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  1. I'm running TMG 9.05 on Windows 10. Recently I dis a backup of my project and then deleted it and restored to a version from previously in the day. Now I'm getting this message, and sometimes others as well: Red X OLE IDispatch exception code 20103 from TList7: Item not found.. 54 FRMEXPLORER.CNTPVIEW.CNTTREE.MUPDATE with buttons to Abort Retry Ignore If I ignore it then I get this Red X OLE error code 0x800a017d: Unknown COM status code. 55 FRMEXPLORER.CNTPVIEW.CNTTREE.MUPDATE with buttons to Abort Retry Ignore If I ignore it then I get the same error again but with 55, ignore again and I get 58 and then it goes away. Just previous to this I double clicked to go to another person. What causes this and how can I fix it? See attached trouble.txt. trouble.txt
  2. Delete all of a tag

    Thanks! Worked like a charm.
  3. Importing a GEDCOM file created a lot of GEDCOM tags. I've done all that I want with them and just want to delete them all. How is this done? A list of Events report can list them, but I want a secondary output to delete them. Is this possible?
  4. Thanks Terry. That did it!
  5. I am trying to import a GEDCOM file a distant relative sent me. Both the Simple or Advanced import say the same thing as soon as I point them to the file. I'm including a screen shot of the error. What is required to get this working? I'll include here the first few lines of the GEDCOM file: 0 HEAD 1 GEDC 2 VERS 5.5.1 2 FORM LINEAGE-LINKED 1 CHAR UTF-8 1 LANG English 1 SOUR MYHERITAGE 2 NAME MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 2 VERS 5.5.1 2 _RTLSAVE RTL 2 CORP MyHeritage.com 1 DEST MYHERITAGE 1 DATE 28 OCT 2018 1 FILE Exported by MyHeritage.com from export-BloodTree in Lora's Web Site on Sun, 28 Oct 2018 1 _PROJECT_GUID 5AB46F0E588F02AC9001EC9B2EE861C0 1 _EXPORTED_FROM_SITE_ID 505275121 0 @I1@ INDI
  6. Just one more question. My old project had hard paths to the exhibits - C:\aaa\bbb\img.jpg - for example. Now these are within the TMG9 subtree. Is there a way to convert these - and if so, what path is best to use so they are relative to the project instead of hard paths?
  7. I had already downloaded 9.05, but forgot I had not installed it having not figured out the upgrade steps. This made it easier. I deleted my data, uninstalled 9.04 and installed 9.05 and restored from the backup. I cycled through optimize and validation as instructed and seem to have a working project again. Yes, two datasets there - and I had not confused them. I'm still worried about a hard to reproduce bug. But until I can repeat it I'll have to proceed. Thanks for the sanity check.
  8. Followup: I ran a validate and it found 51,518 problems and fixed them. So I think this dataset is trashed. I'm restoring from backup. Hope this does not happen again.
  9. I'm just starting to use TMG9.04.0000 after the final upgrade. I just turned on the reminders on several things so I can learn more and cue cards appeared on most things. I had imported my data (from TMG5.xxx) with the prior TMG9 revision and then deinstalled/reinstalled with the final. I opened a birth tag which cited a source (1:310) and I opened the source. There are citations of this source in many places. I cancelled out of the source and the citation still said 1:310. When I double clicked on it again TMG displayed source 0:0. Cancelling out still showed the citation referred to it, but searching for the source failed. So I cancelled back to the person and opened the master source list and 1:310 is not there. However the citations to it still have the appropriate date but now they all say 0:0 for the source. What kind of trouble have I caused? What should I do? I'm afraid to touch anything else. Marvin