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Judy M.

Error message when attempting to add people to TMG

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Suddenly when I attempt to add a person (wife, husband, etc.), I'm getting the following error message, which I hope I've typed correctly because I was unable to Print Screen!
File access is denied: C:\users\jmadn\appdata\local\temp\tmg52342951\apfdef.dbf.94FRMAPSelector.MRUNAP
It seems odd (to me, at least) that it appears that it's a "temp" file, but I don't know enough about this to pass judgment!
Meanwhile, I'm stuck and unable to add new people. I optimized and validated with no errors.
Judy Madnick

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I restart my system every morning, and during the "problem period," I was experimenting with "shut down" versus "restart" frequently. This is getting more and more weird. Yesterday all was well...and today I'm back to not being able to add a person!

Interestingly, I'm having an issue with four different programs, all of which suddenly worked yesterday and are having problems again today: My PIM syncing with my phone, WordPerfect (which starts up on the second try), Quicken (which saves on the second try) and TMG (for which I can't add a person but seem to be able to do everything else). What makes this more curious is that yesterday suddenly all was well...and today not! I wish I knew what to look for!

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PROBLEM SOLVED! In the Quicken Community, someone asked about the same problem I was having with Quicken and then said he found the solution on his own: RAV Endpoint Protection had been installed apparently having been bundled with another program. I remembered seeing a popup about RAV, so I went into Control Panel, checked my list of programs, and voila! There was RAV! So I installed it, and all is well. Whew!

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