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  1. Remove Indviduals from Project

    Haven't had the nerve to MOVE my 474 'people' yet. Just want to be sure that I have the correct folks. It might help if I could capture the FILTER PROGRESS SCREEN that briefly appears following the activation of the FILTER. Would be handy to know who I have added to the list, spouses, ancestors, etc. Is there a setting that would lengthen the time the FILTER PROGRESS SCREEN is available on screen? Thanks! Nancy
  2. Remove Indviduals from Project

    Terry and Michael, Thanks to both of you for answering my request. Yes I have already moved 474 'people' to a new PROJECT, not interested in retaining custom settings, etc in that PROJECT. The goal now is just to remove the 473 from my main project and not renumber the remaining records in the main project. To create the group of 473 I use a FLAG=Y. My main problem is how to remove the 474 from my MAIN PROJECT. And yes I did BACKUP the original PROJECT. Makes me really nervous to mess around with my database, I am very unsure of what I am doing, although I am a long time TMG user. Can't imagine why I did not think of MOVE as a solution to my problem. Appreciate your help. Nancy
  3. Need help removing a large group of Individuals from my main TMG project. I have created a separate Project for this group but they still remain in my original Project and I wish to remove them. Sure it must be something simple I am missing.

    What a relief, and to think I could have been saving all that time and space all these years. Thanks a million and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know I will just knowing I didn't lose all my data. Nancy

    Jim, This maybe the second messge you get from me. Think I hit the send button before I was ready. As you suggested I changed the SQZ extensions to ZIP and was able to look at the files. The larger SQZ file has 86 items in it and the smaller one 156 items. The missing files in the larger SQZ-86 are mostly .FLT items which I think I can live without, that is as long at the my data is OK and individuals are still linked. I really don't know what I am suppose to be looking for. I also did a RESTORE with the smaller SQZ file. And still have all 14,804 names of my original date in the Expanded Picklist. Am I just being paranoid about the size of the SQZ file or could I inadvertently done something that is going to cause me trouble down the line. I am very nervous about this situation. And appreciate the help you offer.

    I write because I need someone to help explain what has happened to my TMG project sqz files. After a long day of working in TMG I usually run BACKUP after I have run MAINTENANCE, both REINDEX , OPTIMIZER and VALIDATE FILE INTEGRITY. This afternoon I notice that the SQZ files which was generated by BACKUP was considerably smaller than my previous SQZ files. Size went from 39,095 KB to 6,803 KB. To the best of my knowledge I ran the same BACKUP I usually do so the files size to my way of thinking should not be smaller than the last file I ran. None of my SQZ files have my EXHIBITS included, the EXHIBITS are all in separate file. My project seems to be working normally and the PROJECT SUMMARY reports the correct number of PEOPLE, TAGS, SOURCES, etc. Can anyone give me any explanation of why the SQZ files might be so much smaller than my previous SQZ files? Is this something to alarmed about? I have removed all sync operations with Dropbox as that might have been interfering with BACKUP. I went back and reran BACK UP Just to be sure I had not changed something. SQZ is still the same smaller file. By way of reference I am running Windows 10, and last version of TMG is Version 9.05. Nancy
  7. Shortcut to source exhibit

    Terry, I do put all of my images in one folder. But for some reason the newest addition is still not being reconized by TMG. Not to worry I will continue working on this. Must be some silly something I am doing or not doing. Have a nice day and thanks for the help. Nancy
  8. Shortcut to source exhibit

    Terry, Thanks, I finally found that 'little' icon tucked away up in the corner that lets me attach Exhibits to Tags. Appreciate the help. But now for some reason I can't get my JPG files in the Exhibit folds. Thought they were to be in the same Director that The TMG files were in. NO! I know how to do the Captions but I can't seem to get the Highlighting feature to work. Are there only two shapes for Highlighting? And can they be moved about in TMG editors? Nancy
  9. Shortcut to source exhibit

    Would very much be interested in learning how to add Exhibited to my TMG event tags as explained by tmomeyer on 9 Sep. I would like to add maps (jpg files) to Land Transactions. Also how can the maps be annotated, if possible, in TMG? Nancy