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  1. New Laptop Installation

    Not sure this is very active anymore. I got a new laptop last June, for TMG. I had so many issues on the install, I quit, and it has been sitting here unused for 11 mos. Fastforward: my 5 yr old Dell is really wonky and on it's way out. Display keeps going black. I need to get my DB to a new machine. So today I am trying again. The old install shows as OS (C:)>Program Files(x86)> The Master Genealogist v9 and then all the folders show under that folder. Old machine I look under This PC> Users>2390> Documents> The Master Genealogist v9> my Backups and Exhibits, config files are all there. ___ My new laptop shows I go to This PC> Windows (C:)>Program Files (x86)> The Master Genealogist v9> all the folders are there and fine. If I look under This PC, I have to hit Windows(C;) first, then Users> 2390> Documents...it is completely empty. no Folders whatsoever. My old laptop shows under Backup Data Wizard: C:\Users\2390\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\MergedFamily_.PJC Suggestions?
  2. Sources Slow to Load

    No, the sources are still lagging a long time. I can't figure this out either. Opening the source list doesn't take long if you just go right to that under tools. If I add a tag, and then try to add a source, the list takes forever. And the same if you are just copying one, and then edit it. Each step takes way longer than it should. Even if you are done editing it, when you go to select it. Saving takes a long time, and then another delay before it shows in the list so you can select it. Makes sourcing very painful. It just started some months ago...it went from great to dismal and no idea way.
  3. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    I just have to say that Jim Byram is wonderful! He saved my project and I am totally indebted to him! I was a bad girl, slacking off and found I hadn't done a backup for a month. And to top it off, TMG wouldn't let me restore any other backups. I was totally hosed and dead in the water. The man has the patience of a saint. I am so excited that I am up and running again. No more using cloud syncing, and I'm backing up every night from now on. Pam Thank Heavens for the support here.
  4. Cannot Open project in TMG 9

    Jim, you know I did add my Docs folder to PCloud a few days ago, because I was afraid I might lose my project! Ironic. I was out most of yesterday so never got to my computer until now. Rebooting didn't help. I get the same thing. I really would love to save the the project as it was on 9/27. I backed it up and it has a lot of work that was NOT in the August backup. Shame on me! I used to back up every day, and I got lazy... I would love for you to look at it. I will remove my Docs folder from PCloud right now, reboot and see. Pam Wood Waugh
  5. Yesterday I tried to open my project "FAMILY" in TMG and was met with "\_ND.dbf not found". It shut down. Tried again, and it went into Repair Mode. Again, same result. Rebooted machine. Ditto. Searched on line for a resolution. Read about deleting all the .CDX files belonging to the project. Looked in my Projects folder and all the rest of my side projects had them, but FAMILY one did not. But I did notice about 10 of my FAMILY .DBF files had [conflicted] , like: FAMILY_PPV [conflicted].DBF Figured my data was corrupt, so tried to restore from an old backup (from a whole month ago::[sigh::]. Now all I get is "Someone else is using the project". I can't seem to find a way around that one. Any suggestions?? I'm about ready to hyperventilate!! Will a new install fix it?? (with fingers crossed that it is just that simple...) Pam Wood Waugh
  6. Sources Slow to Load

    I have 1605 at this point. (Sorry, just saw that you replied...) Pam
  7. Sources Slow to Load

    Just recently I have been having a huge issue with sources. When I try to bring up the list of sources, it can take 1-2 minutes. Then, if I find one, and hit copy, another minute or more passes. Once the copied source shows in the list, if I hit edit, another 1-2 min. I have optimized, reindexed, optimized again and nothing helps. Anyone else having this issue? It is really frustrating and time consuming...
  8. Backup Failure

    I haven't backed up for a while and tried today so I could take the backup and restore to a new laptop. Got this same error -- and I have been backing up to the C: drive for several years. --- C:\Users\Pam\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Backups I started to panic. I found my last b/u was done 5/20 so I took that and used it on the new machine. After loading it, I thought I better back that up as well, and got the same thing on the new Win 7 machine. I'm using TMG 7.04 Can anyone enlighten me? I will slit my wrists if these are no good. --Pam