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    Camping with Grand children, gardening, walking trails with my pup, collecting information for future generations to enjoy.
  1. TMG to the Bitter End

    Backups were on a seperate drive. I wish I had kept that old drive as I had not thought of what you were suggesting in the registery. License came with the software which I ordered from a Genealogy group in Australia. So no email to retrieve. I tried the link, but my anti-virus was all over a trojan virus. I have found a version 8 or 7 disk with license code. I will just keep looking. Thank You for the reply. It is appreciated.
  2. TMG to the Bitter End

    I think I have hit that bitter end. Hard Drive crashed. PC Techs were able to save TMG data from my backups. BUT I cannot locate the license code for my copy to unlock. Does anyone know of someone who is no longer using their copy of TMG v9? I would be will to consider purchasing. I have presiously posted message to support but never had a reply.
  3. Trial Expired

    I had this same problem today and the fix worked except it only worked when I ran program as Administrator. Rebooted and tried same fix but not as admin. Now it works either way. Thank you