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  1. I am a Legacy Family Tree Deluxe user and former Brother's Keeper user who just purchased TMG v8. Everything went OK until I tried to find a descendant narrative report type that generated the line of descendants going back to the starting person, like this: Mélodie Lafrance (ONÉSIME6 DARAGON-LAFRANCE, LOUIS5, JOSEPH4, LOUIS3, PHILIPPE2, FRANÇOIS1 DARAGON-DIT-LAFRANCE). Meaning that her father was Onésime, whose father was Louis and so on. Could you please tell me how I can go about accomplishing this? Also, how do I change the way the sources are numbered on my reports. Currently the numbers are in Roman iii, ix xxv and so on. I would like them to be either standard, 1, 2, 3 or to be able to chose not to have them numbered???