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Found 1 result

  1. How can the word "in" preceding a place name be removed? It appears to be hard coded into the <L> variable as it does not appear when attempting to editing events. The issue is that, depending how I enter a place name, the word "in" makes the event sentence nonsensical. As an example, working with the Residence event, the only way I have found to force the sentence to read correctly is to insert the street address into the memo field (rather than in the detail field). A person resides "at" a street address "in" a city, not "in" a street address and city. For what should be an obvious reason, it would be much better to enter the street address into the detail field (provided the sentence would read correctly) and avoid having to enter it into every single memo field of every event where it is used. Alternately, one could use "at" preceding the detail and "in" for the subsequent city/place descriptors.