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Found 3 results

  1. Default Country

    Hi Team Australia is the default Country on my database and shows up as the Australia place style for my Event data entry layouts. A number of my Events however occurred in the UK. When creating new events that took place in the UK the place style does not stay as UK but reverts back to the default which is Australia. Is there any setting I can change so that the events that take place in UK have a place style UK at the same time events that take place in Aussie land show the place style as Australia. Your continuing support is appreciated tauceti
  2. Hello, I am sure there is a simple way to do this, however I have not yet found it. My TMG is somehow now set to use the UK Place Style, and I want to change that default back to US so that I do not have to change it every time I add a tag or anything else. Can someone point me in the correct direction? [i might add on a side note, my copy now states it is the UK Gold version on the about screen, even though I have installed the US version, several times, to try to correct this. It does not seem to be an issue otherwise] Thanks in advance, Jim Ward
  3. I have upgraded to TMG 8 UK Edition (from version 6), and have just noticed that the labels for US placename fields are incorrect. They are exactly the same as for UK placenames. So I headed off to the Master Style List, and found that the definitions of US Standard Place (and US Standard Name) are locked. How can I correct the field descriptions?