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Found 5 results

  1. I need to transfer the value of one of my (customized) flags into a (customized) tag for every person in my Project. Anyone who could please advise me how to do this in an easy and secure manner? Thank you very much in advance! Regards Bjørn Høgstmyr, Norway (TMG user since ca 1998, not very Advanced though)
  2. If it will not complicate the program too much because TMG already contains so many features, would it be possible to apply a color to the Flag Label like you can with the Tag Label? This has come in handy and would be very helpful when making changes to the same Tag Type for many individuals to have the corresponding Flag the same color. I presently display 39 Flags with only 2 of the Flags being standard. Also, I use Filtering on the Project Explorer frequently and being able to spot the value of a particular Flag quickly would be beneficial.
  3. When I click on Window -> Flags the Flags window appears, but I only see one column - the list of flag names. There is no column for the flag values. I have always had the problem that this window is not sized properly at first opening. The values were always off screen to the right. I would have to expand the screen and then resize the column widths. However, now there is no second column and I cannot resize the screen or adjust column widths to make it visible. TMG 8.04.0000 Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
  4. I just created a custom flag for Clean up. I followed Terry Reigel's instructions in his "A Primer for The Master Genealogist". I selected an accent color also. I have 2 other flags that have accent colors attached - died young and living. My Cleaning flag does not show up in my Flags box. I have closed my project and reopened and still the Clean does not shop up in the Flag Box. Any suggestions? Sue
  5. Multiplying Accents

    I have 9 flags set in my project and 5 accents - but find I am now unable to change a flag on some individuals. There are no error messages - just no change. When looking at the accents my original 5 have replicated themselves becoming eg Will#1 and EndOfLine# many times over. Can anyone suggest what might be going on? Marlene Pirongia, NZ