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New Exhibits folder files hidden

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I'm running TMG v9 under Win10. Since 2018 when I add new files (jpeg) into the external Exhibits folder (location with TMG folder) I cannot see these new files when I try to use them as exhibits. They are clearly found when folder is open in Windows. I've attached screen shots of the file folders sorted by ascending dates as seen within TMG and in Windows. (For privacy file names were blurred.) Can anyone help with the reason the new files are hidden in TMG?

TMG Image Folder hidden files .jpg

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First, check the Exhibits path in Preferences and make sure that it is correct.

Before the next step, rename the old exhibits folder (or delete it if all files are in the new exhibits folder). Validate File Integrity will not update an exhibit path if the current path is valid.

Run Validate File Integrity and use the external exhibit feature. Make sure that the exhibit path in the feature is correct.

If that didn't work...

It doesn't look like .JPEG is a supported file type. Try changing the file type of one of the files from .JPEG to .JPG and see if you now can see it from TMG. I tested this by changing the file type of a .JPG to .JPEG. TMG did not recognize or show the .JPEG file. I changed the file type back to .JPG and that resolved the issue.

If your files have the file type .JPG, rather than .JPEG... Not every .JPG is alike. The .JPG files saved by different programs can differ. Copy one of the files as a backup. Then open the file in your Exhibits folder with Paint or Paint3D and save it. Then check to see if the file is visible in TMG.

Remember that .JPG files are lossy. If you resave then, only do it once. Every time that you save a .JPG file, it loses a bit of detail. It's best to keep your master files in a non-lossy format such as .PNG.


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