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  1. 2 hours ago, LynnMcL said:

    Running "repair" did not solve the problem, and lately others are complaining of the same issue. Also, possibly related, maybe not, is that when I have a report go to a file and I answer "yes" when it asks if I want the file to be opened for me, it doesn't actually open the file. It is strange that this started when I put TMG on a new computer - same Windows10 version and same TMG version as on the previous computer, but different results. 

    I have the same problem as Lynn. Lynn, thanks for posting to this forum. John of SS suggested I look here. For Jim's sake, I'll summarize my actions to date.



    I have uninstalled, removed all references/instances of TMG (Registry and folders)  and reinstalled TMG as Administrator but the problem remains.

    I cannot find the solution to my problem in Terry's website. I also do not have a problem printing to a .pdf file.
    It is only printing to screen where I have the problem.

    Between my two TMG9.05 installations: Desktop w/Windows 7 and Laptop w/Windows 10, the Report Destination - Properties - Printer setup - settings are the same yet it is only in Win 10 that I cannot output to the screen.


    I'd sure like to hear of a solution.

    Tracey Milligan

  2. my suggestion for the following complaints:


    • I should have been offered a discount (after EOS announcement) on TMG 9, and especially after using TMGx for x number of years.
    • TMG was outdated
    • TMG was not competitive
    • Updates were too expensive (really?)

    switch to another genealogy program that is in release - and get engaged in their forum.

    You did not care then, you should not care now, and you should stop complaining.



    I, with my TMG, am not going anywhere.



  3. "If TMG were a superior product, or even truly competitive, it would be attracting new users by the carload"


    I completely agree with John and hope no discounts are offered. Especially to those that gripe about the product!

    TMG has always been an outstanding product, best in class, in my opinion...and I have trialed nearly all, supposed competition.


    Only exception, would be for those who are unable to appreciate its' capabilities.


    I'll keep using TMG for as long as I possibly can.

  4. Jim & Michael, thank you for your expertise.


    this explains why I later observed many persons without a gender. At first, it never occurred to me to examine the sex flags more closely.

    I think the Legacy export to gedcom did not go well at all.

    Once I get this cleaned up, I'll buy my girlfriend TMG software.


    thanks again


  5. many years ago when I first started to use TMG, and in my very first project, it seems my defaults for Bio tags were; Mother-Bio, Father-Bio, Dau-Bio & Son-Bio. So eveytime I added a child or parent, it would use one of these tags. Recently, I took my girlfriends data (gedcom) from her Legacy software, exported as gedcom and imported to a new project (hers) in my TMG. Now all of her Bio tags in TMG are; Child-Bio & Parent-Bio. I now have fewer Bio tags making less of a distinction of gender.


    I would prefer that they were; Father, Mother, Dau & Son but, it seems almost an impossibility to change them all. Is there a preferred tag type and is there a way to change these Bio tags globally with out losing the parent-child linkages.




  6. I'm having the same problems with exporting my data to a gedcom. I've been exporting without any issues until this morning. This morning, similar error message as others; "File Access is denied [..TEMP....tmgnnnnnn_file_e.fpt 4397MSUBSTITUTION_E".


    me thinks something has happened with TMG but, I'm going try some other things first. System restore to previous state.... disabling antivirus would be my last resort as I have not seen this problem before this morning.