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  1. Backup problem

    OneDrive, or any automatic backup, seems to be a major problem for many of us. If it runs while our files are open, they can be corrupted. Doris
  2. Dave, a Descendant Report will show all the descendants of a particular ancestor. If you're looking to find all DNA matches to one or more relatives you have identified as DNA relatives to this Native ancestor, you might try RootsFinder, a remarkable genealogy program with amazing DNA features. Check it out.
  3. Unlock product key

    Thank you, Michael!
  4. This cursed message is rearing its ugly head again every time I open TMG. Argh. I know there's a trick involving log in as administrator. I forgot how.
  5. List of People Query

    Oh my gosh. That's perfect, John. Thank you again!
  6. List of People Query

    I want to flag the Y-DNA tested males in my database and their direct paternal line ancestors where the Y line has been proven, then display an icon in SS to indicate this. I can easily attach a flag to each tested person that qualifies, but how can I select their direct paternal line in a Report\List of People query? Thank you! Doris
  7. Off-Topic - MyHeritage

    I've been a member for many years and have had no problems with MyHeritage. I find their DNA offering far superior to Ancestry and 23andMe. Their research is also excellent, a great supplement to Ancestry. One important factor is that they have a huge European membership and European sources that often are not available elsewhere. They have a pro bono program that recently offered free kits to more than a thousand adoptees and have just announced free kits to help reunite parents and kids in the border fiasco. They use FTDNA's lab. Doris
  8. Edit function

    Dear Jim, Thank you so much for your instructions. I apologize for my delayed reply. Something came up and kept me from my computer, but I'm always grateful for your help. Best, Doris
  9. Edit function

    For as long as I can remember, the Edit function page has most items grayed out, including Insert Object. I was always able to ignore it as just an annoyance and could find a workaround. However, I'm now trying to insert a PDF as an exhibit and can't figure out how to do it. Can someone please help? Thank you. Doris UPDATE: I figured out how to right click and get an OLE box, but what do I put into it. It won't accept a paste or a path to the file. Help???
  10. Strangely, when I select a tag from the list, the default is to Close rather than Select. It's more of an annoyance than a complaint. However, when I add a new custom tag, or try to change the name of a tag, TMG accepts the tag, adds it to the list (in Tools\Master Source List), but won't bring it up when I try to Select it from Add. I've tried Optimize, close project and reopen. Any suggestions? Thank you, Doris
  11. Oh my gosh, as easy as that. I'm embarrassed. Guess it was a senior moment. Thank you, Terry.
  12. Flags topic, new question Jim and Terry refer to using flags to define reports. Can someone please tell me how to do this? I have assigned a flag to mark my DNA Matches. How can I now find everyone with DMA Match flag set to Y? Thank you! Doris
  13. The Flags tab no longer responds. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that TMG seems to open in Repair Mode every time I start it? The Flags function seems to operate in the background because my accents, etc., are OK, but I can no longer bring up the Flags window for a person. Should I reinstall? Thank you. Doris
  14. Error in Scan

    I have not been able to Scan directly from TMG for a long time. When I attempt it, I get this popup from TMG: VFPCOM.DLL is not registered. I've used alternate methods to the occasional image but now I'd like to add a bunch. It would be so much easier if the Scan feature would work. Thank you for any suggestions. Doris
  15. Error in Scan

    OK, Terry. Thank you. That's what I've been doing, but it certainly is time-consuming.:-( I know I used TMG's scan feature years ago. I liked being able to get an image into TMG then fix it later. Of cvourse, some of them never got fixed so your approach is better. I'll do that.
  16. Is it possible to add a universal tag or note to a TMG project? I don't see a way to do this in TMGU, but I may be missing something. My intent is to post a bare bones (BDM) tree to sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage but provide a link to my SS website for full details, sources, photos, etc. I know I can use their profile pages for this, and I have already done that, but I would really like the website referral to be front and center whenever someone views a person page on those sites. Thank you for any suggestions. Doris
  17. Add universal sentence

    Thank you, Terry! Great solution. Doris
  18. Is there a way to obtain a list of people who have a particular tag, say, the Private or Reference tag? I've tried TMGU, but it only brings up Flags, not Tags, in the filter field (Reports\Person and Source). Thank you for any tips. Doris
  19. List of people by tag type

    Thank you, Terry. Duh. I wasn't getting any results but I had failed to specify the Memo field in the tag. I do appreciate you and this forum. Doris
  20. Running TMG9.04 under Win 8.1. TMG seems to be developing the "creeping crud" or something. It's begun to ask me to register almost every time it opens. Now it won't open a project, telling me it is already open elsewhere. I created a new project today after several iterations and now, if it opens at all, it is blank. But the size on disk seems reasonable. Should I be giving up on it? I dearly hope not! Any advice will be very welcome. Thank you. Doris
  21. TMG in death throes?

    Thanks, Terry. The problems continue. Each time I open TMG, it runs in Repair mode. Now I get this: An error happened when opening the data tables... File c:\...TMG-Master2015_ND.DBF not found I have a working copy on a different computer running Win10, but this is my main computer. Should I download a fresh copy, reinstall and use a backup copy of my project? Please note problems in my previous post. Should I try to uninstall and delete everything I can find before downloading and installing a fresh copy? Thank you for your patience, All!
  22. TMG in death throes?

    Jim and GrillR, Thank you very much. I'm reassured. The computer is only about three months old and has lots of spare memory, etc. I have hesitated to upgrade to Win 10 until I get TMG working correctly. I think it's ok now, but the gremlins that installed OneDrive and Google Drive have them both interfering with my TMG paths.TMG works fine when I change the paths to avoid the backup drives, but I think I may have two copies on my computer and possibly duplicate project files. I tried deleting everything and downloading new but there are these shadow problems in the background still. Jim, you mention a TMG v9.05 and update. I downloaded the TMG v9.05 final installer. Is there an update somewhere? Thank you so much for staying with us hangers on! Best, Doris
  23. My new computer evidently has a different file configuration than the old one (both Win 8.1). It automatically put everything I transferred under Google Drive so TMG was running for a while under it. When I realized that, I atempted to move it outside Google Drive, but now I seem to have two versions of TMG and projects are scattered between them. How can I consolidate everything under one and delete the second version> I tried changing Preferences, but I think I made things worse. I suppose I can delete everything related to TMG on the new computer and start over. Is that the best way? I have good project backups, I think. Even Second Site is getting confused. Thank you for your help. Doris
  24. Has anyone tried to print out a VCF chart locally? Did TMG's printer use special software? It seems to me the charts I ordered were always so much better than what I sent them, but maybe it was only the small screen vs. full effect of large-scale printing. Suggestions? Thank you. Doris Wheeler
  25. Thank you, Glenn. I will certainly try these instructions. Ooooh, how I miss WG.:-( Now that I've found the right forum string, I see that Roots Magic is also an alternative. I purchased the software but really haven't used it. I don't suppose they have the same kind of printing facility... Will have to check. Doris