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  1. Update after reboot: the pdf file originally created when TMG hung up was corrupt and Adobe could not open it. I deleted the TMG printer and went to reinstall it, and lo and behold, it was there again - the Amyuni installer infomed me that the printer was already installed. I can print to my printer and to my CutePDF printer, but cannot save to a pdf file using the TMG facility. I get an error: TerPrint2, Error Code: 771 Unable to Start the Print Job. When I clicked OK, TMG went ahead and told me it had successfully created the file. I selected "Open" the file, but adobe told me the file could not be opened as it was corrupt. Since I can use the CutePDF printer to create a PDF file, no loss on the lack of TMG pdf facility, but I do not like quirky software running on my system. Any thoughts?
  2. First off, - success! Michael - thanks for the correction. I spoke out of habit from my use of the CutePDF "printer" which IS used by selecting it as a printer. I know that TMG has a pdf output you select to save to, which also was not working. I just chose wording that was habit and not accurate in this case. Jim - Oddly, the TMG pdf printer did not show up in my printer list, even after numerous "successful" installs (according to the Amyuni install reports), so nothing to delete. I followed your manual instructions, everything went as you described, and I restarted TMG. I printed successfully to paper, but when I went to "Save to" (!!!) the TMG pdf printer, TMG hung up. I had to terminate TMG through the Task Manager (which showed TMG as "Not Responding"), but I noticed it did create the file I wanted. I have other programs running at the moment, and need to get an email out, then I will reboot and see if that helps.
  3. Jim, did as you suggested, even downloaded a fresh copy of the installer to effect the repair. Rebooted the computer as well, but the same problems persists. Have previously also run all of the TMG maintenance utilities to ensure the database is indexed and optimized. No problems reported.
  4. I installed TMGW 9.05 late last year when it was released. Due to family demands, I have not attempted to print anything until now. When I went to a report, I found that I can find the printer I have physically attached to my system (not wifi), but I receive an error when I try to print to it. I selected the Family Group Sheet to print, and sent it directly to the printer. The error I receive is: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. If i click "Ignore", the dialog box goes away but nothing happens - nothing prints. When I attempted to print to the PDF printer, TMGW notifies me that it is not installed, even though I installed it from the File/Printer Setup menu when I first installed. If I attempt to re-install it, the install appears successful, but again I cannot print to it, I get the "not installed" message. I also have the CutePDF printer writer installed, and have tried to print to that. To an application, it simply looks like another printer. When I tried printing to it, I got the OLE error code (same as above), plus another error - "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN." When I click on OK, I get a screen that is a Windows File Save window, with no file name and and file type of "Table/DBF (pdf)". When I get this, I cannot do anything else, and have to terminate TMGW through the Windows Task Manager. I have completely removed (uninstalled) TMGW following the instructions at the "TMG9 - Final Installers" thread by Jim Byram, and reinstalled with a new download from his links. Same printer problems. I receive the same problems regardless of the report I select. I can, however, get a report preview, but cannot route it to any printer. Running Windows 7 on an AMD FX processor with 16GB memory.
  5. TMG v6 to v7 restore problem

    Terry - you wrote: " The default folder in TMG6 for projects is under the folder in which TMG6 is installed. By default that's in "program space," and is an "illegal" location in Windows Vista. TMG7 enforces the Vista rule, even if you are using WindowXP. So if you have used the default locations in TMG6, you cannot place your TMG7 projects in the same location as your TMG6 projects. That's the whole point of the backup and restore method of moving your data to TMG7 -- to move your data files to "legal" locations. While TMG7 allows you considerable flexibility in locating your data files, it does not allow you to put them in "program space," as the error message says." My response - Close but no cigar. I do not have my files stored with the programs or a default location, but in a folder under My Documents so I can routinely back them up. I am running Windows XP SP2. I am a user on my system with full Admin rights. I have set up a new folder in My Documents for TMG 7.0 and am trying to restore to that folder. The source backup file is in another folder under My Documents. When I try to restore, I get the same message as the others here. I have never encountered this issue before with any other application, the data for which all get stored in My Documents. And why should a program care one whit about where I - the user - put my data?
  6. OK, dumb move but somehow I managed to get a second marriage added to one of my ancestors without his benefiting from the second bride. How do I remove the marriage? When I go to the Person tab, there is no tag for the second marriage for either the husband or the alleged wife, only the correct marriage tag for the first wife. However, the marriages do show up on the Family and Tree tabs. I'm puzzled!