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  1. report printing

    found a work around and now I can print and view on screen. But not the usual way. Such is life these days.
  2. report printing

    So. Jim, how do you correct it? Or How can you work around. Or how can you locate the application that is interfering? I have tried and tried all sorts of ways and cannot preview or print a report.
  3. report printing

    I attempt to print a report and it instead saves it somewhere and I cannot locate it. It used to simply come on screen and then I could print it. There's got to be a simply way out of this issue. I thought I read once that reloading the program would clear it up but I worry that I'll lose more than 10 years of data saved so I've not gone that route.. Need some advice. John
  4. I am running Windows 10 and have TMG 9.05. I've tried to print reports of various sorts unsuccessfully. The system seems to go through the motions of collecting data from the different persons in the project and then I receive the following saved to "c:/users/losde/appdata/local/temp/tmg…..with a long attached number. Previously the program would actually print the report. My printer is on the list as default so I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong.
  5. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    HELP !!!!!! I just loaded windows 10 and now find myself with a "Trial" version of TMG 9. How did I regress to that point? More importantly, how do I get back to having the open version which I've come to depend on? John
  6. This seems an appropriate place to add my problem to the mix. TMG7 Gold, running in 64bit environment, vista home premier. Everytime I try to print a report, any kind, nothing happens save it calculates the number of persons and then just kinda goes away somewhere. Guess I'm to assume it's saving the reports somewhere but damned if I can find them. I was used to the preview screen and then have a close or print option. I'm doing something wrong for certain. Also in the printer set up, if I check windows default printer, in the print report sequence I get a message that I don't have a printer installed. If I check the "printer" and then actually select the printer is when I have the earlier problem result.