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  1. New Exhibits folder files hidden

    Hi Jim, It was the path in preferences that was wrong and after correcting it worked. Thanks. Steve
  2. I'm running TMG v9 under Win10. Since 2018 when I add new files (jpeg) into the external Exhibits folder (location with TMG folder) I cannot see these new files when I try to use them as exhibits. They are clearly found when folder is open in Windows. I've attached screen shots of the file folders sorted by ascending dates as seen within TMG and in Windows. (For privacy file names were blurred.) Can anyone help with the reason the new files are hidden in TMG?
  3. Paste/Copy Errors TMG 9

    I followed the suggestions of user ehindmar to remove TMG Identity Protection in my Webroot security program and Copy/Paste function is finally restored to TMG!
  4. Paste/Copy Errors TMG 9

    That process also doesn't work as it's grayed out so not an option. Also when right clicking in a data entry field the "paste/paste special" functions are also grayed out. This only happens in the "Date" and all the "Place" fields such as addressee, City. County, State during Tag entry. Basically any copy/paste function is not working in Date and Place entries. The F3 command works to recall and use previous entered data into those fields. I get the same error that the above user (Eagleman) gets "clipboard does not contain specified formatted data" when I try to paste data from a TMG Place field (e.g., State) say into a Memo field. However, if I copy from say a Word document it will paste fine into the Memo field or Citation field but still not into a Date or Place data field. I guess is a particular configuration of my operating system that doesn't allow Copy/Paste command in these fields within TMG9 but allows it to function in TMG8.
  5. Paste/Copy Errors TMG 9

    No this isn't using the F3 key to repeat previous entry which works fine but the basic Control C or Control V functions. As I mentioned in the post I can copy/paste in other programs and in TMG 8 but not in the fields that I mention in TMG 9.I'm not sure what your referring to as an "add-on clipboard utility"? The clipboard I referred to is the standard one in Windows used for all programs using the Control V for pasting. It doesn't make sense that I can paste/copy in other programs but not in TMG 9. I guess there is no way to turn on or off in TMG 9?
  6. The paste and copy function doesn’t work in certain data entry fields in TMG 9.0 running on a Windows 8 laptop. I can copy and paste in other programs or in TMG 8.0. This started as soon as I opened the TMG 9.0 program as I was unable to paste the serial number into the serial number field. However, I can paste or copy into citation detail window or the Memo field in a tag but can't paste into other data entry cells such as date or location fields. I get this error: “Clipboard doesn’t contain specified formatted data”. Right clicking in the field shows no data found the copy clipboard. Is there a way to correct this problem? I don’t have this error with other programs such as Word, Excel or TMG 8.