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  1. Import project

    One of my datasets is significantly larger than any of the others and I've noticed a difference when I've got it disabled. Admittedly not nearly as much difference with this machine which is an Intel duo with lots of speed and lots of memory<g> but on my laptop with less speed and not a duo, it's still noticeable. So, whether it skips that or is somehow able to skim it quicker when disabled I have no idea........ Joan
  2. My reason for using Gedstar Pro is to avoid having to pack my laptop all the time. I have both my projects (client & personal) on my Palm LifeDrive via GedStar and it along with its keyboard fit nicely into my purse which helps my back injury immensely. When I travel, the laptop stays safely locked up while I use my Palm at whatever repositories I'm doing research in. In the evening, I sync the info onto the laptop then onto my thumbdrive, work on it if necessary and start again the next day. While at home, I do the same thing when at the Archives, Family History Centre, etc. It's absolutely wonderful. Even when I was using my laptop, I never typed notes directly into my program, rather entered it into a WP document then double checked it, analyzed it and, if I decided it should be entered into my database, I simply copied & pasted it so that process hasn't changed. Joan
  3. Import project

    Mostly I would agree with Terry on this. If, however, the husband's family is a great deal larger, it would certainly allow TMG to work faster if that dataset was disabled while doing data entry or creating charts or reports in the other dataset Otherwise, absolutely it adds difficulties in being consistent. Joan
  4. Import project

    In that case, I would definitely use 2 datasets in the same project. I have 10 datasets in my personal project: 1 is my primary dataset, 1 is my husband's line which is being researched by my daughter so I keep it locked so she can update it whenever she has more info and the rest are from other researchers which allows me to compare their info on people in my lines and, once I verify and source the info, I can import it into my dataset should I wish but in the meantime am able to see it along side my own. Joan
  5. Rob, you have my sympathy. I don't have a solution for you other than how I've dealt with that problem. In Eastern Ontario, between the 1780s to the 1860s, the name changed from Quebec to Upper Canada to Canada West to Ontario while the townships changed, the counties were created and, for a time, there were districts as well. I settled on using the name of the location at the time of the event and, in any publication - chart, report or whatever, give a 'legend or timeline' indicating the names of what the area is now. I've also created several different Place Styles to help with this. Just some info on how someone else does it. Joan
  6. Import project

    I'm just curious as to why you wish to put part of your current project into another one? At the very least, I would maintain them in the same project and create a separate data set. However, again, I'm interested in why you would want to do that....... Joan
  7. Victoria TMG User Group will have our next session on Friday evening, August 31 at the BB&C Clubhouse, 85A Burnside Rd W. Those who wish to join in a potluck supper & discussion will meet at 6pm with a supper contribution (I'm bringing corn on the cob). At 7pm we will review the Intermediate TMG tutorial video.
  8. Address-Cemetery Tag & Burial Tag Mods

    Boy, can I ever relate to that! Fortunately, the video tutorials opened my eyes to many of the possibilities and forums like this are adding more daily! I love it It definitely keeps the brain in tune...... Joan
  9. After reading Teresa's article on setting up 'To Do' tags instead of the Task List (found at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~r...metery/TMG.html ), I've got a few questions for clarification. One she has already answered and that was that once the different roles are set up, she uses them for whatever tag is appropriate. IOW, if it's a Will that needs finding, she would use the Research Will role in that tag for that person. My next question is to do with setting up the Place Style. Her first entry (L1) is labelled 'County Name'. Is this because the film is likely to be organized by county? My reason for checking is because L6 is also labelled County so I'm wanting to be sure I understand that L1 is essentially the 'focus' of the microfilm. If I'm bringing in a film of parish records covering several parishes in Essex County in England and I plan to concentrate on Rochford Parish, I assume L1 would read Rochford...... Next question - is there a reason for L8 being Phone or do you simply not use that one and leave it as it is? Now I'm off to see if I can figure out how to set up a second language called 'Task' Joan
  10. Setting Up 'To Do' Tags

    Thanks Teresa, that's what I had thought but because I hadn't used an alternate language wasn't sure if I should just copy English and name it 'Tasks' or if I actually had to create a new one Great, now I can get on with setting this all up, hopefully before our TMG Users' session on Friday night<g> Thanks again, it's so helpful to be able clarify with you before passing on the info to the Group. Joan
  11. Thanks so much for this Ian! Now I'm really excited Not only will TMG work but John Cardinal's great utilities AND GenSmarts - that's wonderful. Hmmm, I wonder about GedStar Pro? Don't want much do I? As a Linux newbie, it will take me some time to figure it all out. I have Kubuntu Feisty on one machine and GenToo on another and currently run Win XP Pro with Firefox Do you or anyone else beta test TMG using Linux? It would be good to know about v7's compatibility...... Thanks again Ian. Joan
  12. In trying to solve the problem of including a citation with an image, whether scanned or downloaded, the use of IPTC or XMP has been suggested. The problem seems to be a)depending on which photo editor one uses, it may or may not be recognized by another, and b, some genealogical programs will recognize it and some won't. Is TMG a 'will' or 'won't'? Joan
  13. Image Citations

    I should have known that SS would deal with the issue John, your programs are truly a wonder! As an aside, I just love OTD - it's the first thing I check when I sit down at my computer each day and get such a kick out of seeing an ancestor's birth in the 1600s on that particular day....... The question is about storing the basic citation info such as the date, where it's from & what it is in such a way that it doesn't obscure the actual photo or document yet will stay with the image. Another suggestion (other than XMP/IPTC) is to create a frame and put the text on the frame, sideways if necessary. It's becoming more of an issue as more and more documentary evidence is digitized so I thought I would raise it here. Also, it gets exacerbated by researchers (such as myself) who share images with other family researchers electronically. So, obviously, though I don't plan to put my data online, I DO plan to put it on CD/DVDs for family so I definitely will be purchasing SS. Thanks John! Joan
  14. Version 7

    Thanks so much for this Virginia, Lee & Robin. I happen to have the book so could look it up but I know several of our Users' Group haven't been able to purchase one due to it being out of print so this will be most helpful. (I hope a new edition will follow the release of v7?) Joan
  15. Setting Up 'To Do' Tags

    I'm wondering if TMG v7 will change to the new styles........could create some interesting challenges for us At this point, I'm mostly concerned with the creation of the 'To Do' list and 'Copied'. Setting up for ancestry.com for example will be more likely to need the new style but fortunately I do have Elizabeth's 'Tips' sheet which should help with that. I haven't got the book yet but have seen it - no wonder the shipping is out of this world! I was able to purchase it from a local supplier so didn't get dinged with shipping to the 'wilds' of Western Canada Do you create the language before the Place Style & Roles or does it matter? I haven't ventured into language creation before........ Joan
  16. Setting Up 'To Do' Tags

    I'm glad I posted this - I like the concept of using the repository much better. Of course, now you'll have to update the website I suppose Sorry about that..... Thanks so much Teresa. Joan
  17. Version 7

    I know this isn't as functional as circles/triangles or similar symbols, however, what about coloured and non-coloured boxes which, in B&W, would show as shaded and unshaded? At least it would easily indicate male and female for your clients. Joan
  18. This is rather a dual question but I'll start here After nearly 10 years, I've finally taken the time (lots of it) to clean up the typical place name mess from an FTM import. In the process, I decided to create 4 custom Place Styles: Ontario, BC, My US (mostly NY) & UK. In accordance with instructions, I tried to keep similar field labels in the same field. However, this wasn't always possible so I've got situations like Township in L7 or District in L10. My understanding was that if I modified the Output Sentence in the Place Style window, this would be reflected in tag entry screens with the order of the fields shown and in a narrative output. So, I expected in my Ontario Style to see my field labels to show: L1-Addressee L2-Detail L3-City L4-Township L5-County L6-District L7-Province L8-Country L9-Phone L10-LatLong This hasn't happened. So, is there something I missed? I haven't yet tried to print one of these as I suspect when the tag entry screen isn't showing correctly that my narrative wouldn't either. Suggestions? Joan
  19. Place Style Sentences

    Now, all I have to do is get used to entering the township after I've entered the country or the district after LatLong........ Thanks very much for clearing this up and for mentioning the repositories method. Joan
  20. Place Style Sentences

    Ooookaaaay, so, if my output template is, in essence, L3, L1, L2, it should print out that way but doesn't show that way in PV nor in any of the tag entry screens? Joan
  21. Removing a focus group

    I had an occasion recently where I'd entered a whole group of people to the wrong project!! In the correct project, I created a new dataset then in the wrong project, I created a focus group of the newly added people. I then copied the focus group to the new dataset and merged that dataset into my usual dataset. Once I was sure everyone was in the proper place , I then deleted the focus group from the incorrect project. This sounds much more complicated than it really was and was a good lesson in a)being more careful in noting which project I am in; and, b)creating a new dataset and importing people into it. As a side note, my current dataset is one that was created by combining 4 different family files from another program (a similar situation to one previously mentioned). Aside from the duplications which needed merging (I have a number of intertwined lines ) I found the process of merging those datasets in TMG a relatively simple process. I'm with you in being cautious - you just never know! I think your solution makes perfect sense. Joan
  22. deleting a person

    Thanks muchly Jim. This has to be the all time most asked question that I get<g>. Joan
  23. Just wondering how one gets listed as the above. It took months for the listing of our User Group to be listed so I've hesitated to try and submit our meetings as they'd be long past....... Joan
  24. deleting a person

    Virginia: Any chance this could be moved to the TMG6 Forum? You have no idea how many times I get asked this question (or maybe you do ) and it would be good to have it easily located. Joan
  25. These 2 topics are so intertwined, I'm wondering if it would make sense to make this trial forum for both? This occurred to me while reviewing the Census thread in the TMG6 forum. It is such a huge, important & complex topic with roles & sentences being a large part of understanding how to best do it.....our TMG Users' Group is about to examine the various methods that are given as examples so I was very pleased to see the topic renewed in the forum but wondering how it could be preserved 'up front' I'm not sure if it should be in the Tips section or perhaps in here or???? Just an idea to make it easier for any of us who are needing to constantly refer back to it (the census thread) and also needing constant reference to roles and sentence structure...... Joan