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  1. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Jim, I got the TMG v9.05 installed and migrated my database. I then installed Family Historian 7 and imported my TMG data in. I had to do some cleanup on my "places" data to remove extra commas, but besides that, the import was complete. I must say that Family Historian 7 is a pleasure to use. I have used it for several hours and have not had the first hang-up or crash. It works very nicely. One of the best features that I like about FH7 is the ability to tag peoples faces in a photo. Thanks for your help. Kirk
  2. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Got it..... Thanks for the tip. I was able to download the installer and will get it done in the next day or so.
  3. TMGW 4.0 on Windows 10

    Jim, I have tried all the compatibility modes and none of them work. I still have the computer with WIn95 (32-bit) and a working setup of TMG4.0 that I use. I noticed in the RootMagic 7, they recommend to direct import TMG v7.04 and v9.03. Maybe I can install a RootsMagic7 trial and see how the import goes. Do you know if it will import my TMG v4.0b files? Would it be better to migrate my V4.0b data to V7 or V9 before importing? Thanks
  4. I am not sure if this forum is even active or not, but here goes. The only version of TMG I have is V4.0. I tried to download the V8, but the link does not work. A shame to see this software is not supported any longer. I have TMG 4.0 installed on my windows 10 computer, but when I run it, I get the message "A change has been made to CONFIG.FPW in order to accommodate TMG's support for international code pages.. You must restart TMG how in order for this update process to take effect. Thank You.". After restarting, I get the same message over and over. After a little research, I have figured out that this is the FOXPRO config file. How can I stop this message from coming up? Thanks. Kirk
  5. I got it running again. I just copied the entire TMGW folder to a temporary location. Uninstalled/reinstalled TMG, then moved my database folder back to the TMGW folder. It works now. Not sure what caused it. Hopefully, I can move to V8 soon...V4 frustrates me. Especially not bn able to use any context menus (right clicks) even though it was "supposed" to be for windows.
  6. When I try to run TMG here is a video of what I get. http://screencast.com/t/6gPBpYD530 The error message that I end up with is... Version: 4.0d Program : Toolbar Line 44 Error : 114/Index does not match table. Recreate.
  7. I have been using TMGW 4.0 for quite a while on this system. Tonight while entering a exhibit, the program stopped and threw up this message. http://screencast.com/t/PQsPmFGGN "FOXPROW caused a General Protection Fault in module FOXBAR:DLL at 0001:2E3E I have tried restarting.. same error. Tried using the Repair.exe. It found a few errors, but it still wont start. I also tried starting TMGW and creating a new dataset, but got the same error, so I dont think it is my dataset. I am running Windows 7, but TMGW is from Windows XP mode. What can I do to get back into my dataset?
  8. Jim, I guess it could be as complicted as you want to make it. In my case, I would like to bring my V4.0 data forward. The way that it is now doesnt work for me. I have noticed that in V4, the images are either all in the footnote or endnote, but they cant be mixed. I had noticed this shortcoming, but just accecpted it. Sounds like it it being kicked around how it is going to work in the future. If I might make a suggestion.... If this was originally meant to be for person images only, could it be made so that either only the primary image (or ones that are tagged somehow) are only shown in the narrative text. Images that are not the primary (or tagged otherwise) are printed as endnotes or footnotes. That way "important" images or personal images can be in the text, but other, not so important, images can be in the endnotes. This should work with legacy data coming forward. Any idea on when this will start functioning again? Will it be fixed in an update in V8? Just wondering how long I will have to wait if I do upgrade before I can generate reports with my images. Thanks
  9. I have been using TMG 4 for a long time. Now I'm using TMG 8.0 When I generate my report, I would like for my exhibits to be endnotes and not embedded in the narrative text. I could put them anywhere I wanted in 4.0, but not with 8.0. Here is what I see when I try to generate a report. http://screencast.com/t/aSNhHXk6XE Notice how the endnotes and footnotes are greyed out. I cant seem to find any way around this. Is there a trick that I'm missing?
  10. Thanks Guys.. I see what you are saying about it using the Title element the first time around and the short title for the subsequent times its cited.
  11. In my footnotes, one of the sources is listed with the source "short title" and another is listed using the source "Title". What tells TMG 8 which to use? Below is an example: 1. 1910 United States Federal Census -title, her name. 2. 1910 US Federal Census - short, Franklin Co., Al. 3. 1930 United States Federal Census - title, Franklin Co., Al. I added the words "short" and "title" to my Source definition so I could tell "where" the information was coming from. Both of these end notes are for a witnessed event on the same person. I would like for both sources to show "1910 United States Federal Census".
  12. I am wanting to create an hourglass box chart. In the box content of the descendants and female ancestors, I want to include the burial detail. This is where I have been storing the name of the cemetery the subject is buried. I can't find this in the Selected tag type box for defining the box content. All that I can find is the date and place. I would like the last line in the box to read "bur. at [detail],[city],[state]." Is there a way of accomplishing this?
  13. I am trying to "tidy" up my files. I would like to get all my exhibits into one location. Right now they are scattered between several folders. Is there a way to tell TMG to look in a particular folder for exhibits?
  14. Flags: I have imported my 4.0d dataset into V7.0. At first glance everything seems to be there. I have created a special flag to flag veterans. In V4.0 I had set an accent to show the persons name in red if they are a civil war vet. The accent shows up in V7.0 after I turned on the accenting (great!) V4.0 would show the persons name in red in the picklist also. How do I get V7.0 to show the name in the picklist in red (or any other color) if the custom Veterans flag is set? Reports: I have several custom report templates that I have created in 4.0. Is there a way to import these templates or do I have to re-create them?
  15. I have been using v4 for quite sometime. I am wanting to upgrade to v7.0, but I noticed that V7 will not directly read my dataset. I will have to import it in. Is there anything that I will loose when I import in my dataset? Any tips or suggestions before I bring in the data? Thanks