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  1. I ran Optimize, Validate File Integrity, Optimize, but the problem still persists - namely: the source citation does not appear on the Tag Entry screen but does show up in the End Notes of a Journal Report.
  2. I need to obtain information on removing a source citation from a Tag Entry screen. I never had a problem removing a source citation from a Tag Entry screen. Recently, I discovered I have such a citation. It is not shown on the Tag Entry screen yet it appears in the End Notes on a Journal Report. I had removed this source citation in order to replace it with a new one. When I did add the new source citation it appeared in the End Notes along with the old "removed" one. I can only conclude that, when I removed the undesired citation, I must have used the [Delete] key on my keyboard instead of the [-] button on the Tag Entry screen. It is possible that no TMG user ever made a mistake like this in the past. Regardless, I would appreciate finding someone who can provide a solution.
  3. When I attempt to create a report for submission to THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER (NEHGR) for publication, a Conversion Error #6 is generated and no report is generated. Many report option changes need to be made to generate a report that satisfy REGISTER style requirements. When I generated custom REGISTER style reports using TMG v7, no problems were encountered. When I encountered the error #6 problem with TMG v8, I followed a step-by-step procedure to determine what option(s) caused Conversion Error #6. Soon, I found the one option change that would generate error #6. The option change that caused the error: select Times New Roman font. I also found that this font change only generates error #6 for reports that begin with JournalIntro tag. In addition, I discovered that the JournalIntro tag does not generate the error if the default Arial font is selected. In TMG v7, the use of Times New Roman font in a report that begins with a JournalIntro tag caused no problems. A review of NEHGR shows that genealogy report texts submitted for publication contain introductory paragraphs. The JournalIntro tag simplifies this requirement. The formatting guidelines for text submitted for NEHGR publication states that 12-point Times New Roman font be used. I will greatly appreciate guidance for this problem. I have submitted a description of this problem to Wholly Genes Support with the error.isc file generated by error #6 attached. So far, they have not replied with a solution for this problem.
  4. The embedded codes [center:] . . . [:CENTER] and [:CR:] (along with other possible codes) are not implemented. Other codes such as [size:] . . . [:SIZE] and [:TAB:] seem to execute properly. Are there any fixes for this problem?
  5. Problem with JournalIntro Tag

    Reply to my own post: I copied The Master Genealogist v7 folder from my new computer with Windows 7 OS to my notebook pc with Windows XP OS. I then used the TMG v7 program on this notebook pc to generate a Journal report. This report contained the introduction with a correctly formatted heading.
  6. In Aug 2009, I created a Journal Report with an introduction using the JournalIntro Tag Type. This tag printed exactly as advertised from Aug 2009 through 10 Mar 2011. The next set of reports I generated after 10 Mar no longer centered the title and author of the introduction - instead these came out left justified. This indicated that the embedded printer code [center:] . . . [:CENTER] was no longer being interpreted correctly. The [size:] . . . [:SIZE] and the [:CR:] embedded codes continue to be interpreted correctly. No changes were made to this JournalIntro tag after it was created in Aug 2009. What would cause the system to no longer interpret this [center:] . . . [:CENTER] embedded printer code after 10 Mar this year? Would a recent update to TMG 7 be the source of the problem? I recently deleted and retyped the [center:] . . . [:CENTER] print code in the unlikely event that some stray invisible character had corrupted the tag. The problem still exists. I would appreciate any suggestions for fixing this problem.