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  1. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    Carl, You commented: But you did not say how you checked the exhibits for these people. If you simply click the Exhibit Log icon when viewing a person's details, the log opens with the default settings of "Sort: None", "Focus: A Person", "Type: All Types". But that only checks the exhibits linked to this person, and possibly their events if you have checked "Show event exhibits" at the bottom of the Exhibit Log screen. Even then you may be missing checking some exhibits associated with this person. Try the setting: "Focus: A Source". This will now list all exhibits linked to any Source Record. Based on the names of the exhibit files I suspect? these exhibits might have been linked to a Source Record which was then cited to the Birth event. The Exhibit Log will identify the ID number of the Source Record that the exhibit is linked to. If that doesn't show a missing exhibit, try "Focus: A Citation". Just a wild guess, but worth checking.
  2. Program Lockup

    It is unclear what you mean by "locked up". Can you provide a copy of any error message you got? What messages make you believe it was backed up to a "zip read only file"? You asked: "How did that happen if I didn’t do that?". Is it possible you have some background program, like OneDrive, which is automatically backing up your files? P.S. Please note that Wholly Genes does not answer this forum ever since they closed on July 29, 2014. Some of us dedicated users of TMG volunteer to try to answer this forum as long as the forum stays on-line.
  3. Software to purchase to replace TMG?

    And some of us note that TMG works just fine on the new Windows 11, so still feel no need or desire to change to a different program.
  4. The serial number should be exactly 32 characters and only consist of uppercase letters and digits.
  5. Have you changed your email address since 2010? You must enter the same address that the 2010 email was sent to.
  6. Date format problem

    Hi, I don't think any of the few remaining bugs I have identified in TMG apply here. Perhaps the detailed descriptions in my on-line book of how TMG deals with dates might help your understanding: https://www.mjh-nm.net/DATENTRY.HTML#Dates That section also mentions that if the complete date entry is all numbers and the day is not greater than 12 (such as your example above), TMG must guess which is the day and which the month. TMG does this based on your global Preference setting for the Date Format in “Program Options / General”. To emphasize what Jim said, no matter which format was used to enter dates if it is not irregular they will be displayed using this Preferences selected Date Format. Further, regardless of this Preferences selection they will be printed in Narrative report based on the date option chosen for the report in the Dates Options tab (if there are options). That is possible because TMG converts the entry and stores all dates in a fixed internal structure. Then regardless of how the date was entered TMG can (re)convert to any display or report format specified for output from that fixed internal structure: https://www.mjh-nm.net/DATENTRY.HTML#DateInternals Also in that same chapter there is a more full description of "Old Style" dates, and how TMG handles them, which are the type of dates you mention. https://www.mjh-nm.net/DATENTRY.HTML#DateOldStyle Hope this helps in your understanding of TMG dates. If not feel free to ask questions. Michael
  7. Relation remark

    Do what Jim said, but enter '1' in the Focus person field
  8. Most reports are grayed out

    Jim has made a good suggestion for a program to produce charts for a book which seems to be your focus. If you want to explore more electronic solutions, since you "are not adverse to purchasing additional software for that purpose" I can suggest two other commercial programs to consider. Since your data in is Legacy you might consider another program (called GEDSITE) either as an alternative to a book, or in addition to it. GEDSITE creates web pages from a GEDCOM file such as can be exported from Legacy. It easily and automatically generates either narrative or grid style person pages, a master index, a surname index, source pages, and any other pages you wish to add such as various automatically generated charts. You can review the site (the collection of web pages) on your own PC before you share it with anyone. You can publish it on the web or distribute it only to selected people via a DVD or flash drive. All they would need is a computer with a standard web browser to view all these pages. See: https://www.gedsite.com/ It even has an option for specializing the import from a GEDCOM file exported from Legacy to take advantage of the way you entered data in Legacy. See: https://www.gedsite.com/en/legacy.htm Yet another program option which combines the look of a book but gererates it as an electronic "e-book" is Gedcom Publisher. It eases and automates the creation of an e-book by combining information generated from a GEDCOM file (such as can be exported from Legacy) mixed with other electronic files that you provide, including text, images, and other content such as charts. See: https://www.gedcompublisher.com It also has an option for specializing the import from a GEDCOM file exported from Legacy. See: https://www.gedcompublisher.com/en/legacy.htm To review e-books created with Gedcom Publisher, an e-reader program is required on your device. Gedcom Publisher produces the book in the EPUB3 standard e-book format, and includes custom handling for EPUB books that will be converted to another standard MOBI format. See the Gedcom Publisher External Tools page for recommendations of such e-reader programs. Both of these programs were written by John Cardinal who has been a long-time contributor to the TMG user community, and provides excellent hands-on support for his programs. In this modern world, sharing electronic files allows more complete data to be shared in a more structured and viewable way. Hope this gives you more ideas, Michael P.S. As having just "celebrated?" my 76th birthday I share your opinion that 81 is much too young.
  9. TMG v9 problems

    I am not Jim, but the simplest way is to somehow identify the people you want so you can use a Filter for them. One way is to set a Flag to a unique value for the people in this family. Another is to start by selecting a person from this family in the Focus Group and use it to add people that are ancestors, descendants, and or spouses until the entire family is added to the Focus Group. I note that Legacy cannot directly import from TMG, so you will have to do a GEDCOM export. Be sure to choose the Enhanced option and then select this subset of people, either by Flag value or by Focus Group, when you do the GEDCOM export.
  10. Most reports are grayed out

    FT SuperTools is essentially the Visual ChartForm subset of TMG Version 7.0 which came out roughly in 2008. The Wholly Genes company halted all development of any products in 2014, so I believe what you have is probably the last version available. The list of reports you see in the dropdown menu are all the possible reports in TMG V7, which is what FT SuperTools is based on. But TMG has the capability to produce many other types of reports that SuperTools cannot. Those are the reports that you see grayed out in SuperTools. SuperTools only produces charts, and only those you see in bold. I don't know what you are attempting to do, but depending upon what database you are using there are likely to be more current programs to do what you want with more advanced features. P.S. This Forum is no longer monitored by the company, only by a few of us dedicated users of TMG. We will try to help as best we can. I see that you joined this Forum in 2006, but last posted in 2011. Welcome back. I also note that Virginia Blakelock helped you with FT SuperTools back in 2011. You may be interested to learn that she died on February 15, 2019, age 81. She was an active TMG user and helped many of us over time. I had the great privledge of knowing her personally. She is sorely missed.
  11. Reinstall on new Laptop

    No, if you have a NEW laptop then you are doing a brand new initial install, not a reinstall, since it is new to that specific OS installation. For any new install you need to properly go thru the registration process twice. It is not a good idea, and not necessary, to run as Administrator for your normal TMG activities as you say you are doing. You need to enter your registration twice... once running as a Standard user and once running TMG as administrator. Run TMG normally and enter your registration information. Exit. Run TMG by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting 'Run as administrator'. Respond affirmatively to the security prompt. Enter your registration information and immediately exit afterwards. Then from now on use TMG by running normally as the Standard user. SInce you did run TMG as administrator there may now be issues where some normal user data files are owned by Administrator and thus the Standard user does not have permission to access these files. Hopefully that will not be true, but be forewarned that you may have to set permissions for the Standard user on some such normal user data files. Ask if you have problems.
  12. Can Reports be Generated by Census Year?

    I use Pseudo People extensively in my TMG projects, both as "Census people" and as "Location people". I think being able to focus on a particular census is a perfect use of this concept. Pseudo People is a rather advanced usage of TMG so you might be interested in reading the extensive section on that topic in my on-line book at: https://www.mjh-nm.net/STYLE.HTML#PseudoPeople How I create and use "Census people" is described in a separate chapter here: https://www.mjh-nm.net/CENSUS.HTML#CensusPeople and my discussion of creating "Location people" is here where I use it to create a "Cemetery person" for cemeteries with lots of my ancestors' interments so I can identify everyone I have found there: https://www.mjh-nm.net/STYLE.HTML#LocationPerson Note that these "people" are especially useful when using Second Site as that "person" provides hyperlinks to all the associated "real" people. Hope this gives you ideas,
  13. Computer hangs when doing maintenance

    I suspect? there may be a message on a hidden window waiting for your action. When TMG appears to hang click on the "Window" menu item along the top of the TMG window, and choose the menu item "Center the current window". See if that causes a window with a message requiring your action to now appear.
  14. TMG to the Bitter End

    Jean, What Operating system are you using, and how are you trying to print? The print routines in TMG were updated in Version 8 to let it work with later Windows operating systems. You might try generating your report to a Word document, and then printing that using Word. Hope this gives you ideas,
  15. Upgrading PCs and TMG

    See also Terry Reigel's excellent on-line tutorial about moving to a new computer and/or TMG version here: https://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm
  16. back up problem

    I have also seen this when some users have (mistakenly) tried to "OPEN" a backup .SQZ file. Be sure you really are trying to open a .PJC file.
  17. creating a gedcom file

    Kaye, If you want all the gory details of what will be lost in doing a TMG GEDCOM export, see the Import/Export chapter of my on-line book and the separate section on GEDCOM export: https://www.mjh-nm.net/IMEXPORT.HTML#GedcomExport Pay special attention to my topic "Two-Principal Tags", but as Jim warns there is A LOT more that IS LOST in a GEDCOM export. The more of the advanced features of TMG you have used the more that will be lost. This is not a failing of TMG, but mainly due to GEDCOM having no standard way to represent a lot of what you can record in TMG. It is for this very reason that Version 9 of TMG added a special option to do an enhanced GEDCOM export, which will output non-standard custom GEDCOM tags containing much (but not all) of the data from TMG which cannot otherwise be exported in a standard manner. It is also why John Cardinal wrote his new TMG To GEDCOM program (which only works with Version 9) to export even more of TMG's features and data, and also will customize its program's non-standard GEDCOM tags in a manner which specific other genealogy programs will accept. Doing the export does no harm to your TMG data, but it will only contain the very basic genealogy information.
  18. Backup Problem ....

    John, Have you tried to do a backup where the option is set to NOT include external exhibits?? What operating system you are using? If it is an older version it is possible by including exhibits the backup file may have become a bigger single file than your system can handle. Clutching at straws here.
  19. Parents in birth tag

    Sorry, I know of no variables or automated way to generate that data in a TMG report. That is one of the nice things about Second Site in that the separate Parent Section at the top of the person's page gives the parents' birth/death dates.
  20. Source Report

    Well, that is just an example of how TMG lets each user do whatever works for them. I was basing my statement on my perception of user comments made in the past, but I am probably biased by my use on my main project where out of nearly 6000 people (nearly 10,000 "names") I have only 250 Name tags with a citation. Only 19 Primary name tags have citations, the rest of the citations are explaining the "alternative" name. We all record data differently.
  21. Source Report

    Hi Judy, First you need to realize that "Sources" are not connected to a surname. "Citations" to sources are connected to Name tags, Relationship tags, and Event tags. If you want to find all citations to "Name" tags where those tags have a specific surname, Jim's suggestion is great. However, few people actually put citations on Name tags. If you want to list all citations to "Event" tags where anyone linked to the event has a particular surname, then I suggest a Filter on the List of Citations of: Linked Event... / Any Witness Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / END Of course you could combine three filter conditions together of: Linked Name... / Surname / = Eguals / (enter the surname) / OR Linked Relationship... /Parent's Name#; Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / OR Linked Event... / Any Witness Surname / = Equals / (enter the surname) / END That way you get all citations to any type of tag which involves that surname. In the Report Options I would suggest including columns like: Source Number, Source Abbrev, and Linked Record; Tag Type Hope this gives you ideas, Michael
  22. Posts on the TMG list report forbidden using just about every browser.
  23. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Might be enough, but for some people that did not work. Many seemed to need to force the presence of at least two or three valid entries to prevent the bug from reoccuring. And you can do that by just going to a couple of people by ID without clearing the history. Seems simpler.
  24. Focus Changes to Different Person after Tag Entry

    Terry, This is one of the known remaining bugs. See: https://mjh-nm.net/BUGS.HTML#B89 That includes details and workaround. Michael
  25. You need to define a custom Tag Type in the Marriage Group, perhaps named "Marr-Sens", identical to the Standard marriage tag type. Use this Tag Type for this couple. Don't bother about excluding anything in this tag. Now when you run your reports use the report options to select tag types and exclude this sensitive tag type. And when you run reports for yourself you can include that tag type and all will look normal. Hope this gives you ideas, Michael