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  1. I have a similar issue. Finally installing TMG v8 on a laptop. Cannot download the v8.08 update (bad URL). Since product is being discontinued, I would like to purchase TMG v9 and update to most current version. How can I do that?
  2. Source Types TMG v8

    Where can I find source types other than the default ones included in TMGv8. Some I am thinking of would be "WWI Draft Registration Card", "WWII Draft Registration Card" and "Funeral Card". Are these either available, or at least described somewhere, so that I could create them in TMGv8?
  3. Awesome, both of your recommendations were exactly what I needed. I've made the fix and am pushing forward on cleaning my database. Thank You!
  4. How can the word "in" preceding a place name be removed? It appears to be hard coded into the <L> variable as it does not appear when attempting to editing events. The issue is that, depending how I enter a place name, the word "in" makes the event sentence nonsensical. As an example, working with the Residence event, the only way I have found to force the sentence to read correctly is to insert the street address into the memo field (rather than in the detail field). A person resides "at" a street address "in" a city, not "in" a street address and city. For what should be an obvious reason, it would be much better to enter the street address into the detail field (provided the sentence would read correctly) and avoid having to enter it into every single memo field of every event where it is used. Alternately, one could use "at" preceding the detail and "in" for the subsequent city/place descriptors.
  5. Cannot Print PDF Files

    Thank you to all that have responded. I tried the suggested fix from Jim and although it did not resolve this issue, I believe it was a very good thing to do. The solution posted by Virginia did the trick. The "Whollygenes PDF Writer v4" under Win7 "Devices & Printers" port was configured as LPT1: and changing it to NUL: resolved the issue! Thank you!
  6. Cannot Print PDF Files

    Thank you for the response, Jim. What you suggested is exactly what I did last night - uninstalled PDF printer from Win7 "Printers & Devices" and then reinstalled the PDF driver from the TMGv8 printer setup option with no change in behavior. This one has me stumped as it should not be this hard. I'll try the regedit fix you suggested (above) this evening and will also search for similar behaviors on the MS forums and via goggle.
  7. New install of TMG v8 on Win 7 x64. Computer is Intel 3.0 GHz quad core, 8 GB RAM, 1 Tb HD. When printing any report type, can view report to screen (Screen Preview) just fine, but cannot printer to a PDF file. Computer locks up (after waiting 20+ minutes for a single family group sheet) and TMG becomes unresponsive. File name is created for report in desired location but file size is 0 bytes and cannot be deleted (still in use). Only way to recover is to force TMG to shut down, reboot computer and then delete file. After reboot deleted files and then check printer setup in windows "Devices & Printers". Wholly Genes PDF writer needs troubleshooting. Only solution seems to be setting Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 to default printer to clear errors in "Devices & Printers" - this is not acceptable solution since it will need to be routinely changed back for other house needs. Despite this change, PDF file printing in TMG still does not work anyway! Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling PDF printer with no change in behavior. Any ideas on why PDF printing is not functional and what it will take to get this working?