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  1. Hi Virginia.....just heading back over to my cousins to try and solve this problem. For clarification, it is her project that's lost the cdx files. I'm not there right now but as best as I can recall from last night, the only missing files were the pjc & cdx files but will double check when I get there. It will be her backup that we'll be using so no problem on same preferences etc. and same version - neither of us has made the move to 7. Me because it's so difficult to get it to install that I simply haven't had the time to fight with it I use XP Pro (so does my cousin) and I'm in the process of switching to Linux NOT Vista. So, I'll double check on the files, back them up then collect the pjc from her backup and, with fingers crossed, put it back in the folder and see what happens. Thanks for all the assistance as usual! After reading the thread about the teacher who wouldn't recommend TMG, I can only feel sorry for both her and her students if they miss out on such a great program and, even more importantly, the wonderful support that's available! Joan
  2. Does it matter how old the pjc file is? I know my cousin has a backup but not recent. So if I can get a pjc, place it in the folder then open TMG, the cdx files should be recreated? 8-) Joan
  3. No pjc file listed....no cdx files other files are all there. The project is in a folder with others, all of which are fine. The location is fine in Preferences. The entire folder was moved from another drive, the preference location was changed for all the projects and this is the only one that 'got lost'<g>. Suggestions? Joan
  4. TMG7 vs. the competion? Stability?

    I'm curious about which other OSes you're wanting TMG to run on? I understand that it runs on Mac with Parallels and on Linux with vmware, Crossover Office or Win4Lin. I'm about to do a trial myself using TMG with Linux and, if you do a search here on the forum, you'll find a thread which includes a link to a website with specific instructions on using it with Linux. I started using FTM back at the time version 3 was morphing into version 4 and have continued to keep the program up to version 16 (forget 2008!!!) for client and teaching purposes only. I never liked the program and have loved TMG ever since I started using it about 10 years ago. When I first began using technology for my family history, my mentor (bless her heart!) told me whatever program I chose, I would quickly realize I would need at least 2 programs to meet all my needs and wants. She was absolutely right......no single program can ever have every single thing we, as individuals, think is necessary. Overall, I believe that TMG comes the closest which is why it is my primary program. That doesn't mean that I can't find the odd chart or report that some other program does that I can't manage to do in TMG......in that case I do a gedcom into that program and do that chart/report then go back to the TMG layout that is always so much better than in any other program I've seen I always advise my clients/students/SIG participants to try several different programs by entering a family group of at least 3 generations in each to see how the data entry process works first as that's what you'll spend the most time doing then check out the reports/charts that are available, always bearing in mind that you can always do as I do for a specific chart or report if another program is much better for your data entry preferences and access to your info from the database. Good luck on your s/w research and be aware that TMG has a phenomenal support network whether from Wholly Genes tech staff or TMG users here and on the TMG-L list plus the regular chat. We are also extremely fortunate to have long time users who have developed add on software plus assistance on maximizing the capabilities of TMG through websites and books as well. Joan
  5. New Tag?

    Amen to 'so much to do....so little time' Teresa! I think they should forget this extension of Daylight Savings Time and get on with creating 48-hour days......maybe then we could fit most of it in? Joan Any time. I am snowed under right now with house remodeling. I have two new cemeteries to get online. Maybe I will just take a night to myself and work on that. One is only two stones, so it shouldn't take long. ALways so much to do, so little time.
  6. Starting in the Fall of 2007 the Victoria TMG Users' Group made the decision to meet monthly on the 3rd Saturday morning of each month. Our meetings commence at 9:30 am till noon at the Big Blue & Cousins PC Users Group Clubhouse located at 85A Burnside Rd West, Victoria BC. All TMG Users or those wanting to know more about TMG are welcome. Joan
  7. Working with Place Data

    I solved this issue by creating 4 additional Place Styles: Ontario (they have counties but province instead of state), BC (we don't have counties but in early days had districts), UK & 'My US' - this is for NY State as they use 'Town' instead of Township like Ontario and I have a lot of ancestors from NY pre-Revolution. This works very well although I wasn't successful in getting the order of the place names correct. Good luck! Joan
  8. As I'm unable to get v7 to function, I'm clearly going to be using v6 for some time to come. That's not a particular problem except for the above. How on earth can one increase the font size in the comment section of the Research Log so that I can read it without either a magnifying glass or having to get within an inch of the monitor? ".....my eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have not brought my specs with me....." But this is WITH my specs!!! Joan
  9. Font Size in Research Log

    I have the window almost full screen on a 19" monitor and the font size doesn't change. My min font is set at 11 and max at 15 but I would say it looks about 8 which I personally think should be outlawed<ggggg> It is a reasonable size in all other 'memos' which is why it frustrates me. Joan
  10. Font Size in Research Log

    Joan, I believe if you go into the Research window and create your item and save it, then while still having the item highlighted in the research window select the text in the comment window and do a right mouse click you will have some options to enlarge the font from small, medium or large or to simply increase the font by 50% or decrease the font by 50%. Do not do this while in the edit mode of the item although there are options there to do it they don't seem to work easily. Hope this helps. Jo The choices I get are 'Normal' Bold, Italic, Superscript.......that's about what the font looks like.....superscript. Joan
  11. Font Size in Research Log

    Hi Joan I'm sure others will react to your first comment but the obvious question is why can't you get TMG v7 to work or have I missed a thread along the way? Dave Yes I have a thread in the TMGv7 forum regarding my problems with it. Joan

    Can you tell me who has permissions to access the attachments of the Chats in the Archive? I'm logged in, can't see why I wouldn't have access to the pdf but received an error message saying I don't have access. Joan
  13. Alias "File_N" not found?

    Have you had any response to your question? There are so many posts in this category that they quickly end up on another page. Hopefully, my reply with bounce this onto the first page and get you a response. Joan
  14. Another one of those TMG tips that can go under the 'why didn't I figure this out'.... Thanks to you both and I'll be happy to pass this along to our User Group. Joan
  15. XResearch tag sentence

    DeAnna - I love your title for this tag & the roles!!! and Constance your additions are excellent. Joan
  16. TMG7 Default folders

    Virginia: I tried installing it on my laptop using <shudder> C and My Docs. I got the same problem with the Sample Project being inaccessible with the same error messages whether I used 'All Users' or 'One User'. And that was using Win XP Pro. I haven't even started to try it with Linux Joan
  17. TMG7 Default folders

    Well, I've tried everything I can think of and nothing helps. Looks like v7 isn't going to happen for me<sigh> Joan
  18. TMG7 Default folders

    Yes, it's there but it's also in the application folder under Projects. I've tried deleting the one in the application folder but it doesn't make any difference. I tried 'Select a Project' and going directly to the sample__.pjc file and I still get the error messages. I haven't tried going to tmg7.exe to open it.......will try that next...... Thanks for the new suggestions Virginia! Joan
  19. TMG7 Default folders

    All I can say is that I envy you Michael So far, I've tried the repair function and reinstalled twice and still no joy. In fact, after the reinstall, now it doesn't even SEE the sample project so I don't have the choice of opening it. I'm going to try one more time to install it then give it up till tomorrow. Joan
  20. TMG7 Default folders

    Leslie: I totally agree re MS os<g>. However, rather than go to Mac, I'm migrating to Linux. Also, we are fortunate in having several local computer businesses who will only install Vista at the customers' request, otherwise they still install either XP or XP Pro and promise to do so at least until June of this year. Having said that, I still plan to go to TMGv7. As you can see, my original problems have been overcome in my trial version install and now the problem seems to be with the Sample Project. Having noted that a few other problems were overcome by uninstalling and reinstalling, I'm going to give that a try and see if that might do the trick...... I'm thinking my difficulties may stem from the fact that I DON'T have Vista, rather have XP Pro while the program is designed to function with Vista thus may have a few quirks to deal with in XP. I'll be sure to report back on the results Joan
  21. TMG7 Default folders

    Well, I tried to send this message a while ago but I guess there was a problem with the connection...... For whatever reason, after mulitple restarts of the program plus several reboots of the system, I finally was able to open TMGv7. However, then when I tried to open the Sample Project I received the following error message: The Master Genealogist File does not exist. 56 APPOBJECT.SHOW Abort/Retry/Ignore Clicking on Retry - Nothing Clicking on Ignore - Nothing except the number increases with each attempt.....stopped at 62 APPOBJECT.SHOW Clicking on Abort - message disappears, all Menu Bar items greyed out except Window so click on that and this appears: sample____.pjc - The Master Genealogist Array dimensions are invalid Click on OK Can't close program so click on Window, Center window and this error message appears: The Master Genealogist ACTIVEFORM is not an object. 6 MENUOBJTMG.MCENTERWINDOW Abort/Retry/Ignore Retry - nothing Ignore - nothing except an increase in the number of the error Abort - message disappears and comes back with Window/Center window Meanwhile, the only way to cancel the program is with the '3 finger salute' Any ideas/suggestions? Would really love to get to the point where I could import my backup to check out the program or even to get the Sample Project open to enable me to explore the new goodies Joan
  22. TMG7 Default folders

    Except for the square brackets, the user name is the exact one (not entered by me, rather the shop that assembled my machine so is spelled incorrectly so I was careful to copy & paste The spaces between the lines are there......I think that is how is shows in the help section that I copied & pasted then adjusted to my paths......of course I can't check as the program won't open Howeever, in case that has an effect, I'll delete them and try again<sigh>. Joan PS We're in the midst of a major wind storm right now so may lose power momentarily......
  23. TMG7 Default folders

    Here's what I have: [Claeghorn] SharedProgramData=H:\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7\SharedProgramData UserProgramData=H:\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7\UserProgramData UserData=H:\TMG7 DATA\The Master Genealogist v7\Current Personal v7 Joan
  24. TMG7 Default folders

    Well Keith, I'm glad you managed to get it to work I do not install TMG on C.....I have a separate partition for all my genealogy apps and I've never kept my data files (projects & exhibits) on the same partition as the application. My problem comes from the structure of the paths required in the data_paths.txt file. As the program path and the shared program & user program data files along with the User Data files are not going to be on C and on the H drive where they will reside doesn't have 'All Users' or 'User' designations, I can't figure out how to get the txt file to work using the paths to the folders! Here's where my folders are located: SharedProgramData=H:\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7\SharedProgramData UserProgramData=H:\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7\UserProgramData UserData=H:\TMG7 DATA\The Master Genealogist v7\Current Personal v7 After creating the txt file with the above info, I tried to open TMG 7 and got the error that I hadn't specified users. I did keep the user in the square brackets at the beginning of the text file but am somewhat lost in trying to get this file to work. I must say I'm also a bit baffled at the reason for TMG to recreate the unused data files. I don't, as a rule, put anything on C drive except Windows (I'm using XP Pro) as I also run Linux on another partition and wish to access the data files and sometimes apps from both OSs Any tips on how I can get this silly txt file to work would be gratefully received Joan
  25. It could be a preference choice with a popup either separate from or part of the one asking if you want a backup. Although there are times it bugs me, particularly if I'm opening & closing TMG several times for some reason, I still leave it as an 'in your face' reminder so I have no excuse to 'forget' to backup my data and my customizing in case I've made some new, improved changes Joan