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  1. Virginia: No the file name was normal and worked fine for that List of Events report on another project.


    Vera: Have sent to you the data you suggested, but as noted in that email, the problem seems to have gone away for the moment. I am convinced that sometimes it take my computer a couple of days to put all of its toys away, so they will be ready when needed. :D


    These "once in awhile" errors (probably from all the sloppy parts of the Windows and Office software, device drivers for other software on a particular machine, or simply combinations of what is on a particular computer in terms of both hardware and software) must drive the TMG programmers crazy.


    Thanks to both for offering to help. Will post again if it comes back. :ph34r:



  2. Have several Projects and this only affects one project. I reinstalled TMG 6.07 and tested in another Project successfully, but it still fails in one particular Project.


    I run a List of Events to find all instances of a specific tag type. The report runs and shows 12 finds (as shown in the screen that lasts for 5 seconds or so) then goes to generate the MSWord output file and gives me first the error message:


    Variable ' 68' is not found


    Then, if I click on "ignore", I get the message:


    Conversion error #3: Could not create or open CONV_LOG. TXT on scratch drive.


    Then everything gets hung and I have to Ctrl/Alt/Delete out of TMG.


    When I come back into TMG and run VFI there are no problems found.


    Earlier today I merged another Project into the offending Project (which now has six datasets). I had disabled four of the six datasets.


    I am running TMG 6.07 on Windows XP Professional. Have rebooted the computer and get the same results.


    Any ideas? Or things I should record when I try to run the report that might be useful in debugging the problem?


  3. Ahh, when the "begins with -" didn't work, it never occurred to me to try "contains". Will play with this to figure out if I am finding everything; expect that I will, since I am fairly sure that I have only used exclusions in memos. I don't have that many, yet, but can see the list growing and not being periodically checked.


    Hadn't given any thought to what the output would look like, so the suggestions on that were also welcome. Thanks.

  4. I had fabulous help from all of the WhollyGenes community on the cruise, but one question drew a blank and it was suggested that I post it here. I feel that occasionally I should review each of the items that I have entered with either a single or double exclusion marker, just to check whether the marker is still appropriate or whether the material in a particular memo is up to date. Problem is that I haven't a clue as to what items have been so marked and as the number of people in my one-name-study is expanding by the thousands, it is not practical to open each person and look.


    So, the challenge is :ph34r: : is there a filter for a List of Events (or a way to use John Cardinal's TMG Utilities) that would let me find excluded items? I am not fussed about excluded citations, only in finding text in various memos of a variety of tags.


    Dave Ball

    compiler of The New England Ball Project

  5. What I really want is to be able to go into the Master Repository List or the Master Source List, click on an existing entry and create a copy (which I can do now, but it is locked into that dataset), then move the copy to another dataset by changing the dataset number and having TMG assign the next available item number in the new dataset. With a one-name-study that is growing in datasets, I find lots of common repositories and sources (e.g., SSDI, WWI draft registration, etc.) that now mean I have to open sources in one dataset and examine them to see if I made any custom changes to the default and then copy and paste stuff from one screen to the other. :blink:



    Dave Ball

    compiler of The New England Ball Project

  6. More agreement. I created a separate MSWord document called "Design Basis Memorandum" that records all of my choices that are different than TMG default. Because I have several Projects and many Datasets within those projects, it is important to record both the choices and the reasons for the choices, particularly for things not used regularly (e.g., how an adoption is treated).