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  1. Globally change flag values

    Terry, That did the trick. Thanks.
  2. Globally change flag values

    Terry, I have a Related-By flag in which I have a number of values including ? and U for unrelated. After reading your article on Related By flags, I thought I don't really need both of those values and I'm looking to get rid of the unrelated value and just go with the ? value. I just ran Project Explorer to find all the people with the Related By value of U. There are 17,706 people showing in Project Explorer. So now I need to do the Secondary Output of the List of People? If so, how do I do that? I see where there is a change Flag check box, how do I get it to apply to the people in Project Explorer and change "U" to "?"? Roger
  3. External vs. Internal Exhibits

    Thanks Terry, I have used exhibits and always picked external, but didn't have any real reason as to why. Now I have a reason. Given your advise I'll continue to use external exhibits.
  4. Globally change flag values

    Thanks for the response Jim, but now I have more questions that answers. I've used TMG for years but I have no idea what I'm suppose to do with List of People and List of Events Secondary Output nor do I know how to run a filtered report. I do know how to make backups. Can you be more detailed in your directions Thanks
  5. When trying to load any project in TMG 6.12 I get the following error message: An error happened when opening to data tables... File C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST\_ND.dbf not found. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? My project loaded just the other day, so I'm not sure what has happened in the meantime - no new programs were installed since it last worked.
  6. _ND.dbf not found error

    Reinstalling, then deleting the .CDX files and doing the maintenance seems to have done the trick. I'm back up and running. Thanks Michael for your help. Roger
  7. _ND.dbf not found error

    Still getting the same error after deleting all of the .cdx files.