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  1. Searching for records based on Source and Tags

    Michael, I have been successful with the Report printouts. But I am trying to use a filter in the Project Explorer but can't find Source Number in the pulldown choice. I have "Source..." but then the next field doesn't give me a "#" choice. I have tried pasting your filter suggestion into a filter file(.FLP) but it isn't working. Here is what I have: [Filter] Condition1=Source Number // = Equals // [?] // END Condition2=,<>,,,3 Condition3=,<>,,,3 Condition4=,<>,,,3 Condition5=,<>,,,3 Condition6=,<>,,,3 Condition7=,<>,,,3 Condition8=,<>,,,3 [General] Type=People SearchType= 1 ShowNonPrimaryNames= 2 [Parentheses] Parentheses1= Parentheses2= Parentheses3= Parentheses4= Parentheses5= Parentheses6= Parentheses7= Parentheses8= Can you provide some guidance what I need to do to filter the Project Explorer by Source Number? Thanks, Jamie
  2. Ver 9.05 Registration is lost when Win Updates happens

    To solve this problem in WIN 10, I had to uninstall TMG. I then reinstalled it and ran as administrator. and registered the product. It has now been working fine when I launch TMG for the past couple of weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Ver 9.05 Registration is lost when Win Updates happens

    OK, this happening again in Windows 10. I followed the original instructions for Win 8.1 but it isn't helping. I have to remember to run as admin every time I want to use TMG. That remembers my registration. But if I forget and just click on the shortcut, TMG says I am using the trial version. Anyone have suggestions?
  4. Database_G.FPT

    OK, done. Database still working. It did save a lot in the size department.
  5. Database_G.FPT

    OK. But the last time I optimized my database got corrupted and I had to restore from a backup a copy that was a little old. Will let you know how it goes.
  6. Database_G.FPT

    I'm not sure what this file does, but TMG suddenly didn't like it anymore, saying it was not of the right format or corrupted. I did a backup of the database, then opened the faulty one again and it no longer had a problem with this file. I don't know why backing up fixed it or if it just decided to ignore it. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Since my data in TMG has been added to over the years by others that preceded me, I have found multiple Source definitions for the same thing, such as "1930 census", "Census 1930" and "U.S. Federal Census 1930" in the Master Source List. I can see how many times each one is used, but I want to see which person records they are associated with before I merge them. The same is true in the Tags list, but here there is no Merge button, so I really need to find the two records that use "1930 Census" tag so I can change them. How do I search for these person records using Source? How do I search for person records using Tags?
  8. Ver 9.05 Registration is lost when Win Updates happens

    Thank you Jim. I followed your directions. TMG opened as unregistered in the the Admin mode so I registered and closed it. Time will tell if this fix took.
  9. Every time my Windows 8.1 installs Windows Updates, my registration key is lost when I launch TMG 9.05. When TMG's splash window opens, it shows the registration number in the lower right, but the upper right says my trial version has expired and it will open my database in a limited mode. So before opening the database, I have to click on the button to register and re-enter my registration info. I then click OK and it says I successfully registered. This happens on two installations I have on two different laptops, both running Version 9.05 on Windows 8.1. TMG 9.01 on my Win 7 laptop doesn't do this. The registration is not lost. And no, I am not opening the same database with it. Any ideas?
  10. conflicted copy

    Good explanation. Understood. Thanks Terry.
  11. conflicted copy

    Not sure that would be helpful as we already had rules in place to check with the other editor via Skype before opening the database. That step was missed. Unfortunately, TMG or Dropbox should have been written to open as read-only when opened by a second person.
  12. conflicted copy

    Michael, thanks. I understand the heading file you mention, and I can open the pjc's in Notebook to at least see what person was last edited in the conflict files. I will harvest that info for the other genealogist to reveiw so she can go by her paper trail to re-enter the new data under the proper pjc file. Unfortunately, a manual recovery like that will take precious time on her part.
  13. conflicted copy

    We have two genealogists working from the same TMG fles stored in Dropbox. The other one forgot to check with me to make sure I didn't have the files open when she entered massive amounts of new research data. This resulted in there being a conflicted copy of the .pjc file with her name as part of the file name. I have lots of computer background and some at the IT level, so is there anything I need to do or can do in TMG to make sure all her additional data is readable by opening the original non-conflicted .pjc?