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Found 7 results

  1. Missing source

    I'm having an odd missing source problem with TMG 9. Source # 1776 was created, but does not show up in the master source list. I can cite source #1776 when entering an event. When I created the next source, it was #1777. Turning the program and computer off didn't help. I'm up to source #1795 and still #1776 doesn't appear in the master source list. I've done MAINTENANCE->REINDEX without any effect. Any ideas?
  2. While trying to create an Ahnentafel file with sources I get errors like “Variable ‘NAME’ is not found. 699 R-AHNENTAFEL” With and option to Abort/Retry/Ignore. If I use Ignore it goes to the next error and eventual if I ignore all of them a report is made. If I chose Abort TMG freezes.
  3. I am not a professional but have been recently going through Elizabeth Shown Mills book - Evidence Explained - trying to determine how one identifies the following as a source: I have a hospital issued birth certificate - the souvenir kind with the baby's footprints, mother's thumbprints and additional details of birth. While not an officially issued certificate it was able to be used to provide citizenship, work application, etc. back in the early fifties. Can someone explain how within TMG this would be set up as a source - or do I simply create my own version? This would mean I would have to also create a "category" since there doesn't seem to be one that is listed in TMG. Only registrations are listed and this is not technically a registration. I'm curious if anyone has set this type of record up for this type of source and how it was recommended. Otherwise, I'll just do it the way I figure I should. Thanks, Jim
  4. All of a sudden, 657 events have defaulted to one source. For example, a 1850 census for John Stilwell, gives the source as #864, the Kenney-Gates marriage. Thankfully, the citation detail remains correct. Source #864 was created fairly recently, yet the events are some I entered years ago. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Even if I went through all 657 events and managed to correct them, how could I make sure this doesn't happen again? Help!
  5. I need to obtain information on removing a source citation from a Tag Entry screen. I never had a problem removing a source citation from a Tag Entry screen. Recently, I discovered I have such a citation. It is not shown on the Tag Entry screen yet it appears in the End Notes on a Journal Report. I had removed this source citation in order to replace it with a new one. When I did add the new source citation it appeared in the End Notes along with the old "removed" one. I can only conclude that, when I removed the undesired citation, I must have used the [Delete] key on my keyboard instead of the [-] button on the Tag Entry screen. It is possible that no TMG user ever made a mistake like this in the past. Regardless, I would appreciate finding someone who can provide a solution.
  6. Since my data in TMG has been added to over the years by others that preceded me, I have found multiple Source definitions for the same thing, such as "1930 census", "Census 1930" and "U.S. Federal Census 1930" in the Master Source List. I can see how many times each one is used, but I want to see which person records they are associated with before I merge them. The same is true in the Tags list, but here there is no Merge button, so I really need to find the two records that use "1930 Census" tag so I can change them. How do I search for these person records using Source? How do I search for person records using Tags?
  7. Hello, Can someone help me with two questions re. entries in the Supplemental Tab for Sources? 1) Is there a global way to set the Recorder, Medium, Fidelity and Indexed parameters? I'd like to set these to a particular default state for custom sources I've set up. I have to set those parameters for each individual source if I want them set. 2) Is there a way to create a list of Sources that have information in the Source Reminder field? Over time I've carelessly tossed miscellaneous information into the Reminder field for some Sources. I'd like to clean those up but it's a bit like a needle in a haystack to find those Sources! Thanks in advance, Brian