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  1. Output to WordPerfect hangs

    Thanks, Jim, for the reply. I did not do a new install because when I tried that I got the message that a newer version was already installed. i did not suppose that was possible but I was afraid of losing some update I could nor recover. I did use the repair option, but see no improvement. I use Avast Free Antivirus and tried turning off all the components that I could but the problem did not go away. I may also be using other antivirus software. I will watch for that and see if I can make more progress. --- Dan W. Olds
  2. I am using TMG 9.05, and Word Perfect 9 and Windows 10 When I generate a report for output to WordPerfect and I get to the "open file now" question, the computer hangs there after I choose Word Perfect. I have to get out using Task Manager, However the WP file has been created and will open properly if I select it directly from Windows and also if I select it from Word Perfect directly.. It used to work as it should, but no longer will. How do I restore this function? ---Dan W. Olds