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  1. Parents in birth tag

    Sorry, I know of no variables or automated way to generate that data in a TMG report. That is one of the nice things about Second Site in that the separate Parent Section at the top of the person's page gives the parents' birth/death dates.
  2. Source Report

    Well, that is just an example of how TMG lets each user do whatever works for them. I was basing my statement on my perception of user comments made in the past, but I am probably biased by my use on my main project where out of nearly 6000 people (nearly 10,000 "names") I have only 250 Name tags with a citation. Only 19 Primary name tags have citations, the rest of the citations are explaining the "alternative" name. We all record data differently.
  3. Source Report

    Hi Judy, First you need to realize that "Sources" are not connected to a surname. "Citations" to sources are connected to Name tags, Relationship tags, and Event tags. If you want to find all citations to "Name" tags where those tags have a specific surname, Jim's suggestion is great. However, few people actually put citations on Name tags. If you want to list all citations to "Event" tags where anyone linked to the event has a particular surname, then I suggest a Filter on the List of Citations of: Linked Event... / Any Witness Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / END Of course you could combine three filter conditions together of: Linked Name... / Surname / = Eguals / (enter the surname) / OR Linked Relationship... /Parent's Name#; Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / OR Linked Event... / Any Witness Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / END That way you get all citations to any type of tag which involves that surname. In the Report Options I would suggest including columns like: Source Number, Source Abbrev, and Linked Record; Tag Type Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  4. Posts on the TMG list report forbidden using just about every browser.
  5. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Might be enough, but for some people that did not work. Many seemed to need to force the presence of at least two or three valid entries to prevent the bug from reoccuring. And you can do that by just going to a couple of people by ID without clearing the history. Seems simpler.
  6. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Terry, This is one of the known remaining bugs. See: https://mjh-nm.net/BUGS.HTML#B89 That includes details and workaround. Michael
  7. You need to define a custom Tag Type in the Marriage Group, perhaps named "Marr-Sens", identical to the Standard marriage tag type. Use this Tag Type for this couple. Don't bother about excluding anything in this tag. Now when you run your reports use the report options to select tag types and exclude this sensitive tag type. And when you run reports for yourself you can include that tag type and all will look normal. Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  8. Maintain Source Numbering in Journal Reports

    In addition, David, in case you were wondering about this option. John's TMG Utility has several features to do global changes to citation details, etc., but I double-checked and the program has no option to automatically obtain the Source Number for a citation and insert it into some part of that citation's details. Sorry. This is (yet) another reason why I use Second Site and not Journal reports to review my data as part of clean-up. As you probably recognize, having this citation's Source Number at the front of each footnote citation really helps to correct some mistake I made in a citation.
  9. Installing TMG on New Computer

    You are welcome, Buzz, but Terry deserves all the credit.
  10. Installing TMG on New Computer

    See the step-by-step instructions about moving TMG to a new computer on Terry's Tips web pages: https://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm
  11. Preferences

    First, Quish, Terry is correct that "most" Preferences which affect the display are stored as part of the Layout. Unfortunately, filtering to show only Primary events is not. It is stored with the project's overall Preferences. Just to be clear look at the "Details" window for any person. Does the first column of the Tag area have the title "Filtered"? I assume it does. There are two ways to change that Filtered setting. I assume you are opening "Preferences" and under "Tag Box" you are checking "Show non-primary events", and then clicking "Apply" on the Preferences window. Correct? That is one way. If you reopen Preferences is the box "Show non-primary events" still checked? If not I am guessing you missed the "Apply" step. A second way to turn off this filtering is to click in the tag area of any person and "Right click" to pop up a menu. Select "Filter for..." and you can then uncheck the filter item of "Primary events". In either case when you exit that project it should save the setting in the project overall Preferences. Hope this helps, Michael
  12. web site

    Are you looking for a Genealogist to research and build your family tree for you? But do that and record the data in TMG and publish it using Second Site in a website for you? What exactly is the scope of work you want done?
  13. Maiden name used twice

    Hi Roz, I also include her maiden name as part of entering a woman's Married Name tag, but I let TMG automatically add her maiden surname by using a custom Name Style. I describe my "Name-Marr-Title" custom name tag which uses my custom "Married" name style in my on-line book here: https://www.mjh-nm.net/TAGCUSTM.HTML#NameMarrTag However, you seem to want to have both her maiden name, and her "previous" married name. I think the narrative makes the list of marriages clear so I only ever include the maiden name. However, since your method requires you to actually type in her maiden name in the suffix, e.g. "-[Jones]", maybe typing all appropriate prior names in order would work, e.g. "-[Jones/Smith]". Would this do what you want? Hope this gives you ideas,
  14. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    I am not Terry, but no, it does not limit the repetition of citations, you get the same "number" of citations. But it just makes sure there is citation detail instead of just the word "ibid". For more on this see the section on Ibid in the Source Guide chapter of my on-line book here. I don't disagree with Jim's "lumping", if it works for him that is great. It would not work for me. For USA I have one source record per county/microfilm. A county spanning multiple films is multiple source records. Multiple counties on the same film are multiple source records. I have a whole chapter about recording Census data here, and my custom Source Template for census data is here. Hope this gives you ideas,
  15. Roman Names: praenomen, gensnomen, cogomen

    Hi Ron, There are many different ways to deal with this, including use of TMG Name Styles. Each will probably have advantages and disadvantages. You might find it useful to read the "Names" section of the Data Entry chapter of my on-line book: https://www.mjh-nm.net/DATENTRY.HTML#Names It discusses various customized ways to enter names in TMG. Hope this gives you ideas, Michael