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  1. Variable NAME not found

    Thank you. Sorry I didn't remember reporting the problem, nor the fix, but the fix did the job. I was worried because I am scared about running software not supported by the vendor. (I get great support from this Forum). I have "copied" my data to RootsMagic just in case, but I don't like that software near as well as TMG.
  2. While trying to create an Ahnentafel file with sources I get errors like “Variable ‘NAME’ is not found. 699 R-AHNENTAFEL” With and option to Abort/Retry/Ignore. If I use Ignore it goes to the next error and eventual if I ignore all of them a report is made. If I chose Abort TMG freezes.
  3. questionable/unproven ancestors

    thanks for the info. Do you have a suggestion on how I should record the information? I posted to the chat room because had to guess on where to post it. for future post what should I have done?
  4. I find that I have recorded fathers and/or mothers for some individuals that are questionable or unproven. I would like to keep the clues, but not have them reported as Ancestors. I would appreciate ideas on how I might do this. I thought about using father-oth and mother-oth.
  5. When I try to create an Ahnentafel - Direct Line report I get errors like "ErrorMarker: Variable 'MEMO' is not found. 703 R_AHNENTAFEL" for variables MEMO and NAME. If I turn off SOURCE in the report options it does not happen. I have tried all the options under maintenance but that did not clear the problem. I am running 9.04
  6. Project Exlorer help states Filter Tab You can filter by Title, GivenName, PreSurname, Surname, Suffix, Other Name, SortSurname, SortGiven, Data Set ID, or by any flag. I have I a flag I use for Ancestor Accent. I can't find it in the list of Items I can pick for filters?