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  1. Missing Exhibits

    Art, The number one problem I have heard reported with TMG and Win10 is caused by the insistence of Microsoft to automatically include their cloud backup program OneDrive. From my personal experience it is well worth the effort to follow available on-line instructions to at least disable if not totally remove that program from your Win10 computer. If OneDrive is running at some point it WILL interfere with TMG.
  2. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    It depends upon your version of Windows. On some versions Microsoft prevents you from installing it. You could try to uninstall and if that is not allowed with your version follow the Microsoft page's instructions on hiding, which is what Jim instructed.
  3. TMG9 Crashes at Random

    John, I completely agree with Jim. I believe random crashes have always been found to be other programs working in the background randomly accessing some of the many files used by TMG while TMG is running. As Jim noted, this is not a TMG issue, it is bad design of the program "messing" with TMG's files. There have been repeated reports of allowing OneDrive to have anything to do with TMG files causing problems. Some people like to have OneDrive back up their files onto Microsoft's cloud. In that case, first configure OneDrive to have nothing to do with all of TMG's files and folders. Then manually do a TMG backup and copy/move that TMG SQZ file to a folder monitored by OneDrive so it now will copy that file to Microsoft's cloud. Others, like myself, have completely removed OneDrive from our computers so none of our files reside on Microsoft's cloud, and do our own separate backups. For suggestions on various options to disable or remove OneDrive you might start with this Microsoft support page: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/turn-off-disable-or-uninstall-onedrive-f32a17ce-3336-40fe-9c38-6efb09f944b0 Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  4. Out to GED file

    Glad you recalled my directions to: "Select All" the people now in this Focus Group, uncheck Ancestors, and Check Descendants BUT set the number to only ONE... The Focus Group actions of Add Descendants, Ancestors, and Spouses only work on the selected people in the current Focus Group. That is the key. You are most welcome, Paul, glad to hear you got what you wanted. Michael
  5. Out to GED file

    Another option, Paul, is to create a Focus Group of the desired people, since once you select a set of people you can add ancestors or descendants as desired. If I understand what you want, I would start with a Focus Group of only the one person and select (click on) them. Now check only Ancestors and set the Generations number high (e.g. 250) and Add them. That gets all the person's ancestors. Next "Select All" the people now in this Focus Group, uncheck Ancestors, and Check Descendants BUT set the number to only ONE so you only get the children of all these ancestors (including the children of the person). After you Add those children you may wish to "Select All" the people now in this Focus Group, uncheck Descendants, and check Spouses to get all these people's spouses. You could "Save" this Focus Group to some name, or simply do the Export now and in "Step 4 Export what people" choose "People in the Focus Group" Hope this gives you ideas,
  6. TMG Performance since last windows update

    Carol, As others note, if you include external exhibits in your backup, all these exhibit files will be loaded into the one .sqz file. The free space on your disk file is not the issue. There is a max limit in the Operating System for the size of a single file, i.e. the .sqz file. That limit is much less than your 1.5TB free space. The options on compression affect how much smaller a single file loaded into the .sqz file can be made so that the total size of .sqz hopefully can be smaller than the sum of the sizes of all the files stored in that one file. "None" says to do no compression, so the full sizes of all files are loaded into .sqz and thus would result in the largest .sqz file of all the options. The problem appears to be that no matter what type of compression you choose, including all the external exhibit files within that one .sqz file makes it too large for the Operating System to handle. As you have noted, the solution is to backup your external exhibits separately and not include them in the .sqz file. Hope this makes things clearer,
  7. TMG Performance since last windows update

    A TMG project consists of more than two dozen files, of which the .pjc file is only one and has very little actual data in it. No program other than TMG should be touching any of these project files while that project is open in a running TMG program. Corruption of any one of these files can potentially corrupt the usability of the entire project. If the backup program is configured to not attempt to copy any of the project files until TMG is closed, then as I said before, that should be okay.
  8. TMG Performance since last windows update

    Dave, I am concerned about your comment about backing up TMG files "on the fly". If you have some program backing up TMG files while TMG is running this will some day be a problem. Such a backup scenario is the major cause of corruption of TMG projects. However, if the backup does not occur while TMG is running but you wait until you exit TMG and then invoke the program to backup TMG files to the cloud, then that should be okay.
  9. Error in LOW report

    Thanks, Susan, I did understand that the workaround was unfiltered spreadsheet output, i.e. all witnesses. However, I was unaware (or had forgotten) that the LOW output columns cannot show a non-standard Flag. Yes, please update me if you discover any other "speed bumps". See the two new entries in my Bugs document starting here: https://www.mjh-nm.net/BUGS.HTML#B103 Let me know if you have suggestions to improve the wording.
  10. Error in LOW report

    Thanks. Jim, I will add a comment about this filter error to my "bugs" document, with your suggestion of using spreadsheet output as a work around.
  11. Error in LOW report

    Okay, Jim, any other ideas?
  12. Error in LOW report

    Jim, I think the tests run showing problems with larger data size may point to an issue with filter routines. I note that when TMG runs a filter, a window pops up which reports constructing all possible conditions. If these "all possible conditions" are being written to a Temp file, and the software library being used to match possibilities against that file is written as 16-bit functions, then the file could get too big for 16-bit functions to process against? Do you have any insight from the code as to whether filtering might use an old 16-bit library?
  13. History Tags

    You raise a good point. If one only wants to see these special historical events on screen, then timelines will do that. But if one wants the event to output in a report then true event tags are required, and History tags can serve that purpose.
  14. History Tags

    Your question about timelines made me look closer at them as I had not done so for several years. I also had failed to include their description in my on-line book. A more careful and complete description of Timelines has now been included there. See: https://www.mjh-nm.net/STYLE.HTML#DisplayTimelines Hope this gives you better ideas on using Timelines.
  15. History Tags

    Glad you found the information about Timelines valuable, Doris. Yes, you are correct about History tags and GEDCOM. GEDCOM requires that any tag be assigned to at least one Principal, and does not understand Witnesses who are the only links to History tags. While the TMG Enhanced GEDCOM Export option can include non-standard entries to identify Witnesses, those custom entries must be part of a tag which has at least one Principal. Since History tags have no Principals there is no GEDCOM construct to output such tags. They are only one of several types of TMG data which have no way of being output to GEDCOM. Other software that uses direct import of TMG databases "could" choose to import History tags and convert them to "something" in their program. But that is up to each such software and not guaranteed.