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  1. Problem adding new person

    Jim, Thank you that seems to have solved the problem.
  2. When I add a new person, I put in the known information (name, birthdate, etc.). The program assigns it a number (1:7180), but when it comes up in the Person Detail it doesn't show the name, just 1:1780. I can edit it and put the information back in, then in the Person Detail it appears correctly, but it also shows a second person in the sibling section as 2:7180 Joseph Dugo. If I search that number (2:7180) it says Not found. I haven't added information to the Dataset for several years. It consists of 1) Dugoall 2) Wintle 3) Eddinger. I am only interested in the Dugoall data. I have tried doing all this to only the Dugoall and also All datasets. It happens both ways. The Wintle & Eddinger data sets are actually empty, they shouldn't actually be in this dataset. The people names show up in the search, but all their numbers at 0:0, except the names I am trying to add in the Dugoall show up with their duplicate numbers. Sue
  3. I just created a custom flag for Clean up. I followed Terry Reigel's instructions in his "A Primer for The Master Genealogist". I selected an accent color also. I have 2 other flags that have accent colors attached - died young and living. My Cleaning flag does not show up in my Flags box. I have closed my project and reopened and still the Clean does not shop up in the Flag Box. Any suggestions? Sue
  4. Would you please discuss the pros & cons of External exhibits vs Internal exhibits. I am in the process of scanning documents & photos and adding them to TMG. My photos get scanned as jpegs and end up in Window's Live Photo Gallery. I then add them to TMG, but I don't know whether it is best to add them as External or Internal. Some photos that I have added in the past don't seem to be available anymore & I'm not sure why - probably because I've cleaned up my photos over the years and also changed computers. My documents get scanned as .tif files in grey style. I can put them in My Documents file rather than Window's Live Photo Gallery. Would it be better to leave them in the Photo Gallery? I don't want to get too far in my scanning project and then have to redo everything. Thank you for any help. Sue
  5. I will be getting a laptop and I want to know how to share my data back and forth with my PC. My laptop will not be attached to the internet. I would like to data entry on the laptop while at my cottage. Then I would like to update my PC at home with what I did on the laptop. I figure I can do a backup from the laptop to a thumb drive. My question is how to get the data from the thumb drive to my Project on the PC. Right now I just open my Project and the latest info comes up. Do I do a Restore? I don't want to mess up my Project by doing the wrong thing. I make backups to my hard drive, but I've never had to use a backup. Obviously you can tell I am not very computer literate. Sue