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  1. Sources Slow to Load

    Just recently I have been having a huge issue with sources. When I try to bring up the list of sources, it can take 1-2 minutes. Then, if I find one, and hit copy, another minute or more passes. Once the copied source shows in the list, if I hit edit, another 1-2 min. I have optimized, reindexed, optimized again and nothing helps. Anyone else having this issue? It is really frustrating and time consuming...
  2. Backup Failure

    I haven't backed up for a while and tried today so I could take the backup and restore to a new laptop. Got this same error -- and I have been backing up to the C: drive for several years. --- C:\Users\Pam\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Backups I started to panic. I found my last b/u was done 5/20 so I took that and used it on the new machine. After loading it, I thought I better back that up as well, and got the same thing on the new Win 7 machine. I'm using TMG 7.04 Can anyone enlighten me? I will slit my wrists if these are no good. --Pam