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Found 6 results

  1. The paste and copy function doesn’t work in certain data entry fields in TMG 9.0 running on a Windows 8 laptop. I can copy and paste in other programs or in TMG 8.0. This started as soon as I opened the TMG 9.0 program as I was unable to paste the serial number into the serial number field. However, I can paste or copy into citation detail window or the Memo field in a tag but can't paste into other data entry cells such as date or location fields. I get this error: “Clipboard doesn’t contain specified formatted data”. Right clicking in the field shows no data found the copy clipboard. Is there a way to correct this problem? I don’t have this error with other programs such as Word, Excel or TMG 8.
  2. Once I've entered DNA test information, for example a Y-DNA 37 test, is there a way to edit the test information to record more markers when the person gets a test upgrade to a greater number of markers? I currently am entering the new upgraded test results from scratch, as I've found no way to edit the existing test results in TMG to a higher test level. Just wondering if I'm missing an easier way to handle the entering of test upgrades? If there's no way to edit existing test information to record the upgraded test results, is there anything wrong with just entering all future tests at the 111 marker level to begin with, leaving the untested markers blank? Thanks for any pointers.
  3. Default Country

    Hi Team Australia is the default Country on my database and shows up as the Australia place style for my Event data entry layouts. A number of my Events however occurred in the UK. When creating new events that took place in the UK the place style does not stay as UK but reverts back to the default which is Australia. Is there any setting I can change so that the events that take place in UK have a place style UK at the same time events that take place in Aussie land show the place style as Australia. Your continuing support is appreciated tauceti
  4. Tab key results in error

    On many occasions and on various screens for data entry, using the Tab key results in the Open dialog, asking for a .dbf file. Repeated pressing of the ESC key lets me out and allows me to continue but it happens frequently. Any suggestions please? Marlene Pirongia, New Zealand
  5. I have a situation where a divorced person wants any mention of her former spouse removed, even 'unknown spouse' to too much. They did have a child. If the child also doesn't show that is fine. However, I don't want to lose the information I have. Maybe that child will one day have an interest in their family history. Is there an 'Exclude' flag, or some way to accomplish this?
  6. How can the word "in" preceding a place name be removed? It appears to be hard coded into the <L> variable as it does not appear when attempting to editing events. The issue is that, depending how I enter a place name, the word "in" makes the event sentence nonsensical. As an example, working with the Residence event, the only way I have found to force the sentence to read correctly is to insert the street address into the memo field (rather than in the detail field). A person resides "at" a street address "in" a city, not "in" a street address and city. For what should be an obvious reason, it would be much better to enter the street address into the detail field (provided the sentence would read correctly) and avoid having to enter it into every single memo field of every event where it is used. Alternately, one could use "at" preceding the detail and "in" for the subsequent city/place descriptors.