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  1. TMG9 a Huge Disappointment

    I have to say that I have had a number of issues with TMG8 - minor but consistent. In particular, the use of the tab key, or even clicking in another field results in an open.database dialog box. So far in TMG 9. I haven't had this happen. I've had many genealogy recording programs over the years and irrespective of old platforms etc, I greatly appreciate the ability to add events to one individual and attach others to it - a feature which I use extensively and value above all others. I am delighted to have the opportunity to choose to use it or not, and in my case, I choose to. Those who do not find it suits their needs have an enormous range of other applications they can use, if it suits their needs better.
  2. Tab key results in error

    I had just installed the current version of TMG ie 8.08 and have Windows 8. It was happenning before the update, but not, I think, before on Windows 7. The update option deleted my existing installation but did not install the new version, so I downloaded the file and installed and everything looks good. My data files are in DocumentsFamilyTMG data and my program files in the default installation folders. The error is intermittent and I cannot determine any common factor except that it is when adding, viewing or editing the source, witnesses or other extra detail on a tag - no particular tag. Marlene
  3. Tab key results in error

    Have just found that the error is not limited to me using the Tab key - I was in my customised 1841 census tag, sources tab and double clicked to see the source memo. When I clicked OK to exit the same dialog requesting me to open a .dbf file came up. Once i use the Esc key (perhaps about 6 times - I didn't count) I can then click OK and return to the main screen.
  4. Tab key results in error

    It did work but as the view has changed to tabs across the top I can no longer see all the information on one screen as I prefer. My data is not in the same place as the program files - could my use of the keyboard be prompting TMG to ask where the data file is? I am much more a keyboard user than a mouse user :-)
  5. Tab key results in error

    Thanks Virginia- it was not on so have checked it and shall see if that sorts the issue. Thank you so much for your reply.
  6. Tab key results in error

    On many occasions and on various screens for data entry, using the Tab key results in the Open dialog, asking for a .dbf file. Repeated pressing of the ESC key lets me out and allows me to continue but it happens frequently. Any suggestions please? Marlene Pirongia, New Zealand
  7. Custom Tag sentences

    I have decided that my underlining of the date in sentences is now not as I would like, and I want to change all underlined fields to bold fields. Is there a way to do this that doesn't require each one being changed individually?
  8. Multiplying Accents

    I have 9 flags set in my project and 5 accents - but find I am now unable to change a flag on some individuals. There are no error messages - just no change. When looking at the accents my original 5 have replicated themselves becoming eg Will#1 and EndOfLine# many times over. Can anyone suggest what might be going on? Marlene Pirongia, NZ
  9. Entering Birth Certificates

    I have a source that states eg RGO UK (as opposed to RGO Australia, RGO NZ etc) and I use this for all certificates issued under civil registration. The reference for the certificate is placed in the detail and the information from the certificate is in the memo. For me, it is unimportant where I got the certificate as the reference will enable anyone to check it in future, either online, in person or by post. Perhaps this would also work for you. Marlene
  10. The Future for TMG

    Could someone recap and summarise what the latest information from WG is, in relation to the release of V8? Am unable to find it anywhere....
  11. Accents - Using Lifespans

    Brilliant. Thank you.
  12. Accents - Using Lifespans

    Can anyone tell me how to set an accent for all people who died before reaching a set age eg. 17? Marlene
  13. Hi Ben Here's my solution: 1. Create a custom Tag in the death group (mine is called Buried) 2. Close TMG 3. Use the TMG Utilities program to change all Burials to the new tag. 4. Open TMG again and run the optimise, then Reindex, then Validate File Integrity 5. Check on Children window and you should see that burial dates now appear when death date is not present. I had a look on the fan chart, and provided you choose Show birth and death YEARS rather than Birth and Death dates, it should work. I haven't yet, but am now going to deactivate the original Burial Tag so that I always use my new Buried tag without making mistakes. Hope it works for you. Marlene
  14. Birth & Death Dates in Person Summary

    I was particularly hoping that the new Buried Tag date would appear in the Death column of the Children window. The individual has a primary christening tag and a primary Buried Tag (my new one created in the Death group). When I select their parent they are shown in the Person Window with a Son-Bio Tag and the christening year appeared in Birth Column of the Children window but the Buried year did not. I had already run the Optimise and reindex routines from Maintenance but have just now run the Validate File Integrity which is the one that worked! So now I can see if I have found burials for children without going to check everyone. Thanks for your help Michael.
  15. Birth & Death Dates in Person Summary

    Following this conversation and wishing the same result as Paul I created a Buried Tag within the Death group and using the TMG utilities converted all my Burial Events to Buried Events. However, while they are still primary events they do not appear in life spans. Is there a further step? Marlene