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  1. Picklist Sorting

    Have you edited / customized any name styles?
  2. problems installing under w2k

    I doubt there are many people visiting the forum who have Win2K running somewhere. I checked my VMs, and I don't have one. You can get Windows 10 for about $80 USD. I know it's an extra expense, and you may have other reasons for avoiding Win10, but it's probably the most practical solution. Even if I had a Win2K box, and installed TMG v9.05, there's no guarantee I could figure out how to make it work.
  3. GedSite now includes a TMG "Direct Import" facility! GedSite 2.02 is now available. It includes a direct import facility that reads data directly from TMG's database tables. This allows GedSite to support TMG sentence and source templates, name styles, place styles, etc. Please see today's newsletter that explains which TMG users should opt for GedSite, and who should choose (or remain with) Second Site: https://goo.gl/Na4Cbn The Change Log includes descriptions of all the changes in release 2.02 of GedSite: https://goo.gl/oEqykn Version 2.02 is free for users with a GedSite 2 license. If you do not have a license for GedSite 2, you can start the purchase process here: https://goo.gl/NAhVfq
  4. Sentence Structure for Note Tag with Quotes

    The problem does not affect Second Site. SS will put the citation references after the last visible character in the output. If you use the "curly quotes" as described by Michael above, SS will still work fine because the curly quotes are visible characters.
  5. Free License for Second Site

    Near the end of March, I announced a free license offer: purchase a web hosting package from my Family History Hosting service, and receive a free license for either Second Site or GedSite. That offer expired on March 31st. I published the offer via Dick Eastman's newsletter, and I don't think many TMG users heard about it. Almost all the responses were for GedSite. I should have announced the offer here, too, given it's a popular spot for TMG users. So, for the next ten days, I am repeating the offer but only announcing it here and on the TMG-L list. If you want to get online, this is the way to do it. You'll get a free license for Second Site (or GedSite, if you want), and I will personally help you through the steps of publishing your first site. If you already have a license for Second Site, you can give the free license to someone else. To take advantage of the offer, contact me off-list at JFCardinal@gmail.com. This offer expires at midnight on April 20th, 2017.
  6. GedSite 1 Released

    There have been more than a dozen updates to GedSite since the initial release described above. The current version, released today, is v1.3.8. The new release features a Lightbox facility, new options for Image User Items, an Accent facility to highlight entries in charts, and other enhancements. For more information, see the GedSite home page: http://www.gedsite.com
  7. GedSite 1 Released

    I am pleased to announce GedSite, a program to build web sites from GEDCOM files. GedSite has been optimized to support many features that are common in TMG, but often neglected by GEDCOM-based web site builders including witnesses and roles. GedSite also supports RootsMagic, Family Historian, and Legacy sentences. For TMG users who are in the process of moving to another program, or contemplating it, GedSite will help you decide which program to choose, and what cleanup needs to be done before and after the move. GedSite is a great tool for reviewing your own work, even if you don't share a site with family, other researchers, or the world. People who are familiar with Second Site will appreciate the Second Site features that are included in GedSite: the powerful controls to configure person page entries, the ability to include some tags in narrative form and others in tables or lists, and support for custom pages. To read more about GedSite, visit its homepage: http://www.gedsite.com ... or contact me
  8. TMG 9.05 UK to Parallels 12

    Don, My advice is to focus on a single exhibit that is not working the way you expect. Focusing on a single image allows you to inspect the details and make changes without spending a lot of time. Keep track of what you did so that when you discover the problem/solution, you'll know what has to be done for the other exhibits. Make sure that the path stored in the TMG exhibit record is correct. That assumes that you can access the external exhibit image file from Windows. If the path is not correct, but the image file is visible in a Windows folder, then re-load the image file. If the image file is not visible in a Windows folder, then you have to correct that issue: you could copy exhibit files to the Windows side, or perhaps add a network share so that Windows can access Mac files.
  9. Second Site 6 Released

    Second Site Version 6.2.6 is now available. This is a maintenance release with no new features but (including v6.2.5) includes some significant fixes. I recommend that all Second Site users upgrade to this release. This is a free upgrade for registered users of Second Site 6. If you are using Second Site 5 or a previous version, you must purchase a license to use Second Site 6. The release announcement is in the latest issue of Second Site News. The changes are summarized in the Change Log. Current Second Site 6 users can download the installer here.
  10. Setup is already running

    Donald, Yes, that appears to be the correct installer for TMG v9.05. Based on the error message, it appears that the TMG installer is having trouble writing its log file, and that may indicate general problems with accessing the parts of the Windows file system that the installer uses. Does your Windows-under-Parallels have a disk with plenty of space on it? Is Parallels configured to share the home folder of the Mac-side user with the Windows-side user? If so, while that can be made to work, I think it makes things much more difficult and I don't recommend it. I haven't used Parallels in a while and I forget where the option is to turn that off and keep the My Documents folder (and other folders) under Windows exclusive control. I am not confident that is an issue here, but it could be.
  11. Setup is already running

    Don, Have you rebooted Windows since the problem occurred? If not, then reboot Windows and try to install TMG again.
  12. Error on Gedcom import from Ancestry

    Ann, I have seen cases where a person is attached to an event with an invalid role assignment, and what you described makes me think that is what is happening in your case. If VFI doesn't solve the problem, contact me and I'll help you figure out a fix.
  13. TMG 9.05 UK to Parallels 12

    John, I didn't have to do any folder fiddling when using Parallels, TMG, and SS. The secret was not to use the Parallels option where the OS X "home" folder is also used as the Windows "My Documents" folder. I forget the exact details, and I no longer have access to Parallels to refresh my memory. By avoding that Parallels option, I avoided using network paths in Windows to get to the My Documents folder, and that avoided a bunch of issues other people ran into.
  14. TMG 9.05 UK to Parallels 12

    John, You should not have to wrestle with Second Site to get it working under Parallels. Most of Second Site was developed while I used Windows under Parallels on a MacBook Pro. What exactly are you wrestling with?
  15. wdwilson, You should send a request to support@whollygenes.com. There's no reason to wait to hear Gordon's outcome. That will only introduce a delay getting yours.