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  1. Hi Jim: Birth dates and death dates are output into two different columns in Excel, so there is no confusion between the two. Both filters I included in my first post generated a report of about 15,000 people, including 1,400+ that have no birth tag at all (I'm inputting those now), and another 200+ that have birth dates from the 1940s through the present time. I keep thinking there is something different in the birth tag (or flags or something else?) that's invalidating the birth date I actually see in the tag, so those people get included in the report. However, I don't see any differences in the birth tags between people who are correctly generated in the report, and those who are incorrectly there... yet. Hi Michael: I've run the report both ways with the same results, filtering for Primary Birth tags, and not filtering for Primary Birth tags. Thanks for your help... I'm still stumped by this one! I've also run the People report with Birth Group, and Birth Year. They all include people outside the parameters.
  2. I am trying to get a list of people born before 1940. I ran a List of People report with the following filters: Birth... Date < Comes Before 01 JAN 1940 END. I've also run this list with these filters: Birth... Date <=Does Not Come After 31 DEC 1939 END. With both filters, most of the people generated in the report were born before 1940, but, there are several people also included that were born 1940 and later. Any ideas why I could be getting people outside of the filter? I need to get an accurate list. Thanks!