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Found 2 results

  1. Sorry, have version 7. My typesetter is having trouble with my charts fitting.I give him a Word copies for each family. He won't give me a margin suggestion. I looked at "options" again to see what I could do. Messed around with index (didn't need it) Now when I create a chart it doest collect data for that family but in the right-hand corner, it starts counting " Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000 (haven't got this number of people) and knew I had done something wrong. How do I enable indexes, please? I unticked everything in but it is still happening. Can't stop it and have to close the programme. Your assistance appreciated. Going to print asap and I am completing charts. Just checked another project and although index filled in as per default (I think) it still counts" Progenitors." It was counting up 2nd generations and 700,000+ . Must be something else. Thank you. I hope someone can help. I am in a lather. Regards
  2. I have been unable to figure out how to get the place data to appear in the order I wish in Microsoft Word with the indexes TMG generates. For example, let's take Seattle, King County, Washington, United States I would like this to appear in the index generated by Microsoft Word as United States<indent>Washington<indent>King County<indent>Seattle Instead, I am ending up with output such as Seattle<indent>United States, Washington, King County Despite trying several different combinations of settings (such as the Largest Element First option, and the various By City (L3)/By County (L4)/By State (L5)/By Country (L6) options), the greatest number of indent levels I've been able to achieve is two, and I have never gotten the index entries to appear in the correct order from largest element to smallest element. I can manually edit the code in Word to be {XE “United States:Washington:King County:Seattle”} and the index entry that gets generated is exactly like I want, but I can't seem to get TMG to generate the code in this sequence. I'm wondering whether I'm not using the correct combination of settings, or whether TMG is unable to produce the output I'm hoping for. Any suggestions or pointers are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dan