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  1. Pocket PC

    When I'm doing local entry, I may use my laptop however again, my preference is to use the Palm then download to my desktop if in town or laptop when away. It's not simply weight that's my reason, it's also protection of an expensive laptop I couldn't replace and simplicity......I often don't have a vehicle when I'm researching 'Back East' so wouldn't have a place to sit or to recharge the battery (although I do have the long-lasting type). I've never run out of power with my Life Drive(touch wood) so make the notes on the Life Drive then onto my laptop when away and copy & paste into TMG as I get time either while still away or when I get home. I've found this to work very well for me. Joan
  2. TMG & Linux

    Thanks muchly Andrew! I will definitely check out VirtualBox. I'm still using Feisty as I haven't found time to download Gutsy.....by the time I get to it they'll probably have 'Hulking' out Joan
  3. how to set up MRINs in TMG

    Absolutely each MRIN would need to be unique - think of an MRIN as a Family Group Sheet number - new one for each family unit......children retain the MRIN of the marriage from which they came until they marry then they'd get a new number. In the case of multiple marriages, I've just put a new number in the Ref Field - hadn't thought of putting the most recent first.....makes sense to me As far as preserving Ancestral File Numbers, there is a specific tag for that. I've changed mine to Henry Number but you can certainly use that tag for your GEDCOM records. Hope this helps. Joan
  4. Pocket PC

    I too use a Palm LifeDrive with GedStar Pro and wouldn't trade it for the world. I didn't enter directly into my laptop version of TMG, only made notes before I started using a Palm so don't miss the ability to enter into my database. I have a keyboard for entry notes when in archives, libraries, etc. or, as Barbara recommends, a digital camera for places like cemeteries. I have several datasets which total close to 50,000 entries and have no problem with it on the Palm. Of course you can also add much more memory with an SD card which I have done which gives me several more GBs of storage Joan
  5. how to set up MRINs in TMG

    Hi Jamie! As I'm the one who suggested that setting up MRINs in TMG is relatively simple, I'd best explain how I did it and why I agree that it is a simple and functional way to organize your paperwork which is why I chose to do a trial with TMG and generating my own MRINs. I took a specific surname line that I had in one binder and opted to use this one as my trial. I used the Reference Field and did it manually. I can see that using John's suggestion re using a word processor to create the numbers then using his TMG Utilities makes a lot of sense and will try that out. The key that I found is to keep your 'index' list of people with their numbers up to date as that's how you know which number is next. I'll do a further post when I've tried out John's suggestion using his Utilities program. Joan
  6. Change place styles

    Sorry, I misunderstood - I thought that you wanted a few US style with the rest UK. In your Master Place Style list, do you have more than one? Joan
  7. Change place styles

    Zane: You may need to do the same I have done - I have mostly North American entries however am accumulating more UK ones. To solve that, I created a UK Place Style as well as 3 different North American ones. It is working very well (when I remember to select them that is 8-) Joan
  8. Chat Transcripts have Moved

    Wonderful idea Terry! Was this your brainwave? This will make it so much easier for our TMG User Group members to find when they've had to miss the chat. Thanks so much. Joan
  9. TMG & Linux

    Thanks so much Ian for posting this info. This has been one of my reasons for hesitating in using Linux as my primary rather than secondary OS.......I have about 5 programs that are essential which are Windoze ones with TMG & Gedstar Pro being prime among them. I will examine your website closely to see which would be my best choice - Crossover Office or Win4Lin. Joan
  10. The Victoria BC TMG User Group will be meeting on Saturday, October 20 at 9:30 am to noon at the Big Blue & Cousins Clubhouse, 85A Burnside Rd. West (www.bbc.org for map). We will be reviewing the Expert Tutorial then looking at Terry's Roles Tutorial and the Sentence Structure Forum. Anyone using TMG or interested in checking out TMG is welcome! Joan
  11. Better and better Robin! Imagine the marketing point this could be for TMG......and imagine what an improvement for the accuracy of our data/reports. I have no idea how difficult this would be to program but I believe it would be well worth the effort for a version 7.x add-on! Hope you're following this innovative thread Bob Joan
  12. This is a strange one. My cousin is trying (and has since she got TMG) to create Family Group Sheets and after setting it up for screen, one sees some screens flash then there's absolutely nothing. The same thing happens when trying to print a FGS. Has anyone else had this problem? She has version 6.12. Any suggestions? Joan
  13. Thanks Virginia. I'll reset the definition & select the specific printer. Other reports are fine, just the FGS & she does have a printer attached so that's not a problem. Joan Tada!!! Not sure which of the above did the trick but it now works. Thanks so much for your speedy response Virginia. It helps as I'm here with her right now so we've got it fixed. Joan
  14. Beautifully put Robin and should work very well for all of us wrestling with this issue. Thank you! Joan
  15. Sentence structure & Role definitions

    Terry, could you cross-reference to this thread in the Sentence Forum? I'm sure others would find the concept and the 'how-to' most helpful. Joan
  16. <chuckle>Actually, in the Victoria area (at least among those of us in the Victoria PC Users' Group), there's not a huge number of Dells......many more HPs. Absolutely it's a different world across the Straits!!! I have family over there too & lived there myself for a few years. For myself, I'm finding that I prefer the 2-monitor over the very large monitor and, like others I've heard, wonder how on earth I ever worked with a single monitor However, either would accommodate a larger pedigree view very nicely if one had the choice. Joan
  17. I have to install my old TMG v4 in order to import an old PAF file to create a GEDCOM for import into a new PAF version (I've done this before). My problem is that I have the CD but not the updates with me (am on my way to the FHC for my shift<g>). Is there anywhere I can download it from? Joan
  18. TMG 4.0 Patch to 4.0d

    Never mind - I was able to import the PAF 2 file, create & export a GED & successfully import into a PAF 5 program even without the a to d patches.......yeah TMG!!!! Makes a great impression on users of other programs Joan
  19. Invalid Individual

    Another option is to enter the person as an unrelated male making a memo that explains where you found it and why you don't believe this person could be a son of the couple indicated and hopefully, you'll find where he really belongs as you do more research. 8-) Joan
  20. Project Explorer - Selecting Primary Person

    Another quick way to access persons that you are needing frequently (e.g. if you are working on a particular line, pick a person who is the father of the group you're working on) is the Bookmark. I use it all the time. I've bookmarked all my Loyalist ancestors for when I'm working on that group plus all my North American progenitors. This allows a fairly quick access to the generations here. As I have well over 45,000 names in my project, I certainly prefer that to the picklist for many of my changes from one person to another Hope this helps a bit. Joan
  21. Hmm, don't know where you live but in our area 'most' computers aren't sold with monitors at all! You then choose your preference. I notice that with the baby boomers now downsizing their living spaces, many are choosing either 17 or 19 inch monitors as the max they can fit in. Some, though choose large ones and they serve dual purpose as tv screens as well as computer monitors. Personally, I'm with Terry except that I've chosen to use 2 monitors - 17 & 19 inch - to allow the max in apps at the same time while still being able to fit them on my work centre. Meanwhile, as a preferences choice, it probably makes sense. I find the only time I ever even look at that view is when I'm teaching or demonstrating TMG as I have my various charts up on my wall for quick reference Joan
  22. One city--multiple counties

    You might want to make a note of the above info in Citation Details or Task List for future checking as there is likely something written somewhere on when each county was applicable. Joan
  23. Just an idea, however, how much RAM does your new machine have? The consensus in our local PC community seems to be that if you have Vista, you should have a minimum of 2GB of RAM, particularly if you do anything with photos........this could be at the root of your crashes. Joan
  24. 1 Sep 2007 Chat Transcripts

    Would too Perhaps you could write the script & have someone else read it while you demonstrated with the program.......hmmm, Terry could read it.......... Seriously, I think it would be invaluable as many of those I'm working with learn visually and find it helps them greatly to be able to watch the videos and work along with them. This is especially obvious with complex topics. Joan
  25. I would suggest that you pose your question in the Sentence Structure Forum at the bottom of the 'Other' Forums as this is the type of thing that I'm sure someone else has run into and has come up with sentences, roles, tags or whatever is necessary. I do know that Terry has come up with a simple format for multiple marriages that works well but I haven't had to use it for couples with children so I don't know how it works with them. See http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Roles-Marriage.htm You might also join in one of the Chat sessions tomorrow and ask the question there....... Joan