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  1. Citations -combining

    Many thanks Terry Bil
  2. Citations -combining

    Sorry...I mean two sources. But I think I have it figured with the main source list and the merge or renumber facility. Many thanks Terry Bil
  3. Pardon my ignorance...but is it possible to back up my TMG data onto a USB? (I think someone said I could not back up to a CD)? Thank you Bil
  4. Hello. Can anyone advise if there is a quick way to count the number of descendants of an ancestor in TMG? I am hoping there is a shorter way than going through each generation and writing down the numbers! Many thanks Bil
  5. I have upgraded to version 7 but at irregular intervals the whole progam simply shuts down. There does not appear to be any reason for this and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Thanks Bil
  6. Thanks Virginia....have tried this but, alas, no luck. Bil
  7. Sadly, this problem is still occuring in version 7.03. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a solution? Please....
  8. It seems to be occurring more than just randomly for me now. It shuts down more than 50% of the time when clicking on a sibling window. It's ok if I remember to go to the parent and then down to the child...but, as it does work at times....and because old habits are hard to stop ...I go to the more convenient Sibling Window and , more often than not it crashes. I hope that it can be fixed soon
  9. Yes...I now have version 7.01 and the problem is still not fixed. I wonder why such an annoying problem is so hard to fix?
  10. "The work-around to avoid the shutdown is simple. Don't navigate to siblings using the Siblings window. Double-click to a parent and then double-click to the appropriate child." Surely a program with all the Bells and Whistles that TMG v 7.0 is supposed to have can be more efficient than this? When one is performing a lot of data entry it used to be much simpler (in version 6)to go directly to the siblings window than having the added navigation to the parents window and then down to the child. Any idea of a time-frame for an improved updated version?
  11. I already responded above that the Siblings window issue should be fixed in v7.01. The work-around to avoid the shutdown is simple. Don't navigate to siblings using the Siblings window. Double-click to a parent and then double-click to the appropriate child.
  12. Please help! Despite reading the many suggestions and asking for assistance from the support staff....my problem is still very much with me! The shutting down of the program -when I access the sibling menu -at irregular intervals is very frustrating. I would think that TMG would have figured out the cause by now...surely. Perhaps the Vs 7.0 is a bit too techical. I have used the previous versions for years and they have been more than adequate for my needs. Can anyone from the support staff suggest a cause....and, more importnatly for me, a solution to this problem? Many thanks
  13. "Hopefully, this particular C0000005 error won't happen in v7.01. We'll see." Jim do you have any idea when v 7.01 will be released? The intermittent shutting down is very frustrating. Thanks
  14. I suspect you'll find that this is feature of the new reminder window. I'd guess that you have Reminders set to always show? Personally, I now run with reminders off, only selecting them to show when I'm doing something with lots of roles etc. as I too got caught too often with the date being half typed, and validated before I'd finished. My theory, and I stress theory, is that if TMG was programmed to display the reminder window before the Tag Entry screen when you select a tag that this issue would go away and we could go back to having both reminders AND quick date entry, but I've no idea if that is even possible Many thanks for this tip Lorna
  15. Thanks for this Jim. Can you let us know when there is a solution? The intermittent shutting down of the whole program when accessing the Sibling window is very frustrating. I wonder...if it is a code from outside the TMG one ....why did it not happen with Version 6?
  16. Thanks Michael. I think that you may be right! I have tried to follow your suggestions and so far the system has not crashed. It seems that if you double click too quickly then the system sometimes does crash. I should stress that it does not do so most times....but at random intervals as you say. I also find that Version 7 does not allow me to type in some data as quickly as I used to....for instance, when I type in a birth date it registers the first number and then says "irregular date"...so I have to type it in more slowly. I will continue to try the version 7 following your suggestion to see if it is simply a matter of going too fast for the program...fingers crossed! Many thanks
  17. Thank virginia. I moved the Siblings window to the top of the screen and had the same problem
  18. I am using a Windows XP. The problem only occurs when I have the data enry window open. It specifically happens when I go to a sibling of the person in focus. I can get around it by going back to the parent and then going to that sibling. However, for convenience it is quicker to go straight to the sibling and that is when TMG will randomly collapse. It also shuts down straight away if I go to check if there is an update (I realise that there is not one but I checked and noticed that the whole program always immediatrely shuts down). I have been to Tech Support and they have been very patient and helpful....however, they cannot find the problem. At this stage the only suggestion is to uninstall and then re-install. I would rather not do this as this could mean losing data or restoring the problem again. Many thanks for any suggestions