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  1. TMG to the Bitter End

    I too am a long-time user of TMG and bought RootsMagic as a backup. My favorite backup, though, is SecondSite, which is not a genealogy program at all. It is a website builder. Having a website that is not only online but also on my keychain (via a flash drive that also holds TMG backups and Gedcoms) makes my data accessible to all. Second Site, like TMG Utility and several other amazing programs, is written and maintained by John Cardinal. If you haven't experimented with it, I certainly recommend it. You can see some sample sites here: https://www.secondsite8.com/. Doris
  2. Datasets vs. projects

    Thank you, Jim. Somehow I missed your reply earlier, and I apologize for my delayed response. Doris
  3. Is there a way to convert a dataset to a project? Thank you. Dorisw
  4. web site

    What do you mean by providers? If you mean websites, I use Family History Hosting, which John Cardinal owns nd maintains.
  5. web site

    Hands down, Second Site https://www.secondsite7.com/. See the Example Sites. I've used it since it was first available and have found nothing comparable in flexibility, usability and jus plain fun. Doris Wheeler https://doriswheeler.org/
  6. Making exhibits primary

    Please cancel. I apparently achieved what I wanted even though the Primary option was grayed out. I don't know why it worked, but it did. Doris
  7. The option to make a particular exhibit primary is grayed out in the Exhibit Log. Interestingly, in at least one case, the exhibit I want to be primary is the one that shows on the TMG person page. A different one shows in Second Site, Suggestions, please? Doris Wheeler
  8. Can't find missing exhibits

    Carl, I would just find the 1850 census online and download/attach them again. That's probably a quicker solution. Doris
  9. Chart printing (vcf to pdf)

    If you have it in vcf, you can get it printed at specialty firms. Try engineering types that print large blueprints, or look for large poster printers. I found them by Googling.
  10. Chart printing

    Hi Duncombe, I always used the Visual Chart function of TMG for wall charts. It works spectacularly. Look it up in the Help Index. Doris heeler
  11. Thank you, Terry. I tried using the LOP report and it returned zero, then I just tried it again, and it worked great! So sorry to have bothered you. I didn't even reset the filter, just ran it again. How weird is that?!
  12. I think I may have inadvertently turned on a flag for people who should not have it. Is there a way to get a list of people with a certain flag turned on? Or can I delete the flag and will that remove it from everyone's profile? I've checked TMGU. Thank you! Doris
  13. Thank you so much, Terry! Either of those will work beautifully. It's so hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. Doris
  14. I'm finding a need to add a "child" rather than a son or daughter. I see this option on the Add Person Type screen, but it is grayed out. Is there a way to activate it? Doris Wheeler
  15. Out to GED file

    Hi Paul, I do this a lot. For me, the easiest way is to create a new Project using the List of People report, then running a Gedcom from that. Doris