experiences this and now how to fix it? I can't find a setting that changes all screen previews to a file and I have the report output preference to be in a folder under the main TMG folder in My Documents and don't know what else to check. Is there some other setting I missed after the reinstallation? Thanks, Lynn
  7. I am using TMG 9.05, and Word Perfect 9 and Windows 10 When I generate a report for output to WordPerfect and I get to the "open file now" question, the computer hangs there after I choose Word Perfect. I have to get out using Task Manager, However the WP file has been created and will open properly if I select it directly from Windows and also if I select it from Word Perfect directly.. It used to work as it should, but no longer will. How do I restore this function? ---Dan W. Olds
  8. I am trying to get a list of people born before 1940. I ran a List of People report with the following filters: Birth... Date < Comes Before 01 JAN 1940 END. I've also run this list with these filters: Birth... Date <=Does Not Come After 31 DEC 1939 END. With both filters, most of the people generated in the report were born before 1940, but, there are several people also included that were born 1940 and later. Any ideas why I could be getting people outside of the filter? I need to get an accurate list. Thanks!
  9. I have been running TMG 9.05 on a Win 7 laptop ever since it was released without difficulty. However, now I can not open any of the report generators, I get the following error message "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered 70 REPORTOBJ.MRUNRPT". The 70 value varies depending on which report I try to open. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and repaired TMG numerous time without fixing the problem. I also uninstalled the PDF printer.Any help will be appreciated.
  10. Been researching for quite awhile and found a lot on hiding data fields but not on hiding specific persons from my reports eg black sheep
  11. I have a situation where a divorced person wants any mention of her former spouse removed, even 'unknown spouse' to too much. They did have a child. If the child also doesn't show that is fine. However, I don't want to lose the information I have. Maybe that child will one day have an interest in their family history. Is there an 'Exclude' flag, or some way to accomplish this?
  12. I am having trouble with FGS and Individual Detail report output of sentences containing memos with roles. I am running v8.07 on Windows 7. (I was also having this problem in 8.04, so I backed up my databases first, upgraded to 8.07, and then restored from backup.) Example memo in a ResearchNote tag: Joseph Lybundgutt is probably the man by that name [R:Witness] who married (1) [R:Witness3] 31 Aug 1595 at Melchnau, and (2) [R:Witness4] 27 Jun 1603 at Melchnau. There are 3 witnesses for the ResearchNote tag: Witness: Joseph Leibundgut Witness3: Esbeth Dambach Witness4: Raegula Arber The sentence structure: [:CR:]Research note:[:CR:]<[M]> The sentence preview is just as expected (although it needs a bit of cleaning up, I must admit): Research note: Joseph Lybundgutt is probably the man by that name Joseph Leibundgut who married (1) Esbeth Dambach 31 Aug 1595 at Melchnau, and (2) Raegula Arber 27 Jun 1603 at Melchnau. The Individual Narrative, Journal, and Descendant Indented Narrative reports are also as expected: Research note: Joseph Lybundgutt is probably the man by that name Joseph Leibundgut (273) who married (1) Esbeth Dambach (35) 31 Aug 1595 at Melchnau, and (2) Raegula Arber (36) 27 Jun 1603 at Melchnau. However, the FGS and Individual Detail reports are bad: Witness; Joseph LEIBUNDGUT (27); Joseph Lybundgutt is probably the man by that name [R:00002] who married (1) [R:00004] 31 Aug 1595 at Melchnau, and (2) [R:00005] 27 Jun 1603 at Melchnau. What am I missing? Thanks for any help!! Barbara
  13. I have a number of List of People reports that exceed nine fields for what I want to include in the Output Columns. With including flags that are only one digit and/or creating the report in the Excel format; the total width of the fields is not an issue. I never directly print a report because my reports are either viewed on the screen (for quick viewing) or exported to Excel and occasionally Word. Presently, I create a report and a part 2 and copy and paste the columns from the second report into the Excel worksheet of the first report. My extreme example has about 50 fields with only 13 of the fields being larger than a single digit and even 5 of these are very small. The single digit fields are all flags that I have created except for 2 of the standard flags. Would it be possible to allow for more fields to be included on the List of People reports? At least 12-15 would be terrific. Does there need to be a limit to the number of fields? Susan Moore
  14. I've just updated from 8.04 to 8.06. Everything appeared to go normally, and I've updated my projects to the new format. When generating a report to be displayed in the screen preview, TMG processes the filters properly. Then, as it is passing the data to the display utility, a "Program Error" box "Record is out of range" is displayed. "Cancel", "Ignore" and "Help" buttons complete the box. Cancel works as expected. Help does nothing. Ignore produces the expected report immediately. Other report formats, such as Word, PDF and Chartform do not produce the error. The error box did not appear before the update. The environment is fully-patched Win7 Pro 32-bit. Any ideas?
  15. In creating a kinship report I only get one page of descendants. Report stops at one page with g-grand children. Have generations checked off as 250. Any help would be appreciated. Greg
  16. I am using Family Tree SuperTools v2 and have imported from Legacy 7.5. I am printing reports where I have included the data tag "DeathCause* Memo" under Box Contents. The problem is that the tag doesn't print for descendant and ancestor reports. It does seem to inconsistently print on hourglass reports. Alternatively I have selected data tag "DeathCause* Label: Memo" and this tag seems to work perfectly on all reports. This is a good workaround for me so not looking for an immediate fix but letting you know that some of the "DeathCause" data tags are not working on reports.
  17. I have loaded a Family Tree SuperTools v2 project from a Legacy 7.5 file. Within Legacy I maintain alternate names for some individuals. It appears as if alternate names are correctly imported as I can view a few while viewing individuals. However, under report options > Data Types > box contents > tag types, I can't find any tag that will print the alternate names. Is there a tag which will print this in the charts? Thanks, Occhio
  18. I'm back! Wow, See, I haven't used TMG for a very long time, because the change from windows 3.1 to vista didn't go well for me. IT's that online upgrading - I lost my license key and couldn't find it. But, I'm back with the new version 8, installed fresh just this week. I'm working on a major family reunion project right now. A 4, sometimes 5, generation descendant chart including 103 people (yes, hard to believe one line has that many people). Anyway, these people are all still alive, but a few here and there, and we are having a family reunion. During my "disappearance" I used another program that has a report for "Name tags" in which I can have their photo, name, relationship to the main person, and who their spouse and parents are. It makes for the PERFECT reunion nametag when there are that many people. Anyway, does anyone know if TMG has a similar program? or do I have to keep the old program UPDATED until this reunion is over? I hate using multiple programs and would love to use just TMG. The project consists of: Descendant Narrative - edited to book form (I returned cuz I can't edit the documents on the other program) A Descendant Wall Chart Nametags Family group forms to be filled out for anyone missing. Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions. TeresaR - and glad to be back.
  19. I am using TMG 8.02 Gold on Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I tried to create a List of People report with a filter like: Death Date >= 1889 AND (Death State = PA OR Death State = PENNSYLVANIA OR Death State Is Empty) END I was informed by TMG that the filter is invalid because of unbalanced parentheses. (I count 2 - one open, one closed. Looks balanced to me.) Similar results if I try: (Death State = PA OR Death State = PENNSYLVANIA) AND Death Date <= 1885 END I did queries like that all the time in TMG 7. What's wrong? Also, is there somewhere one can submit enhancement requests? Thanks, Laura
  20. I am a Legacy Family Tree Deluxe user and former Brother's Keeper user who just purchased TMG v8. Everything went OK until I tried to find a descendant narrative report type that generated the line of descendants going back to the starting person, like this: Mélodie Lafrance (ONÉSIME6 DARAGON-LAFRANCE, LOUIS5, JOSEPH4, LOUIS3, PHILIPPE2, FRANÇOIS1 DARAGON-DIT-LAFRANCE). Meaning that her father was Onésime, whose father was Louis and so on. Could you please tell me how I can go about accomplishing this? Also, how do I change the way the sources are numbered on my reports. Currently the numbers are in Roman iii, ix xxv and so on. I would like them to be either standard, 1, 2, 3 or to be able to chose not to have them numbered???
  21. The Report Definition Screen all of the Reports cannot be adjusted for height in (at least) the UK version of V8. I use a Samsung Netbook running XP with my backup copy of TMG for field trips. It has a maximum practical depth of 600 pixels, which means that the 'Options', Create Report', etc. buttons are not visible the Descendant Indented Chart. I have 3 bars above the working area, the application bar, the 'file, edit, etc ' bar and a single line TMG toolbar with small icons. This means that the Descendant Indented Chart, arguable the most useful of the reports, is nigh on impossible to use. It can be done by increasing the screen pixel numbers, but of use only in dire emergencies. For most of the Reports, this problem is irrelevant as the vertical height does not exceed the page size. However, there are two or 3 other reports with deep Report Definition Screens, which are in the same state as the Descendant Indented Chart An early answer as to why the software restricts vertical manipulation it will happily allow the width to be changed, would be welcomed.