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  1. Many thanks Terry. I incorrectly applied to the TMG downunder group and I am now trying to subscribe to the main one....which you suggested. I appreciate your help Bil
  2. Hi. I just purchased a new computer (Windows 11) and I am having troubles installing TMG (gold v 9.05). I have all the data restored (I think!) but it takes nearly 30 minutes to download and open. It used to open almost straight away. Any thoughts on what I can do to solve this problem please?
  3. Many thanks Terry and Jim....I really appreciate your help. I shall try and experiment with some of the possible applications that you have suggested. I do have Trend and it is possible that I need to close it down while I reinstall TMG. Anyway, thank you both so much for your suggestions Bil
  4. I have uninstalled TMG and then reinstalled it. At first it went ok but the next time I opened it it went really slow....like half and hour to open! Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  5. Hi I am getting frustrated trying to view a list of Living people in my TMG. I go to List of people. In the first line "is a descendant of" [3] (my ancestor) "AND" next line: "LIVING" "equals to=" "Y" "END" Then the message "No people meet the conditions of the filter"! (Yet there are many who are deceased!) Can anyone give me clear step-by-step instructions how to get just the living descendants please? I can print ALL descendants, but I am trying to get a list of ONLY the living to work out reunion invitation list numbers. Many thanks Bil
  6. Thanks Terry. I can print list of descendants who are living only and I can print their spouses...unfortunately this also includes the non-living spouses. As far as planning for a reunion I will go through and erase by hand the non-living spouses. Thanks to all for your help Bil
  7. Thanks for your help and patience! It worked if I do not tick the descendants box at the very bottom....lists all descendants that are living. However, if I tick the spouses box (because I would like to know numbers to invite to reunion) it also lists non-living spouses (eventhough, they have an N in their flag). If I do not tick the spouse box at the very bottom of the page...I can get only Living ancestors...which is good....but I don't get spouses. Any thoughts please? Bil
  8. Thanks John for your suggestions. However, it is still not working. I am frustrated and confused because I think I have done everything as you and Terry have suggested. It is still displaying the non-living descendants after I put in your suggestion "Living does not equal N". I then went and checked the individual non-living people that it displays and they have N as their tag. Thanks for any tips Bil
  9. Thanks Terry. I checked and found the [?] flag on the living people. However, with the non-living the flag is an [N]. In the report of List of people I changed setting to [?] as you suggested and it worked for one ancestor (ie it listed only the living) which was good.....but for most of the other ancestors that I have tried it lists some of the dead (but not all!). I have checked the relevant flags and they have an [N]. Is there a way to ONLY have the living printed? And, why does it work for some and not others? I have no doubt that I am the problem, but I am really trying to get on top of this! I suppose another question related to this: is there anyway to print ONLY the non-living descendants? I would have thought: "is a descendant" of [iD] [AND] LIVING = equals to [N] Is that correct? Many thanks Bil
  10. Sorry to be a bother. I am trying to find out what edition I have....I go to the "About TMG " and it simply says :Gold edition v 8.08.0000 copyright 2015" However, I cannot find whether it is UK or US edition. Thanks bil
  11. Thanks Michael...I appreciate that.
  12. Thanks Jim. How do you know? bil
  13. Hi I have only just seen the news that TMG has ended upgrades etc. I have vs 8.08. I tried to upgrade but it says all sold out. I have a very large data collection on my TMG and am worried what to do. Can anyone advise if there is another suitable program that will take all this data and how to go about this? I really am at a loss as to my next step. Many thanks bil
  14. I have TMG Gold vs 8.08. When I click "Check for update" it says "Your software is up to date" I know there is a version 9, so what is going wrong here? Thanks for any suggestions bil
  15. Once again thank you Terry and Michael! bil
  16. Thanks Terry for your much valued answers and explanations to my questions. You have clarified the TMG position for me very well. Thank you! Hi Michael. I appreciate your answers too and have taken them on board. I feel a bit better knowing what the actual current position is and feel hopeful for the future after your comments. I am trying to get the Vs 9 license and so hopefully will be able to continue using TMG for some time to come! Many thanks bil
  17. Two follow up questions if you don't mind? 1. I have just found that I can get vs 9.05 Gold licence.....would this be a goog idea? 2. Family Historian 6 says it can import TMG files....anyone have any thoughts on this program? Thank you bil
  18. Thanks for this advice. I am still trying to get into the Refugee mailing list....waiting to get permission? Terry your is an interesting article, but I do not see how it addresses the security of TMG data for the long term? It seems that even with processes in place to reinstall TMG in the event of a computer failure, the bottom line is that TMG is finished? And so, I am desperate to find some other program that will do all that TMG did for me! And to transfer TMG data to that other program securely. Hopefully if I can get onto the Refugee forum I will find some answers. Many thanks, bil
  19. Hello, I have a new computer (windows 7) and am not sure how to transfer TMG over from my old one. I have backed up my data.....BUT how do I go about opening up TMG on the new one? I am using TMG v 7.4...and have the serial number etc. Would be very grateful for any suggestions Thanks Bil
  20. Install TMG7 in Win7

    I have succesfully restored TMG to my new computer...I THINK! It all seems to be working very well. I downloaded the Trial version and used my serial no to unlock it. My next question:\\I notice a couple of users say "Just install TMG on your new system, then copy a backup of your data to the new computer, and Restore it". Pardon my ignorance....a possibly really dumb question...but I simply installed it and restored my data. What is the difference between "copyiing a backup to new computer" and restoring data? Many thanks Bil
  21. I recently changed my default settings from English (US) to English (UK). Now many of the anecdotes etc are not appearing in the Entry page. However, if I go to "Sentence" and click on "US"...I can see them....so i have been copying and then clicking onto "UK" and pasting them. Is there a way to do this without having to go into every entry? Thanks Bil
  22. Language problems

    Thank you Terry Bil
  23. Is there any way to correct spelling errors without going into the edit view for each data entry? I have many many entries in which I have just realised that I have spelt a town incorrectly. I realise that I can go in to each entry and correct it but wondered if there was a master spell checker that would bring up this town and I could correct it? Thanks Bil
  24. That's fantastic! Thanks so much!
  25. I would like to know if it is possible to combine two different citations. I had one (16) which is now the same as another one (14). Is there a way I can combine the two and just cite 14? Many thanks Bil