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  1. Unbalanced Parentheses Error

    I finally got a chance to update to TMG 8.04 this afternoon. I retried the troublesome List of People query: Death Year >= 1889 AND (Death State = PA OR Death State = Pennsylvania OR Death State Is Empty) END I get the same results - it won't save the query because the parentheses are allegedly unbalanced. (If I remove the last clause, "Death State is Empty", then it will save, and execute, the query.) I then did an Optimize, Validate (it reported 1 error fixed), Optimize on my data set and retried - still says I have unbalanced parentheses. Did Validate (reported 0 errors found) and Optimize again (as I see some posters say you should keep Validating until it says no errors are found). Tried my query yet again, and it STILL won't save for the same reason. I've been carefully reading the query before I try to save it, making sure that I have one open and one closed parentheses, as in the English version above. How do I get this fixed?
  2. Unbalanced Parentheses Error

    OK, so I use YEAR instead of DATE (in the second example). I get the same error about unbalanced parentheses. I don't understand why the computer 'thinks' the parentheses are unbalanced.
  3. I am using TMG 8.02 Gold on Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I tried to create a List of People report with a filter like: Death Date >= 1889 AND (Death State = PA OR Death State = PENNSYLVANIA OR Death State Is Empty) END I was informed by TMG that the filter is invalid because of unbalanced parentheses. (I count 2 - one open, one closed. Looks balanced to me.) Similar results if I try: (Death State = PA OR Death State = PENNSYLVANIA) AND Death Date <= 1885 END I did queries like that all the time in TMG 7. What's wrong? Also, is there somewhere one can submit enhancement requests? Thanks, Laura