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  1. List of Direct descendants report

    The structure of the report you are describing is one of the Descendant Indented reports. What’s confusing to me is your terminology, “Name of next ancestor”. The base person of a Descendant Indented report is the earliest ancestor of a particular family, and each indentation level is a later generation, or “descendant” rather than a “next ancestor”. Reading indentation levels from left to right people are descendants, from right to left they are ancestors. One does not specify both a beginning and end person to the Descendant Indented report. Rather, that sounds like an Ahnentafel – Direct Line report. In this report you specify two people who are in a direct line to each other—I guess it doesn’t matter which one is the ancestor and which one is the descendant at that point, the software can figure it out. But the base person in the resultant report is the descendant, the next person is one of his/her parents, next after that is a grandparent of the base person, and so on, ending with the earliest ancestor of the selection. (There is no text indentation in this report. Paragraphs are all flush to the left margin, and generation headings are centered. The report can either include or exclude spouses and various other event tags associated with each successive ancestor. The printout style is narrative paragraph text, rather than like a chart.)
  2. Entering new source types

    For the yearbook, how about "Book (One of Series)"? It will include fields for Author, Title, Short Title, Series (you would populate this with the yearbook year), publisher address, publisher name, publication date. I don't know much about the other item, but it's an application form, so maybe you can adapt Lineage Application. Look at Passport Application, too, if you want to cite a document you found online or in a library--as opposed to a personal duplicate copy that your family might have retained when the event took place, for which there would be no "repository".