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  1. Mother/wife duplication

    Everything seems to be okay. I think I've been inconsistent on how I've handled missing names. I see that in one case I used "Israel's Wife #1"...for better or for worse! Thanks for the suggestions. I see that --?-- appears automatically since I've chosen that for "empty name text" in reports.
  2. Mother/wife duplication

    Is there any reason why my solution would create a problem? Thanks everyone for your input. It's very reassuring to know you are here.
  3. Mother/wife duplication

    Okay, I think I may have fixed it.I had Dovid and Sophie married (wrong!), with Morris as their son -- but Morris was actually married to Sophie. So I added a new wife to Dovid (with just Dovid's surname since I don't know her name -- I could probably just leave everything blank = unknown), deleted his marriage to Sophie, and everything looks good. Does anyone see a potential problem with that?
  4. Mother/wife duplication

    Do you want to see the project (if you promise not to laugh at my methods!!)? Is repairing it a big job?
  5. Mother/wife duplication

    I tried making the mother non-primary, but that hasn't changed anything. And if I try to delete the ID number, I get "The tag must have at least one principal." I thought about creating a new wife, having her marry Morris (which should keep the children intact), and then deleting Sophie shown as Morris's mother...or somehow using a merge????
  6. Mother/wife duplication

    Thanks for your message, Terry. I've been trying to do that. If I just hit the "delete" key, I get the message, "Primary Parent Confusion." If I right-click the mother tag, the "Delete this tag" option is grayed out.
  7. I have a married couple, Morris and Sophie, in my database. Somehow Sophie also appears as Morris's mother, therefore Morris as Sophie's child. Both wife Sophie and mother Sophie have the same I.D. number. How do I remove Sophie the mother without losing her as Morris's wife. I suspect there's an easy solution, but I don't want to accidentally delete needed information. I did perform all the maintenance options on the outside chance that would help, which, of course, it didn't. If try to delete the tag defining the mother/son relationship, I'm told, "Primary parent confusion." I agree -- there's confusion! Thanks in advance for helping me solve this issue.
  8. Journal Report printing problem

    Jim, this is the first time this has happened since I purchased this Windows 10 laptop two years ago! At least it works on the second try, but I can't imagine what changed (unless a Windows update is the culprit).
  9. Journal Report printing problem

    The fact that it works fine the second time is what's very strange. I'm using the Microsoft Print to PDF option and "Printer" as report destination. Where would I reset the report configuration...or is what I've told you so far correct?
  10. Today I had 13 Journal Reports to save as .pdf files. I chose "printer," clicked "Create Report," and while "calculating text for x people" received a message "Unable to start the print job" and "TerPrint 2, Error Code 5."In every instance (13 reports!), when I tried again to print the Journal Report...I was able to do so. Very strange, IMO. In general, it didn't seem to matter how many people were included in the report, although when I tested VERY small reports, they worked. There was no problem with Descendant Indented Charts. Meanwhile, I tried all the maintenance options (although I questioned whether they were even going to be helpful) AND I rebooted my laptop. Nothing helped. Any idea what I have to do to avoid having to go through the process of saving Journal Reports as .pdf files twice? I would be happy to provide any other information that may help troubleshoot this issue...which has never happened before! Thanks in advance.
  11. Hiding data

    I decided to take the easy way out: The marriage was very short-lived and the family member doesn't want it to appear. So I inserted an anecdote and excluded it. That way I know it's there...but no one else will. :-)
  12. Hiding data

    Thanks for your input! Lots more to think about! P.S. I just tried to simply "exclude" the marriage of another couple. It works well in the Journal Report...but not in the Descendant Indented Chart. Is there a way to exclude it in the Chart as well? Or don't exclusion marks work in the Chart? If a "marriage sensitive" tag would work better, would you suggest how to set that up?
  13. Have to run TMG as administrator!

    Thanks for the additional information/explanation. To be honest, I don't recall what I did after running as administrator and entering my serial number, although my notes do say to exit TMG and reopen it after entering the serial number, so I'm assuming that's what I did. As long as everything seems to be working all right otherwise, I guess I'll just leave things as is. Thanks again!
  14. Have to run TMG as administrator!

    I'm using Carbonite for my backups. I tried white-listing TMG in my antivirus program, but that didn't help. Would that serve the same purpose as testing with a disabled antivirus program? I wonder why I chose Run as Administrator in the Compatibility tab in the first place! I don't recall having a problem requiring that. When I had to Run as Administrator in order to avoid entering my Serial Number, I believe I used the simple right-click "Run as Administrator" method. And even if I accidentally went to the Compatibility tab to choose Run as Administrator, I shouldn't be having the report problem without that item!
  15. Testing backup

    Duly noted in my TMG notes (all backed up routinely!). Thanks again!