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Found 3 results

  1. Boy, do I miss the Rootsweb list! Hope everyone has migrated over here in the meantime. I've been having a fairly unproductive conversation on the Family Tree DNA group on Facebook about citing a Family Finder match in my DNA Match tag. What I do for Ancestry matches is to include the URL to the person's match screen or their profile screen. Ancestry doesn't make it easy to find people again (especially those distant cousins that are 30 pages in), the "Favorite" star notwithstanding. So the URL is the only way I can easily get back to a person. For Gedmatch, I include their kit number. But as far as I can tell, Family Tree DNA doesn't use any kind of ID or kit number, and I'm at a loss for how to include a match locator in my citation. For right now, the person I'm working on is front and center on the first page of my match list, so she's not likely to get lost, yet. But in years to come, who knows, maybe more close cousins will test and she'll drop to the second, third, page, etc. I realize that this locator is only for me. Other people aren't going to be able to find my matches just by searching on whatever I decide to use for a locator. But I'm considering adding a screenshot as an exhibit. I don't normally use exhibits due to my perception that my .pjc file would balloon in size, but this seems like a no-brainer. Have any of you encountered this and come up with a solution that works for you? Robin in Short Pump
  2. I need to obtain information on removing a source citation from a Tag Entry screen. I never had a problem removing a source citation from a Tag Entry screen. Recently, I discovered I have such a citation. It is not shown on the Tag Entry screen yet it appears in the End Notes on a Journal Report. I had removed this source citation in order to replace it with a new one. When I did add the new source citation it appeared in the End Notes along with the old "removed" one. I can only conclude that, when I removed the undesired citation, I must have used the [Delete] key on my keyboard instead of the [-] button on the Tag Entry screen. It is possible that no TMG user ever made a mistake like this in the past. Regardless, I would appreciate finding someone who can provide a solution.
  3. Is it possible to add a citation in one go, to an event (e.g. birth) of each one in a group of people in the PE or Focus Group? I have to add a citation of the same source to the birth of large number of people. I played around with a few possibilities, including TMGU, but couldn't find the way to save me a lot of work... Thank you.