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  1. Default Country

    Hi Team Australia is the default Country on my database and shows up as the Australia place style for my Event data entry layouts. A number of my Events however occurred in the UK. When creating new events that took place in the UK the place style does not stay as UK but reverts back to the default which is Australia. Is there any setting I can change so that the events that take place in UK have a place style UK at the same time events that take place in Aussie land show the place style as Australia. Your continuing support is appreciated tauceti
  2. Hello to all who responded to my call for help. To Robin especially for taking the time to look at my database and on to Virginia for her insight on the Chart Options. I am pleased to report all is well with my charts now and my learning path has grown a further six inches as a result. tauceti (Cliff)
  3. The report I am generating is the Descendant’s Box Chart. All the Persons on that chart have a Birth Date yet only some of the records show a Birth Date on the Chart. This applies also to the other tags on the chart. Each of the Person’s View shows their date of Birth etc. and has the requisite * indicating the entry is a Primary Tag. This problem exists throughout my database and I am unable to see the cause. Cheers, Tauceti
  4. Just printed my first significant charts from my database of over 1,300 persons. To my dismay when I studied that charts most of my data was missing. I have checked the Person's View on my immediate family and the data is there it is just not printing on the charts. I have looked through the FAQ and the Help Screens to no avail, obviously there is something I am missing. I have just updated to V8.08 but the problem existed before on V8.01. Is there anyone else with a similar problem and can suggest how I can resolve this issue. Cheers tauceti Adelaide SA Australia
  5. RobinL and Virginia Many thanks for you input and timely assistance. What a learning curve I have been on. I now have all of my charts printed using less than the 200" with the exception of the main chart showing all persons on my data base. You have given me a couple of suggestions that I will work on to produce the best result. Cheers tauceti
  6. I have finally found a Printing Service that can print my charts as long as I need, but he needs my files to be in PDF format. For months now I have tried every PDF creator that I have been able to download even Adobe Acrobat Pro but not one of them will create a PDF file longer than the magic 200 inches. The chart I wish to print is 13 metres long by 52 centimetres wide. I am happy to purchase a PDF Creator if I can just find one that will do the conversion. I have tried many of the suggestions in the forums including the excellent instructions from the Ottowa TMG Group to no avail. Any guidance would be very appreciated. Tauceti
  7. Been researching for quite awhile and found a lot on hiding data fields but not on hiding specific persons from my reports eg black sheep
  8. Source list

    I have made two entries on my source list inactive by mistake. How can I make them active again?
  9. Data Entry

    How do I link a Mother to a Son after I have entered both into my file