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  1. After installing TMG 9.05 on a new computer, whenever I try to do a report and have the Report Destination set to Screen Preview, I don't get the report on the screen at all, but instead get a popup to tell me it exported it to an rtf file, in a folder under my AppData\Local\Temp folder. Has anyone else experiences this and now how to fix it? I can't find a setting that changes all screen previews to a file and I have the report output preference to be in a folder under the main TMG folder in My Documents and don't know what else to check. Is there some other setting I missed after the reinstallation? Thanks, Lynn
  2. I would like suggestions on good ways to use surety codes in certain conditions, that are really pretty common: 1) I know for sure that a wife's first name is Mary, and I have less conclusive evidence that her last name is Whatever. I'd like to be able to give the first name a 3 and the last name a 1 or 2. 2) I know that John is my ancestor and I think maybe David is his father. I know for sure that David had a son named John, but I don't know if it is the same John.