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  1. New Laptop Installation

    Join the former Rootweb list: TMG-L@groups.io There is a very active group there. This sort of problem seems to show up several times a month on the list. - Sally Houston
  2. Do you not have children or plan to have any? Your children will want to know both sides of their ancestry. And, depending on where you and your wife are from, you may share ancestors, generations back. I discovered my parents were 6th and 7th cousins through their lines to early New England. If that happens, you will wind up having to enter information twice with two trees. Most responses to this question (comes up often) that I've see, discourage splitting or setting up separate trees. - Sally Houston
  3. TMG to the Bitter End

    There are a lot of us, and the group which used to be Rootsweb (now io.group) is very active. But what is coming is an upgraded program. All volunteers working on it, so it isn't happening quickly, but TMG is likely to work for years. Check this out and sign up for the newsletter. https://historyresearchenvironment.org/hre-for-users-of-the-master-genealogist/ Sally
  4. Don't you have to add some sort of date, even just a "ca" date, to have any kind of chronology? I always put at least a guesstimate, before the date of the first known child, or some date which would be reasonable. To me the "ca" means that I don't really know, and it is an educated guess. And that it needs further research.
  5. TMGU Find/Replace - Reposting

    I used a flag and color, which seems to work OK. Do you have an immigrant flag?
  6. Reports to Tell Family Stories

    I may be the wrong person to weigh in here, because I use TMG in a much simpler way than most people. I use few tags: BMDB and census. But I have a Note tag which I append with a sort date after the death/burial dates. The Note is a text narrative for all of the person's other information with embedded citations. It has as many paragraphs as needed and can be modified to read as any biographical narrative. It can include buying and selling of property, moving place to place, military service and, of course, any interesting stories, such as you mention. Perhaps too simplistic for what you are trying to do. Just a thought. I have done a couple of traditional genealogy books for family this way by embedding the photos, documents and maps into the text before having them published. Sally V. Houston
  7. [TMG]Relation Problem

    Try refreshing relationships. Go to File > Preferences > Current project > Other and click on the refresh button Apply and quit. See if your problem is solved.
  8. Someone on another forum suggested creating the table, scanning it into a jpeg and adding it to your report as a photo. Have you already considered and rejected that? - Sally Houston
  9. TMG in a Cloud VDI?

    Experienced users have said not to use cloud backups, as they may mess up your files if you have TMG open at the time, as TMG may be using a file when the backup is occurring. Does that apply here?
  10. Thanks for the tip, Jim. I'll check to be sure Lulu accepts docs from Libre Office before trying that. I know they accept Word as docs and as pdfs, which I thought made my life simple until I discovered the added images, etc., were not staying where I put them.
  11. I've been using my TMG 9.03 with Word student edition 2007 for years with no problem. No problem in Windows 10. But now I want to create a book, including images and captions and upload to Lulu for printing on demand. All seems to be going well, but then I discover that some of the images and captions have moved from where I put them. Perhaps the problem is the old version of Word which Microsoft will cease to support this year. I'm willing to upgrade to a newer edition, but wonder if I'll then have trouble between TMG and Word. Does anyone know/have experience? I hesitate to migrate without a little reassurance about how TMG will work with a new edition of Word. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Source notation in ALL CAPS

    Thank you. I'll give that a try tomorrow.
  13. I like creating Journal reports with endnotes and am encountering a strange anomaly. The first, complete, version of the source ends with "Hereinafter cited as..." But about a third of the time it will be "HEREINAFTER CITED AS..." Why is this happening, and what can I do to remove it? Thanks for any help. - Sally Houston
  14. I'm trying to create a series of small books on the ancestries of my grandparents, using TMG journal reports and photos in my possession, etc. I completed one on Blurb software, but they do not support superscript source numbers embedded in the text, which makes for a strange-looking document, even when I converted Blurb's regular sized numbers to smaller font, italic. I don't wish to do that again. Does anyone know of a publisher which takes the document from Word as-is? I can include my photos in Word before uploading, rather than adding them later, if that is what the publisher requires. Or, I'm open to other suggestions. Just need to get my years of research into some format to share with family. Thanks, Sally